Charlotte’s Third Visit to Miss Kenworthy – Part 3

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The humiliation of having to remove her knickers completely and pass them to the attractive Head of Discipline was over, now stood with her pussy and bare bottom on show, it was time to bend over the high spanking stool, to receive a spanking, on the bare. Not by the hand, but with a wooden ruler.

Miss Kenworthy reached for the beech ruler. Twelve inch long, one and a quarter inch wide, a quarter of an inch thick, and not flexible. This can deliver a shap sting at the best of times, but in the hands of this lady, it was a wicked painful instrument of discipline.

She stood for a minute, examining the bottom and girl she was to punish. This was her dream job, she had loved everything about spanking a naughty bottom since being a young girl. And now, she is paid to do so, in a school full of naughty girls. Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls.

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She rested the cold beech wood on Charlotte’s beautiful plump buttocks, and smiled as Charlotte took a sharp intake of breath.

And then, the silence was broken with the glorious sound of a fast hard spanking. The sound of flat wood on soft skin echoed around the room, quickly followed by squeals and screams…





On and on….

Swiftly, firmly and clinically the spanking was delivered.