Carrying on from the slow build up in https://www.spanking-emporium.co.uk/spanking-emporium/?p=8039

To get a woman so excited that she drips her juices is a wonderful thing, I am sure you agree. Here is Lucy, in a slow build up to a good long hard spanking with hand, leather paddle and cane. She knows it is coming, and can hardly wait. By the time we got to the last photo in this set, her whole body trembled excitedly at the lightest stroke with my fingertip.

Oh Lucy, the delicious torment of being placed in position for what you desperately crave, a spanking, is wonderful to experience. Not yet my dear, a few more pegs yet.

The touch of cold leather, which she knew would be whacking those delicious cheeks of hers soon, was almost more than she could bare. But she had to wait…not yet Lucy.

I moved her to a knew position, and applied two more pegs, all the while telling her softly, and slowly what was to come.

Oh bless her, poor girl, she pushed her bottom up for a spanking as much as she could, begging for the blessed relief of stinging hot pain to her buttocks.

But not yet my dear. “Beg me for a spanking Lucy, and call me Sir.”

“Oh Sir, punish me, please Sir, please punish my bottom…..Oooh please Sir!”

I watched her pussy close up…”so you want me to….spank you, what a lovely word, spank, spank, spank, Lucy. I will, soon. You will feel leather whip across your cheeks, and then the flexible yellow rattan will whistle, crack, and wrap around your bottom. Is that what you want? Hmmm?”

“Yes Sir, yes yes yes Sir. Punish me, ohhhh please Mr Jones, spank me, cane me, I can wait no longer.”

But she had to, look at her pussy drip in sexual torment and ecstasy…

Ohhh Lucy, how you dripped, how your juices went splat, splat splat. But I made you wait longer, I needed you to crawl to me, and beg me…

That you will see later…