Maid Training – No 4

“Oh dear Kate, it is no good looking so shocked! Mistress Samantha has told you many times not to go upstairs in shoes.”

“I know.” she smiles cheekily.

“Oh I see, you want a spanking?”

“Yes, very much.”

“But you only got the cane this morning!”

“I know! It’s good here isn’t it?”

“Yes Kate, it is rather!”

“Oh well done Mistress Samantha, making her take her shoes off and using one to spank her bare bottom with is a lovely touch. What a crack it makes, when you whack her! Lovely!”

Samantha smiles. “Thank you. Yes it does!”

Being spanked hard with a leather soled shoe, on a bottom that was caned only an hour ago, hurts a great deal. Kate squeals in pain, but still cannot resist pushing her bottom to the hard shiny leather, at every smack! It is what she craves, and needs.

What a beautiful sight they make in the half light of the stairs landing. And what a noise…the smacks, the squeals.

I was privilidged to witness this magnificent beautiful spanking, by a lovely Mistress on a perfect bottom of a wonderful submissive, Kate.