Parent’s Evening – Part One

At this school girls must attend parent’s evening with their parent(s). This gives the girls a chance to come dressed up, with, (in moderation) some make up. The school looks delightfully colourful on these evenings.

For the good girls, it is a social event. They can go for coffee/tea/cakes in the hall. Light music is playing and a chance to praise a talented daughter in public is encouraged. Rivalry between parents is huge, nothing could be better than a girl doing very well indeed, and Mummy getting one up on her friends in the school social standing.

Conversely, a Mummy whose daughter does not do well, feels shame and embarrasment. Not just on this evening, but the days that follow.

Special rooms, a row of eight classrooms is set aside for parents who wish to discipline their naughty daughter on parent’s evening, the old fashioned way.

Cleverly, the row of classrooms is next to the hall. So tellings off and spankings can be heard easily. Most Mummys leave the doors open, it is a tradition. If they cannot get praise for their daughter, at least there is a chance to show other parents that they know how to spank!

Any implement or apparatus can be used.

Imagine it! All the pleased parents and good girls drinking tea to a crescendo of whacks, smacks, raised voices and squeals. To make matters worse for the naughty girls, the only way back to the car park is by the double doors to the hall, which are wedged open! Many a girl is seen being pulled by the ear, with a threat of more to come at home, as they trot along with a red bum on show and knickers being held at their knees with one hand. The other hand gripped in Mummy’s.

And so, here we are on Lucy’s parent’s evening. Mummy expected praise, but has been told Lucy has gone astray!

You are sat with your good girl and some friends, you see Lucy dragged by the ear into one of the rooms. Already another five are being punished, but Lucy, whose Mum is a show off, interests you most of all. You listen…

“Seventy percent attendance this term! Where the hell have you been! You are getting a jolly good spanking young lady,”

‘Nooooo! Not here, pleeeeeeease Mummy, no, no, nooooo!’

There is such a struggle, as there often is when a girl gets a long, fast, hard spanking from an angry Mummy. “Hold still whilst I smack your bottom, damn you!”

Mummy hears laughter from next door, and comments like…’she can’t control her, …sounds like Lucy is winning, ….I think Lucy’s Mum needs some help!

This is like a red flag to a bull, for Mummy!

“Your knickers are coming down, you naughty girl, hardly any bloody homework done! And answering back! My word!!”

How Lucy wriggled, what an almighty struggle ensued!

But once Mummy had her wayward daughters arm behind her back, it was over for Lucy! She got….

A jolly good bare bottom spanking.

More to come in later sets. Hope you are enjoying seeing our favourite brat get her bottom reddened!