Lady Jacqueline and Her Mask

I don’t know if you read my stories or not, they are all free and photo illustrated, but I know the majority of my followers prefer just to view my pictures. That’s absolutely fine, it’s nice that you take time out of your busy lives, to come and look, and share my hobby.

But you must think….”What’s he on about? This is Kate, not Jacqueline!”

Ahhh, but you see, my girls are not just pretty ladies taking their clothes off. They are actresses and dancers too….that sort of thing.

For me, they bring my story characters alive!

In one story set in Victorian London in a spanking brothel and theatre (which puts on fabulous spanking shows) is Lady Jacqueline. The wife of an industrial entrepreneur and doctor. Whilst he is in London, she entertains herself using her maids in her dungeon. Some maids are never seen again.

She is sexy, but cruel.

Famous for whipping her maids tied up, whilst she is naked, in her mask.

If this intruiges you, go to stories and look for the theatre…it is called, ‘The Inveigle’

Meantime, follow me into the candle lit victorian boudoir of Lady Jacqueline…

Happy with her make up and trimmed bush, she puts on the mask. And…

Prepare yourself, she is going to give you her famous stare, from her beautiful green eyes, and say…”You have been a very…bad..girl.”

“You….have been, a very, very naughty girl. I am going to put a collar on you, and with a red silk leash take you to my room.”

She kneels on her black little boudoir stool, moving seductively.

You tremble.