The Antique Dildo

You will probably have picked up by now that I dabble with antiques. I come across all sorts of things, one particularly interesting find was a Victorian female masturbation / lesbian aide…in other words…

A smooth wooden dildo.

I want you to imagine you are a mirror. Kate is going to act the part of a young ‘Victorian Mistress of the House’, who likes to look at herself using one.

She has two, one short and stubby, to concentrate on opening and closing her vaginal lips, or anal lips. The other, longer and smoother, with two different bulbous ends, for variety of sensation when probing the depths. So in actual fact, she has three choices. Let’s see which one she chooses today shall we?

She climbs on to the chaise lounge, and positions herself before the mirror. She keeps her two dildos in her obedience stool (you can see it in use in one of my free photo illustrated stories).

She rubs her clitty with a finger and then wiggles her bottom in the mirror.

She removes her split back bloomers, and sits looking into her mirror.

She opens her legs wider and wider, exposing her cunt to the mirror, she feels decadent and rude, imagining herself on the stage, like some old time music hall. Full of men and women watching her every move.

She makes her choice, depth, with the smooth end, not the ribbed…

Experience has told her that lifting her legs allows easy entry, so she does so.

Oooh Kate, that slid in easy, you are wet.

Gasping and constantly looking into her mirror, she fucks and rubs herself.

She cums…