The Visitor – Part One

I have run a spanking service for around ten years now, spanking mainly young women with a need for correction, usually a mild spanking in my school room after putting them in school uniform. Sometimes the cane or Tawse, even the birch for naughty maids. I try to cover every need and think I do, some unusual ones too.

I have a lovely regular client base now, who have become friends. Some have lost contact, some have moved, but the remaining fifteen come back for more, and more.

Slowly building up trust, reliability, secrecy and safety reputation, I now never advertise for new girls.

It has been fun meeting them, and even more fun keeping them happy and exploring their psyche.

Many of them follow the same pattern, nervous and curious at the start, until….almost taking control and then ….making demands! Which of course they get the cane for!

Kate is acting out a typical first visit, which nearly always starts at my studio. I have five spanking venues, they usually cover the lot and pick a favourite!

It is nearly always the school to begin their journey, so many young women want to be a naughty school girl. In they come…”Oh I cannot believe I am here! I have seen this place so many times on my computer screen!”

Oh they do look so pleased with themselves, especially when they see all the props, especially the stool…

Yes, I think it safe to say That eight out of ten go for my knee or the stool first.!

Part Two