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Three winks….

The other day we were shooting a scene for ‘Mr.Jones’s Office’ and to finish off I asked Charlotte, Samanth and Stephanie to wink for me….

“Ready? One….two…three….WINK!”

“Missed it…..try agin….1….2….3….GO!”

“One of you!….try again!……1…2….3…CLICK!”

“Got you! Well done!”

…cute eh?


Bruno Zach

You have already come across this man in my section called ‘Robin’s nest of Spanking Delights’, click here…

But his work is so fantastic, that I think it should have its own section in my ‘Spanking Artists Section’, click here…

And so on to the man and his erotic sculptures…


Bruno Zach (1891-1935) was an Austrian art deco sculptor of Ukrainian birth who worked in the early C20. His output included a wide repertoire of subjects, but he is best known for his erotic sculptures of young women.

Bruno Zach was born in the Ukraine, but emigrated to Austria as a young man and studied at the Vienna Academy. His styles ranged from art deco, art nouveau, sporting, to orientalism, but he eventually became known as a creator of sculptures featuring tall, athletic, dominating women in bronze and ivory. His erotica sculptures usually featured sexy, dreamy, scantily clad mistresses in stockings, garters, and high heels.

One of his better known sculptures is the sado-masochistic ‘The Riding Crop’. Original period castings of this sculpture have sold for as much as £130,000, one such sale having taken place at the Bonhams auction house in Knightsbridge in 2011

Here are some other dominatrix figurines of his…

Obviously a Domme needs a submissive. Some of these were attributed to him, others were akin to him, but for me, it does not really matter, so let’s relish in….

The Submissive Art of the Erotic Sculptor…

Can you imagine them put together in some erotic diorama, maybe with all sorts of apparatus and racks…

Back to Bruno now, he also did erotic works away from Domination and submission…

Not really sure if this is his, but it’s rather good!

One of Zach’s more controversial sculptures, created around in about 1930, was his extremely erotic piece entitled ‘The Hugger’. The sculpture shows a woman hugging a larger-than-life penis. Zach frequently portrayed the seedy side of nightlife in Berlin with many of his sculptures featuring prostitutes…

So give him some love, like this girl hugging her huge penis, and put his name into Google, there are lots of images.


In their House (Upstairs) – Part Four

To read the rest, click here…


Their spankings continued, shut away from the world in their beautiful home, Charlotte took her turn over the landing rail.

In the half light of the corridor in the atmospheric Victorian home they lived in, smacks and sexy little yelps filled the air.

They were lost in their dreamy world of spanking lust, nothing else mattered right then. The only thing that did, was the artistry and magic of a sexual spanking. Charlotte could not push her bottom out enough, Samantha could not have been more focussed on the task of smacking her beautiful friend’s full ripe bottom.

Charlotte draped herself over the rail in pure ecstasy.

…and on, and deliciously on, it went…

Much more to come


Karen gets the Plimsoll ~ Part Five of…’The Spanking Adventures of Up Skirt Evans’

To read the rest of this story, please click here…


Karen’s slippering

As the end of the week approached, there was a knock on Charlotte’s door and in walked Karen Smith, nervously clutching a note.

“Ah! If it isn’t Karen Smith again,” Charlotte cheerfully greeted her. “What is it this time, Karen?”

“Urrhh…Miss Flood told me to deliver this note to the headmistress.”

“I’m afraid she is busy at the moment. If you give me the note, Karen, and I’ll pass it on to the headmistress when she’s free.”

“Oh no, Miss Evans. Miss Flood was very insistent that I gave the note personally to the headmistress,” responded Karen.

“Oh, all right. In that case you had better sit down over there and wait. Hopefully, Miss Tanner won’t be too long. Do you know what the note is about?” Charlotte asked out of curiosity.

“I’m afraid I do, Miss Evans,” Karen said, with a rather anxious look on her face. “I was misbehaving in the hockey practice this morning. I deliberately tripped over a player with my hockey stick when they were about to make a shot at goal and swore at Miss Flood when she awarded the other side a penalty stroke. Miss Flood thought that Miss Tanner ought to be informed.”

