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From a book dated 1897…

You know about my vintage spanking books and how I trade etc…

I have just been looking through an old book on Russian Folklore, of course, the main theme is spanking and punishment…mainly of maids, or girls in service anyway.

A few nice drawings, but not enough to make a feature of, however, I found this, and think it amusing…


I think the signature is of J.While.


A Glimpse Into ~ my vintage and retro, book collection

You will find Part Two of this section here, which has a link to Part One.

It’s funny really, because the idea is to let you look inside the covers, but what I am showing you, to tempt you to take a little naughty peek, is a book cover!


Being honest and precise, this is not really a collection as such. A friend of mine, and me, decided to put some money in an investment. It is growing and doing well….this is what we do….

We scour the antique book sellers, they all know our names, and let us know what comes in. We trade….we have a stock of around twenty, of which probably ten, will be shared between us one day. The rest our our ncvestment, we’ll see what it makes us!

In the mean time, we buy three or four, by trading three or four in. He keeps them, I meet him once a month to drool! Two old perverts!……drinking coffee, eating toasted the cakes…saying…”by Jove Asa, this girl has a fine rump!” …”Oh she has John, and look at this Edwardian Spanking Book.”

::chuckle:: I am going this week, to view this book, and two more.

My favourite weeks are when we go to one of a few musty old book shops we use, to collect our naughty books. The young girls at the counter look so naughty when they pass them over!


A Glimpse Into ~ the world of vintage smoking.

I find the old photos of girls smoking rather sexy, maybe they have just masturbated, maybe they have just been to see my Grandad for a spanking session, maybe they are not supposed to smoke, and any second now they will be caught. And spanked…

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Another hidden corner of my site 🙂 For you to explore, hidden away in my dark dusty corridors. Go look for more, there are lots of secret corners to find.


Another from Miss S

Another for Miss S

Again the clothes are so perfect here. All white and innocent looking except for her skirt.

And we can all enjoy the pause before the inevitable next step!

Asa’s Note…

I love your soft feminine descriptions Miss S, always about clothes, and then the feeling.

Yes, that pause….from my side, waiting to cane a girl, watching her bare her bottom, then, as in this moment, waiting for..”Bend Over!” …I am trembling inside, feeling excited, the anticipation, no matter how many times I do it, never falters. I love it.

Great choice Miss S, the atmosphere is electric, I can feel a buzz in the air as I look, and remember….and ….and, look forward to my next tine with a cane in my hand.


A Glimpse into…my vintage book collection.

Hello again. Today I am taking you down a little travelled corridor in my emporium. I light a candle and off we set, down a long corridor, up some rickety old steps, through a door, across a store room, out of a stout old panne led door, with a huge octagonal shiny brass door knob, and down a corridor…lined with books, vintage spanking books.

I have a mate, John. He orders a book, we pay for them together, we share it a month, sell it back, and get another. There are a lot of dealers of erotic photography and books. We have cut it down to five of the best, we needed one more, to make it ‘six of the best’, so we found one, this is a real shop, with sloping floors, corridors and a ghost! It’s nice to browse sometimes, this is in another Derbyshire town, a lovely one, with a cracking little tea room we meet in.

So, the section is called ‘A Peek Inside’, you will find photographs and lots of vintage art, like these examples…

A lot of people say that my thousands and thousands of vintage art and photo examples are unique. As well as my contacts at my naughty cafe, this is one way I get them….order a book (the first one you buy nay cost hundreds, but once you have one, you trade and in it goes) …then crop it, and enhance it. Like this one from the book page above.

I usually check for date of publication, after a certain time has passed you are okay with copyright.

Anyway, go and have a look, click here…


No – 59 ……Eric Wilkins ~ Erotic Photographer and Author

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This well known photographer is quite something, you see his work all over, from Waterstones to on line porn sites who pinch his work.

I suppose I am in a way, (pinching his work) for this section featuring my favourites. It was this book of his that got my attention…

I was browsing my favourite auction houses and this was there, what struck me was this writing….

Good isn’t it?

I was talking to Miss S today, and she asked…what about clothes? Do you prefer baked or partly clothed…I see that a lot of your photos are very tasteful and a lot of work put into surroundings.

I answered, that because I write, and use my photos for illustrating them, the characters and story decide for me. Other than that it is the model, the mood and the place. Even with the same props, the same girls, in the same place…it is the mood for me, the story first….and secondly, without a story, then the mood.

Her are a few from the book above….some clothed more than others…

I suppose all photographers do the same, these can’t be just a photo. He has obviously thought of situations, scenarios, fantasies, lighting, props and most of all, the mood.

Well done Eric, I think you are fab!