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This one features Charlotte (Paris on Twitter), she played a Victorian Lady who went to a women’s prison to find a sex slave,  see my story called Millbank.

The Victorian Womens Prison Set

Here is another one, this shows the punishment dress, also modelled by Charlotte.

The Punishment Dress

The next one fullfills a fantasy…

I love to think of being able to spy on a woman alone! out of control with her need for an orgasm, giving her pussy a good rub and fast fingering.
Here is Samantha doing just that…
This next set is about pain really…
Lucy is wonderful in her love of pain, and humiliation, not just from spanking, but from being pegged as in this set…
Here is Kate busily working away, keeping the house ‘spick and span’ for Lady Kenworthy, who is never far away, keeping a watchful eye.
One thing you must not do is worry. Kate is perfectly happy. As you can see, her bottom is already marked and Rosey red. She lives for spankings and humiliation. It is what makes her tick.
Talking of tick. Can you hear my grandfather clock behind you? I am rather proud of it, careful! It is a bit of a rascal and is good at sending people to sleep!
Anyway, I digress…I often do ::chuckle::
Look how Samantha stands with her cane. Waiting for an excuse to punish the girl. Imagine that feeling of being scrutinized, that Kate must feel. I remember that feeling as an apprentice fitter, threading a small hole with an engineers ‘tap’ as this big hairy bloke called Barry watched me…God I hated that bastard! But within weeks, got to respect and admire him.
For Kate, it is different. That feeling makes her pussy dribble like the hot yolk from an egg in a bacon sandwich, you know what I mean? Running down your chin after the first bite!
I am pretty sure that Samantha’s little clitty is dancing a merry jig between her legs as she looks and waits.
Anticipation and waiting…mmmm…makes everything so much better, don’t you think?
Just look at her, what a magnificent Domme she is, confident and sexy, with a voice like summer rain. And a bottom to die for too!
And scritinise her she did, everywhere. And sometimes rather closely, Lady Kenworthy had a thing about cane marks. Caning a shapely bottom ‘did it for her’ and second on the list was looking at the marks. Very often as her delicate fingers were busy somewhere moist.
In the kitchen for example.
At the shoot for this I said to Samantha, examine her bottom closely please. She smiled (quite a disarming smile to be honest…I went a bit wobbly, as you do!) and then hooked the cane under Kate’s French Maid outfit, and hooked it up.
This is why I love shooting with this pair so very much, they seem to be an extension of my mind, like two naughty minces living in it, with one purpose…to tittilate me!
There I go again, wandering into the deep dark recesses of my mind! Trust me!! You do not want to stay there long!
Back to the story…
Even in the toilet, she studied her working.
Punishment often occur on the spur of the moment, like this morning, when poor Kate stacked the shopping in the wrong order and position.
“How…whack….many times …thwack …do I have …crack …to tell you …smack …how to stack these…THWACK!! …tins?”
Poor Katie hopped about valiantly putting them away correctly, as her bottom was thrashed.
The stairs were like an invitation to her Mistress to spank her, every time Kate went on them. She was never allowed shoes upstairs and often took them off with her bottom stuck out on them, or bent over to sweep the stairs, in the most provocative way.
She just needed to be punished, her bottom was never clear of stripes, and nearly always red!
Well, let’s be honest…could you resist whacking it with a caneon the stairs?
Samantha couldn’t, she nearly always found a reason!
Here are some examples…
Yes indeed, Kate on the stairs was very much an invitation to spank her, don’t you agree?
Upstairs was the same. Of course, Kate was not allowed up here with shoes, and if she was caught, well, let’s just say ‘Oh Dear Kate, what have you done?”
Mistress would be really angry, and even if she had been punished only minutes before, she would get it again, using whatever shoes she had on her feet.
Even upstairs in the Boudoirs and bathrooms, the punishment of that delicious submissive bottom did not relent.
Kate found many ways to earn a caning…
Samantha was an admirer of the iconic Marylyn Momroe, and took extra pleasure from punishing Kate before a huge picture of her, pretending in her mind that she was watching and in that famous American drawl, urging her on.
That particular room has acoustics all of its own, how the noise of the cracking cane whipping her plumb quivering buttocks echoed!
Bath cleaning day was always eventful and poor Kate got a stroke of the cane for every smear her Mistress found on her beautiful vintage copper bath.
