Nature’s Gift

It’s a beautiful summer’s day, birds are tweeting, little white clouds are gently moving in the sky, a few butterflies. We are walking and chatting when I spot the sun on a railway bridge, the old mellow stone catching the light perfectly. We’d probably only have half an hour before the shadow was covering too much of the wall. “That sunlight on the honey coloured stone reminds me of the colour of your skin in the sun, it would make a great contrast in textures….similar colours, one soft smooth and warm, the other rough to the touch and cold in the shadows. Fancy getting naked?”

“Yes, of course!”


“That’s nice, is the sun warming your bottom?”


“Present it, push it out, and just lower your head out of the shadow…bit more….ooooh perfect!”


I got the shot I wanted!

Here it is…

Look at the light on her bottom, and the similar colours. She is like a chameleon, changing colour to suit the background.

Thanks Charlotte xxx