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In Three’s ~ Number 14 – Samantha Tries the Other Side ~ Part Seventeen

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Charlotte eventually told her pet, Samantha, to move away from the first apparatus. “Stand over there…..yes, that’s right, just there, feet apart a foot or so. Now bend your knees and clasp your hands, palm to palm, between them.”

She picked up the riding crop.

“You have a long way to go yet young lady!”

Charlotte observed her position before using the crop on her already, evenly striped, bottom.

“Brace yourself Samantha, and do not dare to move from position. These are going to come hard and fast….ready?”

“Yes Mistress Charlotte, I’m ready.”

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School Punishments Continued…

This position would be ideal for a wriggler. Of course the poor thing doesn’t like the cane, but with her legs tucked under the seat she won’t be able to kick at all — and the occasional sideways swerve, all she’d be able to manage, wouldn’t matter too much, would it? Yes, this position would be perfect for a really sound caning.

This arrangement could only be recommended to those whose pupils are very well trained in the matter of keeping their bums still while ‘Sir’ is enjoying himself with the cane. Clearly the slightest sign of agitation would bring this young lady tumbling from her perch — and that would never do. But an obedient girl would perhaps be able to manage say half a dozen strokes in this admittedly insecure position — and a carefully applied strap would find that soft and tender undercurve of her cheeks very nicely, thank you!

Some girls don’t so much wriggle as leap up from their proper position in the most disconcerting way every time the cane lands on their bottom. This position would suit a ‘bobber-upper’ very nicely — not only would she get a nicely caned bum, she’d also get rather a bump on her head if she was silly enough to try bobbing-up this time.

Asa’s Note :-

I have lots of desk photos and am always taking more, here are just a few to compliment this piece.

And of course, desks can be used for other things…

And I suppose you could even use them for teaching!

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Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls ~ Five Years On…(The First Boy) ~ Part Sixteen.

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News of the naughty boy’s first punishment spread like wildfire throughout the girls, and they all…..all of them…..wanted to see him punished.

Three of the girls, Charlotte, Kate and Suzette, devised a little plan. It was fortuitous that Miss Kenworthy had put the three of them in detention. Nothing serious, they had missed the first lesson after lunch one day, because they had been late back. The three of them were told to write an essay of ‘The Importance of Good Time Keeping as Regards to Good Manners,’ after school on this particular Wednesday.

What they did not know was that the boy was there too, he had been late for Assembly three times the previous week, his first week! The week after his inaugural punishment.

As they sat waiting for Miss Kenworthy, they huddled together and thought of the cunning, rather cruel, plan, to see him get his bottom punished, that you will see unfold before your eyes here…


Miss Kenworthy entered and cheerfully greeted the boy. “How unusual to have a boy in detention with you girls. I am sure you know his reputation! lets hope he behaves himself….not the best start is it, a detention already? Eh boy”

“No Miss Kenworthy.” Came the sulky reply.

Miss Kenworthy began with a little talk about detention and what may happen. “Some naughty girls have often left with very sore bottoms!” She said after her little talk.

Suzette quipped. “They certainly have Miss.”

“I have no sympathy, you always deserve it. If you do not want a sore bottom, then behave, it is that simple.” Miss Kenworthy said with a rueful smile.

The boy sniggered.

Miss Kenworthy looked at the floor. “Someone has been plying with chalk I can see….none of you I hope!?”

“No Miss.”

“No Miss.”

“No Miss.”

“No Miss.” Came the somewhat deeper last reply.

The girls brushed their gym slips and hands quietly, just in case a tell tale sign remained. Whilst the boy who had been resting his hands on the desk seat, glanced at his with horror.

Part one of their little plan was successful. Little did the boy know that by now, the seat of his shorts would be covered in chalk dust, just as if he had wiped his hands on his bottom to clean them.

Behind them came the noise of him spitting on his hands and wiping them on his trousers. The three girls smiled.

The girls had rolled their skirts up very high, and began shuffling around to get pens and pencil cases from their bags, and the boy could not help but move about, not even noticing the small bits of chalk under his feet.

Whenever Miss Kenworthy wrote on the board or did some marking, the girls put on quite a performance for the boy…

It wasn’t long before his hand was busy down his trousers!

He was soon masturbating very hard and fast!

He had not even thought about where all his sperm would shoot!

Just as he felt the spunk rising from the base of his shaft, he lost control, “Ohhh fucking hell, pull your knickers down, show me you bums!!” He said, much louder than he thought.

Miss Kenworthy could not believe her ears, especially when Kate shouted…. “Miss, Miss, he has just lifted our skirts up and asked us to pull our panties down! And his hand is moving ever so quick in his pants….ooooh whats that greyish white stuff squirting out, what is it Miss? And look at all the chalk all over him Miss, what’s he been up to?”

Just as Miss Kenworthy turned around she saw the girls looking upset and trying to pull their skirts down, spunk was shooting in torrents from his glistening, throbbing, manhood tip, and landing on the desk, he was swearing too!

“Ohhhh fuck fuck fuck, ohhhh yes!”

He looked at his hands, they were white with chalk and spunk was dripping off his fingers…..he had been caught, white handed!

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Buxiban ~ Part Six of another lovely spanking story by ‘B’

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Buxiban part 6

The aftermath of the initial tests had all the foreigners and Anglos, who had never been spanked, toeing the line. We orderly lined up in front of our classroom’s pennant before entering the school. There was very little whispering when the supervisors requested silence.

We had all made sure to have pristine uniforms as at least two girls per class were randomly inspected every morning.

