A Spanking Orgasm on Neddy

You have seen Karen ride her little masturbation horse alone, now it is time to see her ride it for her Mistress.

Mistress knows when her sub has a need, she can smell her in the air, she can see her restless body giving the signals.

She has seen it today, and made her wait, she loves the control and watching her girl writhe in torment. “Girl, come to Neddy’s Room.”

‘oooooh yes Mistress, thank you Mistress’

She instructs her girl to mount the horse.

“Stop thrusting you dirty little bitch, I can see the saddle is dripping already, I want your plump little cheeks hanging over the back, move it to where I like it. You know you love it, it’s time for a country gallop!”

“Come on, further, you can poke it out better than that. Move back to touch my crop….that’s it…a bit more…just a little more.”


And so she began to spank her. The little horse rocked, slowly getting faster and faster, her wet dripping pussy lips grinding into the saddle harder, rubbing that clit on the leather covered with cunt juice…

When orgasm arrives, Karen is galloping faster and faster, screaming pleasure and naughty words, Kate is spanking her harder and quicker, also using naughty words….this is the orgasm.

Sorry it’s blurred, Kate picked up the crop, she cropped her hard and fast to bring her off, rubbing her own pussy at the same time. The whole bed was shaking, and so was I.