Maid Training – Number Five

You can see the previous here…

From there you can follow it back to number one.

A lot of the punishments, especially with the cane, take place before the screen idol of Samantha, Marilyn Monroe, a huge picture hangs in this room. A little secret….sometimes Samantha spanks herself and masturbates before Marilyn.

Here is a set of caning photos…

Making Kate lean against the bureau, allows a maximum swing. Samantha canes very hard, the cane whistles through the air, and the whack echoes.

So does the gasp and scream from Kate.

It is a wonderful room, with great acoustics. Her canings are a spectacle to behold.

Sometimes Samantha uses the padded chair next to the window. People around know what she does, and accept their lifestyle. I imagine a lot of gardening in the adjoining gardens comes to a stop as they look up to watch.

Like any photographer I make mistakes. Not sure what setting on my camera I caught…lol…but this one turned out to be a lucky mistake!

One of my followers on Twitter @1000SexTips said it looked like a scene from a dirty dream they were in…

I liked that.