Vintage odds ‘n sods, bits ‘n bobs, and some a bit Quirky!

191 photos then it carries on in part two…

Welcome, sit down, let me serve you tea, whilst you look at some lovely bottoms….

A spanking display in a Victorian Theatre
In a game of sexy hide and seek, where the girl gets spanked when found, this girl is not trying to hard to hide!
Naughty Miss Light says….’you know how to turn me on Mr.Jones!’
Dare we spank each other here?
“…yes! Let’s do it!”

Great Great Great Grandad Asa
What a perfect naughty girl look!
You lead… I’ll follow
She is coming up to my room for a spanking, no knickers required today!
This is Olga….owner of the perfect bottom
“I said, stand up, bend over the desk, and bare your bottom for a spanking!”
…she has taken over from her Daddy. Things are going to be different now.
Jenny Agutter from ‘Call the Midwife’

This takes you to part two

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