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Three Spanking Fiends and their naughty maid, Suzette ~ Part 2

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Suzette began her duties that very afternoon, under the close scrutiny of her new three Mistresses.

“We will be watching you, young lady, we will only accept perfection. This house is my pride and joy.” Said Mistress Samantha.

“Oh definitely, and know that any mistake at all, or sloppy work, will result in firm discipline.” Added Mistress Charlotte.

“Yes, you make sure everything is done just right, I will be doing my fingertip test later, so do not leave an dust up there.” Mistress Kate tagged on.

“Yes Mistresses, I will strive to do my very best at all times.” Replied their maid, Suzette.

The three girls were very happy with their choice of maid, her lovely bottom begged a spanking and they were eager to give the first punishment. Silence fell on the room as they watched her work.

They studied her work closely, and critically…

I remember as I took this shot, I said…”Try to scrutinise her and look very critically at her work”…well, they certainly followed my direction!

More to come…


Girl Guides ~ Part 4 ~ of another lovely spanking story by ‘B’

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Girl Guides part 4

We got numerous high fives from other tables, only one table resisted. Our friends called them goody two shoes.

That evening our little chalet was over crowed. Everyone had brought sweets and chanted, “Come on Frenchy tell us about boys !”

“As I was saying, boys are as shy as you.”

Cécile repeated, “They are shyer !”

“They have to take the first step, and they have clumsy lines. If you don’t like the boy, laugh for his silly lines that will be the end of him. If you like him, just say “That’s so cute…””

Camilla asked, “What if he I like him, and he tells me such a lame line as, “It is a lovely evening…””

“Tell him, “Sunsets are so romantic” If you really like him add, “With a friend…”

“Next he should have his arm over your shoulders, and you close your eyes and pucker up !”

Dorothy had another question, “What if he doesn’t have his arm around my shoulders, and only offers another lame line such as, “You’re right, it is a lovely sunset…””

“Then take his hand and bring it onto your left tittie while saying my heart feels romantic…”

Cécile giggled, “And close your eyes and pucker up !”

There was plenty of naughty dreams that night.

Next morning Camilla and Dorothy had me again draw a ball from the bag for our day’s chore. They were obviously hoping that I would again draw the shopping ball. I drew a yellow ball, and the unveiling of the blackboard revealed that we are to clean the big house.

We had all the chairs of the dining room upside down on the tables and mopped the floor. We continued with the kitchen, the pantry, the storeroom and library. Then Camilla and Dorothy got the big vacuum cleaner for the carpet of the offices, and we went up to the floor with the rooms of the sisters.

It was an opportunity not to be missed and we were very creative. For Sister Maria it was wasabi flavored toothpaste. Sister Agatha got wee wee improved shampoo. For Sister Josephina it was dead flies buried into her face cream, and Sister Ursulina’s mouthwash was mixed with liquid soap. Cécile was the voice of reason, “Brigitte ! Don’t add too much soap, we don’t want her to choke !” I added water, and even tasted it to be sure. “Yuck!”

Our chores done it was time for lunch, and later we took the swimming test for canoeing. First it was jumping fully clothed from the pontoon and disrobing in the water. Sister Maria warned, “If you grab the pontoon you will be disqualified.”

I took a deep breath and underwater I took my shoes off. Then I surfaced and threw them onto the pontoon. Next were my blouse and skirt. Everyone thought I was ready to swim till the buoy, but I had a surprise. I threw my bra and knickers on the pontoon. Sister Maria bellowed something I didn’t hear, I was already swimming towards the buoy.

I swam back and Sister Maria was waiting. She didn’t hand me a towel ! She pulled me over her knees and dried my naked bum with a flurry of smacks. I stomped my feet when I didn’t pedaled my legs, and was soon all dried up. I again didn’t rub my fiery booty as I am still competing with Cécile for the title of naughtiest girl guide. Then I was allowed to get dressed, and officially listed as allowed to take a canoe out on the lake. All the newly approved canoeists tried not to giggled when told that the campsite of the boys on the other side of the lake is off limits.

Later when in bed, Cécile and I told Camilla and Dorothy how we have pranked the bathrooms of the sisters. “Pity that we can’t see the face of Sister Maria when she’ll be brushing her teeth with wasabi spiced toothpaste !”

Cécile and Brigitte

To be continued…


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Charlotte and Samantha just after the ‘School Photo Day Incident Shoot’…

“That was exciting, was that okay?” They both ask.

Well, I don’t know about you, but to me, they were perfect, and I told them so.

The spankings for this story are being done over the next months.

As you can see by these casual shots (before they come over my knee for a spanking each) they get a bit excited!

Sometimes I think shots like this are the sexiest of the lot!


The School Photo Day Farce ~ Incident Log Entry – 2 ~ Part Six

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The photographer and I arrived back at the allotted room, I put my hand on the door handle and could hear the joviality and the use of my name in vain. As my hand touched the handle the room went silent.

Their laughter stopped as they heard the door handle move.

First, Charlotte caught her breath…

Then Samantha turned to the door…

“Oh fuck! I think we have been caught.” Charlotte said in dismay.

“Oh bloody hell!” Uttered Samantha in shock.

Imagine how the two naughty girls must have felt. In a room that is out of bounds, messing about with expensive equipment, and their knickers down! With bare bottoms on show.

I burst in, followed by the photographer looking most concerned at his thousands of pounds worth of band new equipment.

