My Victorian Maid – Part One

My dear, gentle, quietly spoken, submissive Kate is my studio maid. I treat her as a victorian maid, my victorian maid. I dress up too, I cut a fine figure in my Victorian gentleman’s attire! When we play, I act a strict Master, and punish her as I see fit.

I had a full victorian maids outfit made by a seamstress in Edinburgh, an exact copy from original drawings.

My studio is huge, spread over many areas, I set her tasks, she does them dutifully and well. I reward her often. But….she is also quite likely to be caught asleep, masturbating with a candle, or drinking my port etc.

Here she is as a good girl, busy dusting…

So when you are having a nice normal day, think of us. Know that we are in our vintage world, And that Master and maid still exist. When you are having ‘one of those days’, think of us even more so, think that a fine victorian rump might well be getting reddened! That, I hope, will brighten your day.

She loves a good telling off, so let’s imagine she is in trouble. A good finger wagging telling off, is putting her in her place.

“Looking at the floor in shame is not going to get you out of trouble you naughty maid! Get to the settle and bend over!”

“Come on girl! You know the drill! Skirts up!”

“You are getting a good brisk spanking with my slipper Kate, undo the waist tie, let your bloomers down.”

Meekly she replies. “yes Mr Jones Sir.”

“Bend your knees, let’s have that bottom in the correct position!”

“That’s better!”

Now let’s dwell on this sight. Wonderful isn’t it? Every time I spank these plump firm cheeks I feel I am back in time. She looks and feels every inch a victorian maid with a perfect victorian rump!

I like her to place her hands between her knees at this point, and do not allow her to move them until I say. If she does, the crop or birch comes out!

I took this just seconds before giving her thirty good hard fast whacks with my antique polished leather slipper, with a good thick sole. Her bottom reddened nicely.

You will see her often, and I promise her bottom will be red!

You see, once reddened, you can not shoot other build up sets. So be patient please.