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Mr.Jones’s Study – Part Six

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Charlotte and Samantha have found their naughty bottoms in my study again. I have just chastised them. I am now stood at my implement cupboard selecting a tawse to teach them a lesson with.

I pick a stiff, long, narrow, thick inflexible one. Then I turn, holding it behind my back. “Get over to my desk, and bend over, side by side.

I love seeing schoolgirl knickers and private parts, it is a real perk to my job. As I watch them walk smartly over to my ‘Captain’s Desk’, my manhood begins to stir as my thoughts go to their tight panties. I can almost see them in my mind…

They stand side by side at the desk. The wonderful feeling of control and power surges through my body and right up to the tip of my erection, now throbbing. The Board of Education has given me this power and I love it. Obey me they must.

They arrange themselves neatly besides each other, their pleated skirts hanging loosely. My anticipation is almost unbearable. My mind is under their skirts, watching their damp little panties as they nervously prepare themselves.

I compose myself and give the command. “BEND OVEEER!!”

I place the instrument of punishment on the desk. My God, it is a fearsome looking weapon. I boom out again, in a calm no nonsense way. “LIFT YOUR SKIRTS HIGH!”

They do so. Two magnificent, firm, knicker clad bottoms, clad in tight white cotton are there before me. I make them wait, I can tell by the slight movement of the material creasing as I watch, that their naughty bottoms are twitching and quivering in nervous anticipation. ‘Let them wait for the next command.’ I think cruelly as I stare.

Focussed on the twitching crotches of those tight, white, panties, I allow my left hand to slide into my pocket for a little fiddle…


3,077 thank you’s to you!


I had the most visitors in a day I have ever had yesterday, that’s lovely!

Thank you to all of you, I really appreciate your interest.

You are a diverse bunch! The page I create this blog on shows all sorts of stats, and my top ten visiting countries are…




U.K. (Where I am)







All united by my girls bare bottoms! Isn’t that something!

Sad thing is, only half of you know what I am rambling on about!….lol

Thanks again, I really really really appreciate your time.


Robin has just sent me a photo of how his latest spanking wood carving is coming along

Pretty damn well I should say!

Isn’t this wonderful…

He has certainly got talent. His wife (a member of the local W.I. and quite partial to spanking) was out for tea, cake and a chat. It was a rainy day, so he was going to settle in his lovely workshop for a spot of bottom carving.

I worked at a College for many years in engineering, but one of my mates Dave, taught carpentry and joinery. I used to go for my tea break sometimes. To pick up my weekly supply of wood shavings for our Guinea Pigs! The smell of the wood, the shavings blowing up as the door closed, all the tools in racks…oooh, I can smell it now!

So not only can I imagine him, tongue stuck out, working away excitedly, time flying by as he is in his own world, listening to smacks, whacks, and tellings off! But I can smell it too, quite a 4-D experience.

In our science labs at school we had long benches where we sat four to six in a row. I think he could join six carvings together, with various girls bent over looking! All their knickers on show.

Then he could make a diorama, even making a classroom of sorts.

He has written a wonderfully interesting and descriptive article for me, about how he does it. I have it filed and am making my way towards it.

If you want to learn more of our talented carver of curvy bottoms, click here. Any questions, then contact me, and I will pass your e-mail on.