Very often the buttocks of Kate would shine more that the bath by the time she had finished whacking them!
“I have told you before you naughty girl, smears…”
“Are not acceptable!”
Incidents like this led to special punishments, the very next day Miss Kenworthy made the naughty maid Kate give the bath an extra clean to the highest standard, and caned her all the way through.
 The beautiful roll top bath had never looked so gleaming and spotless.
Not allspankings and canings were punishments. Kate’s bottom was so responsive, and connected to her pussy so sensually, that sometimes she just ‘needed a spanking, to orgasm’.
For this they had a special corner.
But they always liked to get back to their real life arrangement, such as when beds were made with a crease in them…
The lighting was a little difficult in this room, hence a slight sepia hue, but it suits the atmosphere. What a beautiful room.
I can imagine Kate’s Mistress lying there at night, naked, reminiscing.
The  sound of rattan on bare plump flesh must be in the fabric of the building.  I can imagine some psychic investigator picking a lot of ‘unusual paranormal activity’ up in a hundred years time.
To witness these two like this was a privilidge.
Corner time was a common occurrence in this happy spanking house.
Kneeling was a particular favourite of Lady Kenworthy.
So too was hands on the mantelpiece, often Lady Kenworthy would make poor little Kate wiggle her red, striped, sore bottom for ages!
But I think Kate loved wiggling her naughty punished bottom for her Mistress! Shall we ask her?
“Hey Kate, do you like to wiggle your naughty punished bottom for Mistress?”
“Oh yes! Very much!”
“That naughty smile of yours will get you in trouble one day Kate!”
“Oh Goody!”
Hands on head was often seen…
Especially before a window, where people could see!sometimes Lady Kenworthy made Kate do it with her pussy on show!
One day, Kate was told to stay in place with her hands on a rail. She did for a while, then found it so sexy that she took a hand off to finger herself.
Her Mistress came back and watched as she did the same! Then she caned her for moving her hand.
Here are some views from a different angle of Kate being punished on the stairs.
I must say, the staircase at Samantha’s house has great acoustics. The smacks and squeals echoed beautifully.
Especially here.
You might ask yourself…
“What did Kate do to get in so much trouble?”
The simple answer is all sorts! But her most common crime was trying to get away with masturbating with things that her Mistress valued and loved, even a teddy bear.
One of of the most memorable was when she rubbed herself off on a wooden spindle, on Samantha’s prized possession, her very expensive and much loved Laura Ashley Sofa!
She was polishing away and saw it, stood up proud and erect.
The join betweet the cushions suddenly became her Mistress, to be precise, her open legs and pussy with a dildo stuck in! She bent down, talking to her imaginary gasping Mistress…”Let me lick it and suck it as if you had a cock!”
Her Mistress was upstairs, and thought, “Is Kate talking to someone?”
As as she descended the stairs Kate’s imagitation was wild. And out of control! The spindle was now a double ended dildo, and she mounted it!
As she began to rub her dripping wet slit on it, she said, far too loudly…
“Ooooohhh Mistress Samantha! Let’s fuck each other hard, let’s get this right in and rub our cunts together!”
“Pardon!?!?” Screamed Samantha as she walked in.
Poor Katie, she knew what was coming straight away! Another caning on the bare!
“You naughty girl, rubbing your wet pussy on my brand new sofa! And saying the most disgusting things!”
Kate relished a good telling off, and sat down sullenly as Lady  Kenworthy gave her a long harsh reprimand. They were both in heaven! This is why they lived their lifestyle. Real punishments, for real misdemeanours.
There will be a lot more to this story…but I have to add it bit by bit….toodle pip! I will select my favs and put them in colour at the end. Come back soon. In the mean time, enjoy the rest…carry on right down to the bottom..seriously, you should, you’ll like it! ::smile::
Sometimes my girls are cheeky and naughty in my studio. I needed something different to help with punishing them. They all love spanking, so I looked for something to inspire me. I remembered an old comic book cover, and went to search for it.
Ah! I found it…
I was going to put it my book cover section, but it has to be here, so you can see…
The red dress!
You see, in my studio I have a few rules, and the girls know full well that a spanking will result if they are broken. But they are spanking models!
so it is almost a reward. As a result, the little minxes are nearly always naughty.
Who would be first?
I expected Lucy,  but surprisingly, no, it was Charlotte. We were shooting a scene and her phone went..again!
