The Visit – Part Two

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One of every girls favourite is ‘Neddy’, my little rocking horse with a saddle. It has appeared in many shoots and is quite a favourite with my followers. I tend to use it on the more seasoned spankees, because I make it a rule that I use a riding crop on their bare bottom, if they sit on it.

I have many techniques, but more often than not I get them to rock it as if galloping on a small horse. I use the crop to make them go faster and jump over imaginary fences, hedges, streams, gates etc… “Come on! ….WHACK! You can go faster than that, gallop you naughty girl, gallop! WHACK! …there is a fence coming up, come on, jump high…CRACK! Owwwwwww!”

One of my clients, I never give names, always comes in her bright red suit, which she has to wear for her job. She looks wonderful galloping away, skirt up high knickers down! She asked that I never wipe the saddle, so I don’t. Some girls don’t want to go on because of that, but some want to go on just for that! Some like to put a wipe down on it, to sit on. I remember Samantha saying as she stood frowning, looking at the stains…”A lot of your girls have been very excited on this saddle Asa!”

It’s true! A lot have had an orgasm and their juices have run freely. Here is Kate, showing you a typical scene…

“Ohhhhh Neddy! Hello, I have seen you a lot. So, let me get this right, if I sit on there, I have to bare my bum whilst you whack it with a riding crop, yes?”


She sits on. “Tally-Ho! then Mr.Jones, make me gallop!”

‘That’s it Kate, now start rocking, and when you have a good rhythm, bend right over and push your bottom right over the edge of the saddle for me.’

‘That’s it, keep it going…now faster, come on Kate, faster, make it rock high!’

This is my view as I put one hand on their back and whack their bare bottom!

This is Kate in the position I spoke of, her bottom right over the edge. Kate had a fabulous orgasm and said..”Bloody hell Mr.Jones! That saddle makes contact in just the right places.”

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