Chastisement and Punishment

Let’s see two very naughty girls squirming in fear.

Not only have they played truant, they have been caught shoplifting! The Headmistress and Deputy Headmistress have collected the girls at the school gate, where they have arrived in a police car. Luckily, no charges have been laid, on the promise that the matter will be dealt with fully, and firmly. They had stolen small jewellery accessories, mascara, and sweets. They are sent to the detention room, where we meet them, sat outside.

“Awwww I’m scared Charlotte!”

“Me too! We are going to get a right thrashing!”

They hear the other door to the detention room open and shut, someone is getting things ready. They are (deliberately) made to wait ten minutes.

A business like deputy head eventually strides determinedly towards them, with a cane in her hand. “Ohhhh I am going to make Mr Whippy here make you dance and sing today you naughty girls!”

The door opens briskly. The headmistress is stood with a cane in her hand too. “In you come!”

Feeling sick, shaking and suddenly wanting to wee, the girls stand and enter.

Amber falters. The deputy prods her with the cane. “In! Move! Now!”

Just imagine having this authority. To have the full backing of the ‘board of education’ to bare naughty girls bottoms and punish them….and get paid well to do so!

The door closes behind them, the room feels terrifying.

Their severe telling off booms out!

‘Disgraceful behaviour…….shaming the school…..your parents have been informed……let us down…..let yourselves down…your friends and the school too…….naughty girls…..need to be punished ….etc etc,’

Canes wave, fingers wag! ‘What have you to say for yourselves?’ The girls cry.

“Tears won’t save you! Stand up straight! Don’t slouch! Hands by your side!”

The sentence is given…by the strict headmistress.

“You will both bend over a desk each, lift your gym slips, whereupon your knickers will be lowered, and made ready to take a dozen of the finest whacks with a size thirteen plimsol…on each cheek. Then…” She pauses for dramatic effect…” Without delay, you will both get twelve of the very best wth the cane. Your knickers will remain off for the rest of the day, until your parents come to collect you from school. And, young ladies, if this, or anything like it happens again, you will both go over the vaulting horse, naked, before the whole school, for twenty four strokes of the senior cane, you will be flogged without mercy! Understand?”

“….y..y..y…yes Miss.”

“…y…y…y…yes M..miss.”

“Then let’s get this done with, We have better things to do than thrashing your bare buttocks!”

Nothing reddens a bare bottom quicker and deeper than a blistering fast spanking on the bare with a plimsol. We did not cane, instead Liz and Deborah made a cup of tea whilst I rubbed soothing cream into their cheeks.