The Spanking Pet – Part One

Three women, Charlotte, Kate and Samantha decided that they wanted a young female pet, who liked to be spanked. They decided on a girl called Lucy after putting an advert on social media. What they liked most, was that the girl had just left school.

They met in their school room, and the induction of Lucy into their sisterhood was to make her strip before them…

They had only just met, and they loved her lack of confidence and humiliation. She was made to come in her school uniform. She looked and sounded every bit the immature, shy schoolgirl.

How they smiled and giggled at her embarrassment.

“It is no good covering your pussy Lucy. We want to see all of you.”

“Oh! You have a bush.” Exclaims Samantha. “How delightful!”

“Right…your first spankings! Let’s get ready girls!”