Serving up a Spanking

It’s the weekend, Saturday morning to be precise. Mistress uses a system similar to that which many old english schools used to use, a merit/de-merit system. Good deeds are recorded, bad deeds are recorded. On Friday night the totals are summed up. This week it was in the negative by twenty. So, it is twenty smacks.

Last night, the maid was told her score, as she always is on a Friday night. This morning, after serving breakfast she has to bring her Mistress a cup of tea, and ask for her own spanking.

“Please Mistress, permission to speak.”


“I have been a naughty girl again and need correction. Please may I have twenty smacks on my bare bottom Madam.”

“You may. Come to the edge of the breakfast table. I will leave the door to the breakfast room from the hall, open, the postman is due, and he likes to witness your bottom being seen to.”

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress.”

There is a knock on the door. It opens and the postman shouts…”Good Morning, your post is here.”

“Oh hello!” Shouts Mistress. “Bring it through, I just have six smacks to deliver to this naughty bottom. Would you mind waiting as I finish?”

“Of course not.” Replies Postie. And he stands there waiting and watching as six very hard, crisp, painful, smacks are delivered.