A Naughty Schoolgirl’s Pair of Knickers

You eat your lunch in a quiet corner of your school, so does this girl who you like a lot. Over the weeks and months you have grown close, she fancies you, you fancy her. But…you are a bit shy, so she makes the first move. You have both eaten lunch, at the usual two desks opposite each other, you expect the usual witty, interesting conversation to follow. But no, she puts her finger to her lips, and whispers “shhhh.”

This is what happens…

She asks, “Do you like looking at me in my school knickers?”


“Would you like to see more? A lot more?”

….breathing quickly…..’yes please.’

She smiles her disarming smile again and says, “Alright then!”

Your eyes concentrate and focus on the view under the desk.

She fingers herself gently and adjusts her position. Your eyes resume the whole view…

She slides her knickers down.

Then that bloody Mr.Jones walks in, “come on you two, lunch is over, get back to class, I am using this room in half an hour.”

She deftly lets her knickers slip down and picks them up, then as you walk out, she puts them in your pocket, and whispers…”Sit next to me all afternoon.”