A Day at Home With Charlotte and Samantha


I know that lots of you have a ‘soft spot’…(hmmm come to think of it, it is probably a hard spot!) for Charlotte and Samantha. Well, the other day I spent a few hours with them, just a normal day. I thought you might like to share it with me. I just pottered around behind them with my camera, let’s see what transpired…

These photos are all for ‘The Spanking Adventures of Up Skirt Evans, click here…


After finishing a cup of tea and cake, for elevenses, the girls go out into their garden, to hang some of their knickers out to dry on the washing line. It’s a lovely old house they share together.

It was a bright, warm, breezy day. Just right for the knickers.

It got even breezier and it started to lift their skirts up, which made them giggle. Charlotte said to Samantha, “Doesn’t that breeze feel lovely on your bottom? I love doing outdoor shoots, thanks Asa. Let’s let the breeze blow on our bottom a lot more, I am sure Asa won’t object!”

::chuckle:: I didn’t!

“You’ve no knickers on Samantha.” I commented.

“Hmmm I know, they are on the line because they got damp already!”

With a smile and walking a little like a camera tripod, I followed them further…

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…and on to part four, where we find twists and turns.

NOTE – This section has three sub sections, the patio, the house downstairs, and the house upstairs…


Much, much, much! More to come.



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