That day it was Lia and me. Our supervisor called, “Amelia step forward for uniform inspection.”

I couldn’t help blushing as she inspected my nails, my ears, my collar and pulled my tie to make sure that I had closed the top button of my blouse. Then came the dreaded order. “Raise your skirt.”

I obeyed with a deep blush, and pulled my skirt up with both hands. I was to show that I am wearing the white uniform knickers. I knew that I shouldn’t drop it before being told. Yesterday, Emma had her thighs smacked for having done that. “Drop your skirt, and back in line.”

Today it was Miss Tan welcoming us in class. She started with a message from Miss Prim, the Principal, “We won’t be punishing you for every infractions. We will issue punishment slips, to be returned the next day with the signature of your parents. Hopefully they will have punished you.”

I was one of the first to be issued a pink slip for whispering in class. I had hardly said more than two words. “Amelia come to the front of the class to collect your punishment slip.” Back at my desk I read it,

 Junior College Request for Parental Punishment

 Name of  pupil : Amelia

 Class : JC 1 B

Offense : Whispering in class

 Comments : With such a decisive school year we suggest the purchase of a mamak cane at your mini-mart…

 Signature of parents : …………………………………………………………………………….

I showed the pink slip to Isa, my Asian friend, “Whats a mamak cane?”

“Is a short rattan cane, about sixty cm, its very stingy. Although it won’t bruise, you will have vivid red marks for at least three days, when applied to your thighs. All of us have one at home.”

I peered at the two red marks peeking below her skirt’s hemline. She added, “Yes, it was last night, I had sassed Mom. She raised my skirt and, whack! wack! I would have preferred to be told to lower my knickers, and have more. Its so stingy on the thighs!”

Back home I handed my punishment slip to Mum. She wasn’t too happy. She said that she should pull me by the ear till the mamak store. I was relieved that she didn’t. The mamak store was quite small, and a capharnaüm of goods. It seemed to have everything, from frozen chicken to dish-washing tablets.

Mom asked loud and clear, “Would you have a cane for that naughty girl.” I blushed as I saw the old Chinese lady eyeing my school uniform.

She showed us a basket, with dozens of small canes, with colorful plastic crook handles.

Mum had me again blushing when she said, “Choose one, dearest.” It was so embarrassing. I choose one with a pink plastic handle. I wanted to give it to the old lady, but instead of taking it she announced the price. Mum told me to pay for it.

The old lady repeated the price. I opened my coin purse, and paid her with my pocket money. She took the coins, and with broken English said, “Now you be better good girl!” I thought that it couldn’t get any worse, but it did. I had to carry my cane as we walked back home. I felt my ears blushing!

Once at home it was, “Lower your knickers, and elbow on the dinning room table.”

“Please Mom.”

“Do it now or you will be getting more!”

I obeyed, she raised my skirt and whacked my derriere. It was so stingy that I couldn’t help jumping, and my knickers fell onto my ankles.

“Back in position real fast or it won’t count!”

I got another one, and again jumped. She had one hand on the small of my back to keep me down, and I got three more. I was stomping my feet, and struggling so much, that the last stroke missed my bottom, and landed across my thighs. With my bum and thighs throbbing, I was in tears. She hung my cane in the kitchen, in full view of visitors. 

After having rubbed with Poppa’s cream, I sat on my pillow for doing my homework. I still felt the sizzling stripes, and applied myself with zeal.

Amelia and Emma

To be continued…

NB ; Those mamak shops and short canes are found in a number of Asian countries..


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Latest Studio Developments

I am glad all the upset with the old studio and the move to the new is all done, never again, this is my last place I think. A few bits more have been added to it now…

The B.D.S.M. area is developing…

We have new equipment too…

I can imagine three or four girls on this, it will have chains and ropes, but that will all come, it is made and in place now, that is the main thing.

We have a Pillory…

A naughty schoolgirl’s bedroom for Mummy and Daddy to spank her in…

An unusual store area, with a hole, which has all sorts to go in!

The Classroom is on the other side, next to the lounge area.

We can place our portable screen there when we need the bedroom, so it looks better.

The Study looks fab these days, there is extra carpet, and we have moved bits out so it looks more spacious…

The Bohemian Set has been finished for a while now….

The Classroom is pretty much set up and can be moved easily to suit any story.

Lots more little nooks and crannies, but that is about it. We have a nice little changing room, male and female toilets, and quite a large kitchen. The Mill has other rooms we can use and we have another couple of venues too.

So….near enough done!


Photo Set 474 ~ Part 5/6 ‘Bending Over’ – A part of Naughty Girls Knickers Removal

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Each naughty girl has their own unique way of behaving after a spanking. Kate here, always sniffs. I think that in her own way the silly girl thinks it makes me feel guilty and that perhaps it will make it less painful on her next visit.

Maybe one day she will realise it is a total waste of time.

As with Charlotte and Samantha, I leave her alone for a while, to contemplate the error of her ways. Possible I do her an injustice, it could be shame and humiliation that makes her sniff, coupled with pain of course. I will never know I suppose.

Time passes as I sign a few invoices. Then I tell her to get up from the vaulting horse.

She does this very slowly and gingerly. It appears that when a spanked bottom is ablaze, the skin tightens, and any slight movement sends excruciating pain across the surface of the buttocks. Judging by her, juddering movements and sharp intake of breath now and then, it is correct to assume so.

I watch the struggle with a satisfied smile. She deserves to be in pain, especially on her bare bottom. It is my job to see that they are well punished for being naughty girls! And I do so, with aplomb!!

More to come…