“Oh dear, Karen. After last week’s little incident, that doesn’t sound too promising for you. It looks as though you might be leaving this office with a rather sore bottom again!” Charlotte said, trying to conceal the glee in her voice.

“Do you really think so?” Karen asked, rubbing the back of her skirt.

“Unfortunately for you, I do!”

Karen sat down on one of the hard backed chairs at the side of the office and waited, nervously playing with her fingers, whilst Miss Evans returned to her typing. Charlotte licked her lips in anticipation. “Surely she would finally get to see Miss Tanner slipper or even cane a girl? This was Karen’s second visit to the headmistress in a matter of a week and must qualify for more than just hand spanking,” she thought.

After about 10 minutes had elapsed, Miss Tanner emerged from her study. On seeing Karen sitting there, she stopped abruptly and enquired, “What are you doing here Miss Smith? Shouldn’t you be in a lesson?”

Karen stood up quickly and offered the note she was carrying to the headmistress, saying, “Miss Flood told me to bring you this note, Miss.”

Miss Tanner took the note, opened and read it, an increasingly angry look spreading across her face. Suddenly she fixed Karen with her gaze and almost literally exploded!

“I JUST DON’T BELIEVE IT! It was only last week I walloped your bottom for losing your temper on the hockey pitch and whacking a girl with your hockey stick, and now this!” she said, waving the note in the air. “You’ve done it again! What has got into you, you naughty girl? Anyone would think that you enjoyed being spanked to be back in here so quickly after the last time!”

Karen stood there, her eyes cast down to the carpet, visibly reeling from Miss Tanner’s onslaught.

Miss Tanner continued. “Clearly the spanking I gave you last week wasn’t enough. Let’s see what a good slippering might achieve instead!”

Miss Tanner pointed at the open door to her study and propelled Karen by the shoulder into the room.

“In my study NOW! Miss Evans, your assistance is required. Please lock the door after yourself.”

“Right, I think we’ll have you bent over the punishment stool, young lady. You’ll need something to grip onto tightly when I deal with you. Put it in the middle of the carpet there please Miss Evans,” she said pointing, “and you, YOU NAUGHTY GIRL…bend over it.”

Karen quickly complied, not wishing to fuel Miss Tanner’s anger any further.

“Miss Evans, please prepare her….with her knickers most definitely down!”

“Certainly headmistress.” Charlotte almost added ‘with pleasure’, but thought better of doing so. With excited hands, she carefully rolled up Karen’s skirt and then eased her bottle green knickers well down her thighs, fully exposing her bottom. She could feel Karen’s body shaking, presumably in fear of what was about to happen.

“Thank you, Miss Evans. Now would you fetch me the size 10 plimsoll from the punishment store. I think that, as Miss Smith is now in the lower sixth, a size 10 will have more impact than a size 6 which I use on more junior girls.”

Charlotte went to the store room and remembered yesterday vividly. She wasn’t really sure she had put the punishment book back, but obviously she had. Annoyingly there was something else that niggled her, as she hopped in the shower last night, she felt she had forgotten something else….but no time for that now. She extracted the size 10 and handed it to Miss Tanner. It felt heavy and should pack quite a wallop.

Charlotte stood back, her excitement rising. She was looking forward to witnessing a more severe punishment. Her heart was beating faster and she focused her full attention on Karen’s bared bottom. How would she take it? Would she be able to stay bent over the stool? How long would it be before she was begging for mercy? Charlotte was intrigued by the possible answers to these questions.

She didn’t have long to wait. Gripping the plimsoll tightly in her right hand, Miss Tanner passed sentence, “I think 12 strokes for deliberately tripping up your opposite number with your stick…..AND….another 6 strokes for swearing at Miss Flood. That makes 18 strokes in total!”

“Gosh! This was going to be some whacking,” thought Charlotte, as she heard Karen whimper on receipt of this news. “Poor girl. I’m not sure I could cope with such a severe punishment.”

