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I have been updating my vintage adult schoolgirl model section…

Remember my favourite vintage adult schoolgirl model, Susan Douglas?

I have found some more of her in my vintage searches…

I adore this woman, look at her bottom and its graceful, spankable curve hanging over the step. The act of drinking and smokimg in school uniform, so brazen! Oh she does need spanking! What with her pigtails in ribbons, the gymslip, the stockings, and the straw boater….she is perfect for spanking.

I wonder if she is still alive?

You can see a lot more of her and other vintage spanking themed models here…

Why not browse around my vintage section, I have been developing it for years and years. I think ou might like it.


I have been updating my ‘Vintage Sets ~ Part Two’ today….

Click here to see the section…

You will see a link to Vintage Sets One, whilst you are there. This is only the tip of vintage, why not explore a little?

Have fun!

Here are a couple of samples from today’s additions….

I will always keep adding to all my vintage sections. So….as usual….

More to come!


Gibson’s Curiosities – Number 11 ~ shades of the Inveigle Research…

To see the rest of Mr.Gibson’s curiosities, click here…


Are you interested in the fallen ladies of Victorian London, especiallyy those connected with spanking? Then read one of my stories, all about the Inveigle, a bawdy house and theatre for women seeking women for spanking.

At the beginning of the book I talk of the history os spanking in England, and the books and catalogues I had sent to me from various libraries, detail accounts of various spanking brothels etc

On his travels, Mr Gibson has found one of the catalogues for a rather respectable ‘lady of the night’, to be found behind Venetian blinds!

This is what he has found…

I find in my peregrinations there are still worthwhile speciality bookshops in the Bloomsbury area, not far from the British Museum and see here what i tripped over on a high, high shelf…….a sort of catalogue

discreetly bound in black leather, admittedly now rather battered, to resemble a gentleman’s respectable pocket book that could be referred for an afternoon’s diversion…

Miss Parks it seems is available at Beaufort Place behind ‘generally drawn Venetian blinds’……..………. it makes for interesting reading as there is, or disappointingly was, as i found when i strolled around in a time warp, quite a collection of lively and enterprising young ladies outlining their skills in the yellowing pages – they are described as ‘deserving girls’

i’m looking………………………..

I am sure he enjoyed his ‘research’, I know I used to.

Typical of Mr.Gibson….he leaves a footnote….


Thank you Mr.Gibson!


For the New Visitor ~ Number 10

Most weeks I try to put something for the new visitor, who has no idea what is here, and I try to tempt them to look, and maybe, with luck, they become a regular visitor, a follower.

There are getting on for 500 photo sets now, and over 100 photo illustrated stories. All my own work, as well as vast vintage and art sections. Not counting all my contributors.

Click around the menu above, and stay a while, if you will.

This week I will tempt you with this…

I have many hidden corridors to explore on my site, not least in my vintage sections. Today I have added some vintage ladder work to my Vintage B.D.S.M. Section 2…

Click here to view the section…

If anyone from my club is reading this, I would like some vintage ladders, nice old wooden ones. I have a huge collection of vintage photos I want to re-create with my girls….Charlotte, Kate, Samantha and Suzette….but also to bring them to life, in little one minute videos for you too! I can turn the videos into sepia now.


Another from Mr.Gibson and his Spanking Curios…Gibson’s Curios ~ Number 4

Furniture today, which is funny, because Robyn has been very busy researching for her pages, and has started ‘Spanking Furniture – Part 2’.

Mr.Gibson draws his red curtains…

To see the rest, click here…


… the style of ‘The Greatest Showman’, he is in his red velvet jacket and top hat today. He coughs… “Ladies and Gentlemen, today….”

…” here’s my piece on ‘fine furniture……………………….for the connoisseur’

Well, lets all settle down then and see what he brings out. A bit like being at a Spanking Theatre, don’t you think?


I’m fond of fine furniture and there are aspects of the fittings seen in the Emporium to suggest I’m not alone, and in particular the fine pages of Robyn, Asa’s researcher, her pages are wonderful.

…of the many pieces that I lust is something known as the Savonarola chair – I have picked up some fine examples and a couple of side tables too in the same inter-folding style.

The reason I wax lyrical is an ehoe of something in the Emporium known as the ‘Obedience Chair’ and if you have been lucky enough to have been admitted into the inner depths you may have seen a cavorting nymph by the name of Kate enjoying its potential.

As you browse the pictures below do tarry a while on the last and imagine the delicious Kate writhing in ecstasy were she, that is, given the special opportunity to come behind the red curtains and indulge herself – an overseeing disciplinary eye would be necessary of course and I may be available for such a role, as perhaps many of you too – particularly the lady fans of Asa – Miss Suzette could perhaps be taken on a guided tour behind the curtains…

Asa’s note:- she will be salivating already!

He brings these out, one by one, and invites you to go up on stage and look, or even try out.

For Kate to try out.

More to come


A Vintage trip to see our old friends, Fifi, Mimi, Gipsi, JoJo, Nanette in Pagelle…

I knew that one day she would bring me some more! Do you remember my elderly female friend who meets me in my cafe with a brown paper envelope, containing naughty goodies?

Well she has been again.

Do you remember The Mysterious Monsieur X?

Click here…

Do you remember his naughty, cheeky, wonderful girls, (their names are above).

I have another 20 or so for you, but best of all, I do believe I now have a photograph of the man himself, with Fifi.

I have a similar photo of me and Charlotte!

Lets go and see the new ones…

What cheeky eyes!

Hopefully some more one day!