Samantha in Spanking Poses

Samantha is spanked by me occasionally, here she is showing her beautiful bottom for you, all ready to spank however you wish…

This tall padded stool is lovely, it has age which I like.

I have put a small stool there for her to climb on. The beauty of this is that unlike having a girl bent over, where you have to strike sideways almost, the bottom is facing straight up, so you can ‘whack’ straight down. A girl kicks and arches, and almost does a superwoman pose, as if flying.

The bar can be used to grip, but the small stool with hands flat brings the bottom to the top of the stool.

The next apparatus is a towel airer, typical of many used in Victorian times, and right up to the 1960’s and still used today. I actually use this as a rack too, for plimsols, tawses, canes and crops. Get a girl close and make her grip the bar. It’s really good and could have been invented for punishment.

Can you see how her feet are tucked under, it really does bend and present a naughty girl very well.

If they cannot reach the rail easily, putting them on tip toe helps.

This next set up has a name, from the school it originated in, in England, for birching. The Winchester Position. Two chairs placed back to back.

I prefer the elbows bent and forearm flat.

Imagine laying a cane on that, or if she is very naughty, a half step further towards her and apply three from each side to wrap the cane around her buttocks

Neddy, we all love my little rocking horse. Get a girl in time with the cane or crop, and get them rocking, so they sway back to meet the incoming instrument of pain.

The back of the saddle is ideal for stretching the knickers over, to keep them in place.

This is also good for pussy grinding to orgasm as a girl is cropped or spanked by hand.

And the last for now is my favourite. An old piano stool from my antiques centre. A girl simply cannot move, she would drop over. It puts strain on her arms and keeps the bottom tight and taut for an excruciating caning. Because of blood rushing to their head it is ideal for a quick no nonsense ‘six of the best’. In ther words, do not keep them there overly long.

And as you can see by Samantha’s pumped up plump excited pussy, it is also very humiliating for a girl when publically punished…