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Domestic Vintage – Part 3

Like part one, part two got full and slow!

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As with all my sections and sub sections, they will have little stories added to photos, and be updated regularly….well, I sat regularly. I have so many sections and stories I can hardly cope! And if you saw my in-box you would not believe how much mail I get!

The photos… (Only five do far, but like other sections, it will grow!)


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A predominantly 1930’s spanking artist, from France. He liked enemas too….well…::chuckle:: he might well have done! What really mean is…he liked to draw illustrations of it.

I have included one I found erotic though.

Here is a book cover with his name on…

Here is the enema one…Or is this called ‘purging’?

And here is another, not because of the enema, but the girl waiting with the open apron…

And now the lovely spankings…

And for all you naughty boys out there, put your sailor suit on, bare your bottom, and bend over for a jolly good spanking!

My Tribute to Guile and Hobs

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It’s hard to decide which artwork to pay a tribute to first really, they are all excellent, but I have chosen this…

I do not intend these as a replica, it is my tribute. In other words this artwork has inspired me to do this with three of my girls. Charlotte, Kate and Stephanie.

A Little Scenario to fit the picture…

The three girls got their spelling tests wrong as in the picture. But amazingly, all the wrong spellings were exactly the same. Not simple errors like we all make, but some quite ridiculous. The chances of three girls coming up with twelve such ridiculous spellings in the same test is impossible.

So I am caning each one as they re-sit the test, if they get one wrong, they get a whack!

You join me just as Stephanie has had her last stroke across her bare bottom, sat in a similar manner to the drawing.

THWAAAACK! “0wwwwwwwww!”

“Now don’t you dare cheat in my tests again young lady! Now the Charlotte, it is your turn, swap places!”

She takes her place…

“Spell out loud, the word ‘Assimilate’

‘Erm….a…s…y..’ ……….THWAAAAAACK!

“Wrong! Try again!”

Eventually she gets her word correct, and squirms as the welts sink in deep.

I am certain that Kate, the naughtiest girl in school is to blame. She takes her seat…

“Right then Kate, spell polytetrafluoroethylene.”

The other girls giggle at her plight.



“Don’t try to be clever or silly! Try again!”

“Potty… telly…. Belly…”

THWAAAAAAAACK! ‘Yeeeeeeooooooooowwwww!’

Eventually, remarkably, she got it right.

She squirmed, trying to find a bit of her bottom not striped.

NOTE…my girls are brave, but in this story it would have taken 50 to 100 strokes to get that right. I gave them all six each to be fair.


“Now get up and face the wall, all of you!”

“Now in turn, starting with you Stephanie, say…’I am a silly naughty girl Mr Wall’ to the wall twenty times each!”


They were dying to rub their bottoms, but in real life I made them say it as they wiggled their soreness away! Then made them tea, and sat for a chat, …them on cushions!

Franz von Bayros

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Another spanking (and bondage) artist, (although he did have a bit of a thing for bestiality!) Born in Zagreb, 1866 and died in Vienna 1924. A good quality artist, and we have a picture of him and his grave…

Follow the rope, and look at the details around.
Keep an eye on the dog, he was rather well known for his dogs!
(if you look him up you will see what the naughty dog gets up to!)
We-ll…we all have hang ups!
Woof woof! Here he is!
I think she is on the slippery slope to debauchery!
A bit of monkeying around!
Love how the rope is scuffed and well used!
Look at the artefacts and background
Oh good boy! Good boy!
Oh dear oh deer!

Hans Bellmer’s Dolls

Hans Bellmer (1902-1975).

 You would think the idea of a life size doll to spank and 'use' would be modern sci-fi...but

Hans was best known for the life-sized pubescent female dolls he produced in the mid-1930s.

In his works, Bellmer explicitly sexualized the doll as a young girl.

He visited Paris in 1935 and made contacts there, such as Paul Éluard, but returned to Berlin because his wife Margarete was dying of tuberculosis.

Bellmer’s work was eventually declared “degenerate” by the Nazi Party, and he was forced to flee Germany to France in 1938, where Bellmer’s work was welcomed by the Surrealists around André Breton.

Quite sexually haunting images aren’t they? Not my usual spanking artist I know. But too strange and fascinating not to put in my blog. They would be good in my studio in school uniform sat at desks, to make it seem a class of girls are watching a spanking!

Lots more ‘real spanking artists to come, and many already added here…

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