Mistress and Her Pets – Part Two

Oh dear, the pets had been rather naughty pets. Squabbling and arguing over a game of cards. So, Mistress gathers them and tells them they are to be spanked.

“I had to put you all over my knee last night, for all that racket in your bedroom! Really? Pillow fights and bouncing on beds, drinking wine, at two in the morning! Then, this morning, instead of doing your chores, you decide to drink copious amounts of coffee, and play cards! Fighting like cats and dogs when I come back from the shops. You are acting like silly, out of control, teenage school girls! Well…”

They listen…

“So all of you, on hands and knees now. Your bottoms are still red from yesterday’s spankings, and in your case Lucy! A caning. Come on, chop chop! Don’t dilly dally, on all fours…right now!”

Just close your eyes, and imagine the noise!…..lovely!