My Victorian Maid – Part Two

For an explanation and an introduction, you will find part one of this series here…

She has been naughty again, neglecting her duties and sneakIng off to masturbate when and where she shouldn’t.

I have just chastised her.

When being told off she has a lovely guilty, somewhat shameful face and gently swings from side to side. I think the swinging is excitement at what is to come!

“Kate, place the punishment stool where you are and bend over it!”

‘yes Sir.’…..she says this so meekly. She has such a soft voice.

I raise her skirts and lower her bloomers for a bare bottom spanking.

Which I administer firmly.

This is her bottom only seconds after the last smack, she is going…” Oooh Oooh ooooh!” …as her knees rub by each other in the spanking dance, which I love.

Then I leave her in position whilst I go to do some paperwork. Woe betide her if she is not in the same position when I return. She has no idea when. I creep slowly and open the door quickly. I love it when I catch her rubbing! Over my knee she goes for the slipper.