“I have told you many time about that young lady!”
“Oh no, not a spanking”, she giggled.
I told her that she would be spanked after she had made us all a cup of tea and served us. Put the new red dress on first.
She came back looking sulky and blushing. The other girls laughed….until I told them, “No matter who is here, from now on you will be punished in this dress. Our punishment dress. And you wear it until I say, even if you go downstairs to the toilet!”
Charlotte served us.
Then carried on for a while,doing various menial jobs, all involving bending over!
I made her get on the punishment bench for a few photos…
look Look at her sulking before her friends, hah! She loved every second!
Then I spanked her, a little harder than usual, to set an example to them.
And left her on show for ten minutes with a red bottom!
Has it worked? Noooo! They all want a go! What am I to do??
Lucy was next…
Talking of my dear little Lucy!
It seems right to put an exclamation mark after her name, it is how she is. She is a brat, a real brat, my brat. She will not show her face. Although she is an equal member of my team, she is not a professional model. She is a girl on her own adventure in life, who shoots for me, when she can.
She burst into my life one day by putting a comment on a photo of mine on Twitter. She has stayed, and like Samantha, Kate and Charlotte, life would seem strange without her.
Her first shoot…
Imagine a girl in bed, her fingers stroking a very wet pussy as she dreams of what might be. An older man, a Dom, telling her what to do, taking her places she can only imagine. This night she is rubbing her hard little clitty thinking of pegs.
Clothes pegs, the old wooden ones, on her pussy lips and nipples. Her thoughts are in black and white…
This is her beautiful curvy, pleasingly plump, bottom. Rather wonderful isn’t it?  “I need this!” She thinks to herself as her knuckles rub frantically against the bed covers, making a noise like a fast approaching steam train.
Not really knowing where it came from, probably as she wistfully browsed the Internet, there, in the image of her mind, is a cross. It fascinates her. But for now, a smaller wooden construction fills her mind. Pegs.
As an orgasm ripples through her body she makes a promise to herself.
“This is going to be a reality, I need to experience this. . .For real.”
Another thought crosses her mind…”My face, I dare not let Mummy see me! Or the people I work with. In her mind she is tied to the cross, naked, in a hood-mask…of course, a mask, what a simple solution.”
The thoughts fill her mind, she goes on a quest to satisfy her need.
She makes contact with a man, slowly, trust builds, as she tells him exactly what she needs.
A few months later, she is on her knees, in a hood-mask, in my studio. “Today. I am yours Mr Jones, you know what I need.”
As agreed he photographs her journey. In a mask like in her dreams, she is in a photo studio, miles away from her home, on her knees, naked, before him. He knows exactly what she needs.
He has a small wooden box with brass hinges, “Stay perfectly still, I am going to put pegs on your nipples, and your pussy lips. Do exactly what I say, if you don’t, you will be punished.”
She tensed as the word punished tore through her body, from nose to pussy in a whirl. She could feel the effect straight away, she began to ooze.
“Oh my, this is it, I am here, it’s happening.”
He moved slow, like a wolf circling his prey she thought. He must have done this before, here she was shaking like a leaf, trying not to move, yet he…he was calm. She began to feel his calmness transfer to her, he spoke softly.
“Remember, do not move. Not unless I say so.”
“No Sir!”
Where it came from she did not really know. But one thing for sure, calling him Sir seemed to be the most natural thing in the world.
He told her to move to the dressing table stool. She tried and succeeded, but he had positioned them very well, every movement strained and hurt. If she flinched from pain and moved, another pain only inches away would take over. Smiling, not in a wicked way, he watched her struggle. “Good girl.”
She stood, legs apart….in pain, and ecstasy.
“Now wiggle, slightly, make the pegs click together until I say stop.”
The audacity of the man! He calmly sat, his face only inches from her pussy, to watch.
“Dribble for me, I like. To see the juices flow from your cunt. Just think, soon these photos will be on show, everyone will see. How does it make you feel? Hmmm?”
‘As horny as fuck Sir.”
She wiggled, knowing he was so close to her pussy, and knowing the world would see, made her pussy run…she dribbled.”
He watched as it began, as clear as water, but thicker, stickier. The drips began to come. “Lovely.” He said.
Which made her dribble more.
As if it was the most natural thing in the world he turned, put his head back, opened his mouth and let it drop on to his tongue. “Mmmm, nectar.”
