A Very Pretty Good Girl… gets a spanking!

My favourite spanking is not overly hard, but enough to generate a red bottom, with lots of squeals and kicking legs. But what makes this a perfect one in my eyes, is the fact that it is a good girl, who has done something wrong, for the first time, after many years good behaviour, and earns herself her first real spanking, on the bare, before the class, and is left with her red bare bottom on show before them.

In one of my favourite shoots with Charlotte, we role played this. Me the strict teacher, her the girl described, in her pristine uniform and straw hat. She plays this role so well…her sulky look, her head in shame, her noises, and ability to take a good spanking.

Come and share my good fortune, in my school…

You can decide what she has done, you are sat in class, you can hardly believe that the posh girl, the ‘never do wrong’ is going to be punished.

“I am both surprised and disappointed in you Charlotte. Stand up and make your way to the front.” I open my implement cupboard and take out my trusty size thirteen, heavyweight rubber soled plimsol.

NOTE … What I write is exactly what happened.

She stands, tears in her eyes, ashamed and humiliated. She knows it would be worse if she answered back, or pleaded. Slowly she walks, in shock and shame to the front. Her nervous quaking voice says ‘yes Sir.’

“That will do Young lady!” I say sternly, patting the plimsol against my hand.

“Remove your knickers, you are getting twelve of the best with the plimsol on the bare. Today you will learn a valuable lesson. Which is, ‘not to stray from the straight and narrow path of righteousness.’ Now say that out loud!”

‘I will not stray….sniff….from the straight and narrow path of righteousness again Mr. Jones … sniff…Sir.”

“You will write that out 100 times in your best hand writing and bring it to me in the morning.”

‘yes Sir.”

“Knickers off girl!”

She is dazed, and nervous, she fumbles, almost overbalancing. The class giggles at her plight, and I do nothing to stop them. Ridicule and humiliation help.


‘yes….sniff, sniff….yes Sir.’

I slowly walk around her, slapping the plimsol into my hand threateningly.

I walk back, and take my position beside her. Her bottom is presented well, she is breathing quickly. I then deliver twelve good firm whacks of the highest order from cheek to cheek.


She holds her position well, screaming loudly, bottom wiggling…

‘Owwww, ohhhh, eeeeek, owwwww, ooooooow, awwwwow, owwww, ohhhh, oooooooh, aiiiiieeeee, owwwwowwwwwowwww, ohhhhhhooooowwwwww!

I put her in position. “Now stay there, with your spanked bare bottom on show to the whole class until the end of the lesson.”

Sobbing, she replied. ‘yes Sir, I’m sorry Sir.”

“Apology accepted. Once you have delivered your lines, the matter will be considered dealt with.”

In real life, I went to sit down and watched her whimper for five minutes.

The bell went, and the matter was closed. A good old fashioned bit of school discipline.