Bending Over for a Spanking

I love to see a compliant naughty girl, resigned to her fate, bend over for a spanking. The dominance in me is at a high, and the submission in the girl is at its height. You could ask them to get in almost any position you like, and they would meekly obey.

Welcome to my Headmaster’s office. You can see my junior cane hanging on its hook. To my right are three double desks in a row. Sometimes the room is just me and the girl, at others, the desks may be full. A girl coming to my office for discipline knows perfectly well that they take what comes, or go to the school stage, where the faulting horse awaits, with four prefects to restrain.

Woe betide any girl who does not do exactly as I say at a visit.

So here are a few positions, no bare bottom in these, sometimes I like the look of a naughty bottom pushing against the material of a school skirt.

Huh! This silly girl came to school in nail varnish. She got a full blooded whack with my size 13 plimsol for each one…12 of course!

Anyway, bending over…

Always a good position for a strong downward cut, almost chopping at the cheeks. This makes them dance, let me tell you!

Such a lovely sight, a bent over pert bottom. I never tire of it. But a bit of humiliation with a skirt riding up, especially if the desks are occupied, always helps.

Sometimes a girl, especially the pretty ones, try to strike a pose, towards the onlookers. I soon cut that out by making it look more ungamely!

Touching the toes! A marvellous idea. So much strain on their muscles. Especially if you leave them five minutes before starting. Occasionally for a haughty girl, I ask my secretary to listen and buzz when I have said ‘Touch your toes!”

I walk out and leave them, ideally when the desks are occupied. I might even have a cup of tea made for me, and my secretary and I share one. She loves being the other side of this door and listening. She likes the security web cam too. We record every spanking, just in case someone tries to assault me. She has been told to watch each spanking, caning, slippering etc, and to come in if needed. To perhaps hold a girls hands on the desk.

The pretty girls hate this, I see the look my secretary gives them as they squeal! So I understand why. I encourage it! Serves the haughty madams right, especially when a length of rattan is rattling across their bare cheeks as they jump up and down, or wriggle!

When alone, I love to put them in position and make them wait. I rustle my paper, open folders and such. I love to see the shock wave run through them when I push my seat back saying…”Right young lady! Knickers down!”

But not on these, not today.

Let’s look at their lovely school knickers poking into sight shall we?

“Lower girl! That’s it, now stay exactly like that, until it is time to bare your bottom!”

That is very often the moment they find out it is to be on the bare.

“Oh yes! Mr Jones can put them in their place! …..literally!”