My Secret Wood and Gothic Ruin

It was a simple path that led her away on that sultry summers day,

It took her through the ancient woods, to a ruin, that led her astray,

It tempted and taught her in different ways, that her pussy had never known,

So she decided to stay in my secret place, and never no more to roam…


…I have this old ruin, quite romantic I suppose, sometimes on warm summer days I sit there alone, writing, a bottle of beer, or a flask of tea. Listening to the birds sing, the bees hum, and watching the butterflies.

My dear Kate loves it there…

Some of my clients who like to be spanked outdoors ask me to take them there. I tell them that they should be careful, because I never quite feel alone, and when I get back to my studio, or my Victorian house with the theatre, or any of my places really, I feel….well, it’s hard to explain….. I feel that, …I have not left the ruin, in so much as I have been allowed to leave.

The portcullis draws her like a magnet, she says it fits a fantasy she has, so she often walks straight through, and out the back…like visiting an old friend. I tie her up and spank her there. That makes the rooks fly!

Sometimes she asks if she can have the keys, I know she likes to go alone to masturbate and wander around naked, she says it makes her feel vulnerable, a bit scared, and sexy…very very sexy.

Let’s leave her to it a while, alone with her thoughts, we’ll come back soon.