Miss Tanner placed her left hand on Karen’s back to steady herself. Then raising her right hand up high over her shoulder she brought the plimsoll flying down across Karen’s left cheek, indenting the flesh with a loud WHACK that seemed to echo around the study. This was followed by a loud yelp from Karen. As the plimsoll bounced back off her bottom, Charlotte watched a perfect imprint of the plimsoll shape rapidly blossoming to red across Karen’s fair skin.

Miss Tanner’s arm rose once more and brought the plimsoll down again, this time landing on Karen’s right buttock…WHACK! Yet again, Karen squealed out in obvious pain, another red imprint rapidly developing on her right cheek to match the one on the left.

Satisfied with her preliminary strokes, Miss Tanner then set top with a will, whacking the plimsoll repeatedly across Karen’s jiggling bottom, a study in ‘constant motion’!






“Owwwh, owhhh, OWWH!”

Karen was now howling loudly, tears streaming down her face, and was clearly struggling to stay bent over the stool.

Miss Tanner paused after this particularly hard stroke, to examine the state of Karen’s bottom. It was already very red. “That’s nine strokes….half-way!”

Despite feeling some sympathy for Karen, Charlotte’s eyes remained riveted on her bottom, feeling yet again increasingly aroused by the scene being played out in front of her.

Miss Tanner turned to Charlotte, “Please would you hold the wretched girl still for me. She seems to be on the verge of standing up and I haven’t finished with her yet! Naughty girls deserve very sound spankings if they are to learn their lesson!”

Charlotte eagerly leapt forward and pushed down on Karen’s shoulder blades, holding her firmly down over the stool, whilst Miss Tanner recommenced walloping her bottom. Charlotte could feel Karen’s body shudder as each stroke landed with a loud WHACK. From where she was standing immediately above Karen, she had a birds eye view of the proceedings. She could clearly see how the plimsoll sent ripples of flesh out from the point of impact. She was enthralled!


Finally, Miss Tanner delivered the last stroke and threw the plimsoll down on her desk. Breathing heavily, she addressed Karen,“If that doesn’t make you want to mend your ways, young lady, I’m not sure what will. However, be aware that I do possess one other implement which I will use as a last resort if I see you in her again – namely my cane. If I have to use it, it will be at least 12, not 6 strokes of the best! Do I make myself clear?”

Snivelling, Karen replied “Oh yes, Miss…(sob, sob)….very clear (sob, sob, sob).”

“Right, put your hands on your head and spend the next 15 minutes there contemplating the reason why you have been so soundly slippered. Do NOT touch your bottom under any circumstances, or you’ll have a taste of my cane sooner than later!”

Charlotte marched Karen to face the wall and made sure her bottom remained visible. Her buttocks looked very hot and red, the muscles pulsing and twitching involuntarily.

Sitting down at her desk, Miss Tanner asked Charlotte to fetch the punishment book from the store. “You know where it is don’t you?” She added with strange sort of wry look. Charlotte said yes, she did, and went for it and placed the book down in front of the headmistress and watched as she filled in the relevant columns.

She felt her heart rate gradually slowing down after all the recent excitement, but she desperately needed to visit the bathroom as soon as possible to attend to her extremely aroused state that wouldn’t subside quite so easily without some assistance!

The naughty daughter in law…

I came across a few photos I took on the day we shot this video, I thought you might like to see them…

You will recognise this lady from the ‘Friday Night Masturbation Club’ where she acted the part of Miss Black….very well she did it too! Here she is spanking her daughter in law who she found out was cheating on her step son. She shaves her pussy and makes her dress as her little school girl when he is at work…or else she will tell him!

A joy of a job!

Not very often you see me on here, but I came across a few photos the other day of me in a video. It was when Charlotte and Amber played two naughty school girls who altered their reports! I was their Daddy and had the delightful job of slippering their bottoms briskly…

Judging by their faces I think I was doing an okay job of it!

A day out with Charlotte…

Interviewing a possible model for some story or other is always a delightful task. Charlotte and I usually do it, mainly by picking a girl from the pages of PurplePort or SpankeeFinder…

After arriving at Fae’s house, we had a chat over tea and biscuits, then got down to business, here is Charlotte trying her bottom out…