Charlotte’s Second Visit to Miss Kenworthy.

We all knew it was only a matter of time didn’t we?

Click here for her first visit…

Endlessly masturbating about her new heart throb and having been wanting a spanking by her ever since she first saw her, this young submissive schoolgirl has found her way back to the detention room.

She has been given work to do.

Miss Kenworthy comes to look at it after fifteen minutes and notices something on the other sheets of paper. Yes, she has done some work, but has also been drawing erect penises with sperm squirting from them!

“Right young lady! Stand up!”

“Hmmm, at least you have the correct school knickers on Charlotte, and I must say you are always extremely well turned out. However, you naughty girl, you are still getting a bare bottom spanking from me! Let’s take these down shall we?”

This was music to Charlotte’s ears! Immediately her pussy went very moist!

The cool air drifting over her bare bottom made goose pimples cover her cheeks. The fact that the glorious Miss Kenworthy was only a few inches from her bare bottom…looking at it, made her feel wonderful, a tingle ran from her bottom, to her pussy, and right up to her brain.

Look at her smile…

Yes she is naughty, but I want to make sure you understand…she dreams of being spanked, she wants it…she needs it. Being in this detention room, with her bare bottom about to be spanked, is exactly where she wants to be.

The room began to fill with the sound of smacks and delightful little yelps!

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