Cheeky Cherry – Part Two

You can see the previous one here…

“Here again young lady!? Most of the time Cherry you are a delightful young schoolgirl, I enjoy teaching you. But what is it with you some days? You come to school every now and then like some mischievous twin sister! Once again you have been cheeky to staff, and a distraction to others. Showing your bare bottom to the rest of the class…really??? In lesson time??? Did you really think the others would not laugh and you’d be caught. Well, if you want to show your bottom, then you can show it to me you naughty girl. Remove your knickers! You are getting a good bare bottom spanking! And after it you can stay in position, I will then let the whole class in and they can see your bottom again…bright red!”

‘Awww, but Sir…I…I…”

“Quiet! Remove your school knickers!”

“It’s no good standing their grinning like a Cheshire Cat is it? It is not a gold star you are about to receive, it is a sore, red, bare bottom!”

Giggles filter in from the corridor where the class are waiting.

“Sit on the edge of the spanking bench behind you Cherry, let’s get this over with!”

“Lay back, grasp your hands behind your knees and draw your knees up! Come on girl, look lively!”

“Not looking quite so pleased with yourself now are you. Prepare yourself!”

‘Oh Sir! My hat is dropping off!’

Having a conversation with a naughty school girl in this situation is almost surreal. “That is the least of your problems right now Cherry!”

‘Yes Sir.”

It drops to the floor.

“And you wrote that on the board didn’t you?”

‘Yes Sir….sniff.’

“Then it is a crisp two dozen with my size thirteen flogging plimsol for your bottom! If you had lied it would have been two dozen of the cane before the whole school!”

There is a gasp and muffled conversations from the corridor.

I give her a damn good bottom warming spanking!

I open the door. “Come in, and take your seats….QUIETLY!”

Form 5b stumble in…

“This is how you end up if you are a naughty girl! Let this be an example to you all! Now Cherry, in a loud clear voice, say… ‘I’m a silly naughty girl who needs her bare bottom spanking’ …fifty times!”

‘Yes Sir..”I’m a silly naughty….”

Will she be back for more?