The Threat

Miss Kenworthy from my stories about Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls is a leading expert in discipline. Here you see her with a naughty girl sat at the front of the ‘Punishment Room’.

All is still and quiet. Outside the gentle breeze in the trees, rustles the leaves, the robins, great tits, and finches are tweeting and singing. The naughty girl hears the sound of Spring filter through the window.

But inside, the atmosphere is almost audible. The huge school clock ticks it metronome melody slowly closer to her getting a very sore striped bottom. Miss Kenworthy is preparing for another merciless thrashing of a tender, soft, bouncing, wriggling naughty schoolgirl’s bare bottom.

The girl sinks into her chair trembling as she realises Miss Kenworty has chosen the dragon cane. The shuffling about, and the movement of stool, stop. “Sit up straight girl, hands on the desk!”

She moves close to her and speaks…

Her words at the end of her speech sends a shiver of ice down the spine of the unfortunate culprit…

“Stand up. Remove your skirt and knickers. Kneel on the stool with your lower arms flat on the desk, knees together, head up. I am going to give you twelve strokes of the senior dragon cane, with no mercy. Six from each side. And trust me…each one is going to wrap right around your bare bottom…”