“Good Lord! What on earth are you two up to!?” I boomed.

“Awwwwwww, we…I er….I…I…I…” Stammered Charlotte looking to her friend for help.

“Ooooh well, we were…..erm…..admiring his equipment Sir, we are interested in photography!” Offered Samantha hopefully.

“Really? And why on earth do you need your knickers down and skirts up to do that eh?” I asked sternly.

They stammered and shuffled on their feet. No reply came.

“Get back to class, and expect to be summoned to my office later today! Off you go!”

They walked out briskly, sniffing.

Their naughty bottoms were going to pay dearly for this.

I stayed with the photographer, apologising profusely…

More to come…


ASSUME THE POSITION: SPANKING FURNITURE : Part 2 ~ ( No-32) – by Robyn Jones

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Many villages in England still have ancient whipping posts and stocks. They were originally installed in C14 and were once used for public punishment and humiliation. The stocks were used for petty crimes like blasphemy and swearing, while more serious crimes, like not attending church or theft, were more often punished with a public whipping at the pillory post. 

With the stocks, the accused would have their hands and head trapped between two boards for a set period of time, while the public was encouraged to abuse the prisoner further by beating them, throwing stones or fruit, or humiliating them by emptying chamber pots over their heads. This cruel tradition is thought to be the origin of the term ”laughing stock.”

A Paula Russell illustration from the Februs Magazine series ‘Moments in CP History’. It is the story of Jeanne de la Motte as the last woman ever to be publicly flogged in France:

‘Struggling and crying the beautiful, dark haired young Comtesse found herself dragged forcibly from the prison and onto the huge concourse on which the scaffold was erected. She made desperate pleas for mercy before being dragged up the steps, tied to the whipping post and completely stripped before being soundly whipped on her back and buttocks.’

A rather atmospheric modern-day version of whipping posts with the lady strung between two pillars both by the arms and legs in a rather grand high-ceiling room awaiting the whip: 

Tall stocks can of course be used to spank a person’s bottom with their head and arms firmly held so that movement would be very restricted:

A collage from an ‘Elite Spanking’ video of a woman being strapped, held in a set of stocks, similar to those above:

Below is an illustration by Paula Russell , again from the Februs Magazine series ‘Moments in CP History’. It concerns a Hungarian princess, Princess Irene Batthyany in the mid-C19, being severely thrashed by some Russian soldiers who had invaded the country:

‘Despite her shrieks of protest, Princess Irene Batthyany was carried out of her palace by the officers and taken, kicking and screaming to the Pest market square where an enthusiastic mob soon gathered to witness Irene’s humiliation. The terrified Irene was put up onto a platform and her head and hands secured in a pillory reserved usually for the vagrants and prostitutes who were regularly punished in public. 

If her shame at such treatment was not enough, Irene was further mortified to see the Croat leader Jellacic, who she had oft derided, seated on the platform with a group of Croat officers all thirsting to witness her degradation. Cheered on by the mob, the Russian officers lifted Irene’s dress and petticoats, securing them to her shoulders, then pulled down her lace drawers exposing her naked bottom to the jeering mob. One of the Russians then removed his thick leather belt and proceeded to spank the bare bottom of the shrieking Princess before handing over to another soldier who continued the punishment. The punishment continued until all the officers had administered the belt to Irene’s by now scarlet and roasting bottom for some considerable time.

When Princess Irene Batthyany was shrieking in anguish, her bottom crimson and swollen with pain, the Russians relented and she was released.’

An ‘Elite Spanking’ film showing a woman being whipped secured to a wooden frame primarily for a back whipping:

More to come…

For the New Visitor ~ No 9

Each week I put something for the new visitor, who has no idea what is here, and I try to tempt them to look, and maybe, with luck, they become a regular visitor, a follower.

There are getting on for 500 photo sets now, and over 100 photo illustrated stories. All my own work, as well as vast vintage and art sections. Not counting all my contributors.

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This week I will tempt you with this…

It is my little singing/dancing/spanking group!

‘The Spankettes’

They are naughty teachers having fun after school!

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Another little competition…

Not done one for a while. Just for fun…

You all know how my dear girls visit each other ever few days for little spanking sessions. For those who do not know, here is Charlotte left, Samantha middle, and Kate right. Samantha is the Domme, but not always, she likes a little spanking too sometimes.

Please put a caption to this…

have fun!


Welcome to another Black and White Wednesday… No-9

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“Oh hello again.” Says Samantha, who pokes her bottom out as soon as she sees you. “Didn’t see you there. I am just tidying up and then I want to show you some photographs on my little page today, so Asa might not go on to other posts.”

She looks at Mr Gibson, and Mr.Fishmeister, and smiles, then at Max, Suzette and Stuart, and sees JD and others, coming through the gate…the usual suspects are coming for their Wednesday look at her bottom. “I had better start wiggling for you then!”

“Feel free to give my bare bottom a little smack, but no fondling under my apron!” She says as she frowns at one in particular.

She brings cups of tea and scones with jam (home made, she is a good cook…no Mr.Gibson!! I said cook!!!”)

“Asa is at the studio today, I am going down later to share a client with him. But for now, have a look at these…” She snuggles on a stool tucked in between you, wiggling her bottom, as various hands stroke gently.


“I took Kate down to Asa’s old ruin and woods yesterday, to spank her, her bottom blushes ever so quick….anyway, here are a few nice photos of her.”

More black and white next week.