He stood, like a vampire that had drunk from its prey. ” You are a … Very …naughty …girl …Lucy.”
She shuddered.
“Tell me what you are.”
“I am a naughty girl…Sir.”
“To the desk, now! Because you know what happens to naughty girls don’t you? They get punished.”
“Oh fucking hell…yes please!” She thought.
She moved to the desk. The swinging pegs made music on her pussy lips, and little shocks of pleasure moved in ripples to her clitoris.
She got in position, presenting her bottom well. Ohhhh she wanted to please him so very much.
“I am now going to cane you.” He said reaching for the cane and taking it from the blackboard. ” I am going to cane you until the swinging pegs make you cum.”
She knew it would not take long and pushed up on her tip toes. ” Oh thank you Mr Jones!”
He showed no mercy, as he thrashed her bouncing buttocks. By the time he got to number eight her upper thighs were banging against the back rest in a frenzy….”Oooooooooooh Mr. Jooooooones! I am so naughty!”
She came hard, earth shatteringly hard.
She stood gasping for ten minutes, her hunger for pain and pleasure satisfied… Until the next time…..:smile:
lets imagine…
It is a hot summers day, Kate has been sent to value an old ruin for the Estate Agent she works for. She drives in, locks the gates behind her, and begins to explore…
“This is a big job, I am going to come back here a few times. How fascinating!”
Lot’s more to this one! Come back soon…
* * *
I deal in antiques and collectibles, and sell my stuff in a lovely rickety old building. I took Kate, Charlene, and Raven there. I spanked them all first, as you do! Then told them to explore with their red bottoms as I followed them around…
This is another shoot that will take ages to add. Call back often for updates!
* * *
This set is of Charlotte and her real Mummy.
Her Mummy spanks her in many ways, pop back often to see them added…
* * *
Charlotte has been a naughty girl. Her husband came home to find her posting her knickers to men on line! Not only that, she had been on web cam masturbating in them, and then rubbing her pussy on them.
He has spanked her, made her drink three cups of tea, and put hand cuffs on her.
“Now get to the bathroom!” He shouted at her, and videod her as she went.
She was dying to wee!
“I am going to film you wetting your knickers! Sit down on the toilet!”
“Noooo please, don’t I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”
“Sit down!”
She sat down with the sulky expression he loved so much. “Now tell me, what are you?”
“A naughty girl.”
“And what do naughty girls get?”
“Yes, but this time, you are going to wet your knickers before the whole world! So come on….wee! The world is waiting to see a naughty girl do as she is told! Do you want a dozen with the cane?”
“Then do it!”
She closed her eyes and began to wee through her tight little knickers.
Everyone could see and hear her dribble. Her husband chuckled.
The tight little panties made her wee shoot over her thigh.
Another naughty girl learns a lesson!
Some some girls have a delightful way of presenting their bottom for a spanking. Oh it is hard to keep control as a Headmaster at times!
This set is all about a little rocking horse. We call him Neddy!
All the girls have rode Neddy at some point, they tell me that the rough leather on the soft saddle rubs very nicely on a part they like!  In this set we are concentrating on Karen…
She loves the smell of him, and really enjoys a gallop!
I love to sit and watch her, she is so energetic, especially towards the end…
When she pushes down hard, her bottom hanging just over the edge of the saddle, having an orgasm.
Her Mistress likes to help her when she can!
She uses a crop to make her gallop
Here is a set, showing what a group of naughty teachers get up to in their ‘After Schools Club’…You see, after school, usually on a late Friday afternoon the naughty teachers meet to tell each other all about the punishments they have given during the week. Better than that!….they re-enact some of them.  It is one of those situations in life where the right group of people meet each other at the right time……….So let’s go and see what they are getting up to shall we?
More often than not the girls end up naked! Ooooh just imagine the noises in that room on a Friday afternoon!
Here we see Charlene giving the cane to Raven, as Samantha and Kate sit on a desk to watch. Raven has told them how she had Lucy (a very well known brat) like this before the class, but not naked of course! She now wants to experience it for herself…
One of their favourite things is to get in a circle and all spank each other’s bottoms with a Plimsol as the slowly move around!
They love to finish off with a sing song and a boogie! They call themselves…
                                                  ‘THE SPANKETTES”
…Do want to book them? They are available for weddings, funerals, and christenings!

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