Charlotte’s Third Visit to Mss Kenworthy – Part 2

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The chastisement was over, and Miss Kenworthy ordered Charlotte to the high spanking stool.

She told her to bare her bottom. Now, before we proceed, think about it. When I was at school this happened for real. in the privacy of the Headmaster’s offices, or like my school, a punishment room, bottoms were bared. Knickers were removed.

Total authority, the backing of the education board and parents. If a teacher or Headmaster/Mistress told you to bare, you had no choice in the matter. If you tried to resist, you would be held by P.E. Staff, maybe the school matron, or prefects and the punishment increased, quite likely tempers would rise and anger would deliver a less controlled punishment.

I remember that our vaulting horse had leathers straps with buckles, to fasten your legs wide. I never saw it used. But one day I remember it threatened in assembly…” When I find the culprit who did this, I shall flog them …on the bare buttocks, WITHOUT MERCY BEFORE THE WHOLE SCHOOL!”

That sent a shiver down everybody’s spine!

So Charlotte has no choice, the Head of Discipline, Miss Kenworthy only in her late twenties, Charlotte would be only ten years younger, but a woman in all senses of the word.

Miss Kenworthy stands and watches her squirm and tremble to reveal her private parts, she would smile at her torment. Enjoying knowing that after this ritual a whacking of her lovely bare bottom would happen.

Let’s enjoy it…

“Why have you stopped, take your knickers right off and pass them to me.”

What a moment of absolute submission, authority, and Domination this is.