Mr.Reece gets a hand spanking…

To understand, you ought to read this story

Read it? Oh good….to continue then.

The story has got to the stage where the naughty history teacher has admitted his crime, and agreed to be punished. We have explored his submissive feelings and the thrill that the enjoyment of spanking an older man, who was an authority figure, is giving the school girl. She spanks him by hand…

Look at him, further discovering the enjoyment of pushing his bottom up for the next smack, the pain and submission making his cock throb.

Look at Tamara, the concentration, the pleasure. Her pussy makes her white panties damp at the crotch. She has already decided that this must… MUST NOT be the last time she does this…”You naughty boy! Your Mummy should have put you over her knee years ago, you deserve this bare bottom spanking, don’t you? Tell me you are naughty, and what you deserve.”

With great pleasure he does, he wants to, he needs to! “Spank my naughty bottom Miss Tamara, punish me, please, punish me!”

SMACK…SMACK…SMACK “You naughty, naughty boy!”

Gasping for breath, Tamara stops to gather her composure, she must not show her enjoyment too much, she decides. She needs to keep her authority present at all times, with her young, crisp Oxford English accent. “Stay right there!”

She picks up a piece of his chalk and goes to the blackboard.

The plimsol next…