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Roland Brévannes

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Roland Brévannes was a French author and artist and one of the major contributors to early 20th century French spanking literature. Between 1903 and 1939 he wrote, illustrated and published about 100 erotic fetish novels in French, mostly of flagellation themes. His date of birth and death are so far unknown.

He used the pseudonyms Don Brennus Aléra (an anagram of Roland Brévannes if the letter v is converted to a u) and Bernard Valonnes (also an anagram of Roland Brévannes if the letter é is converted to an e). He is also believed to be the man behind the illustrator names Tack, Esbey and Selby. Most of his works after 1906 were published by Select Bibliothèque in Massy (Seine-et-Oise) from 1906 to 1908 and then in Sceaux (Seine). It is not unlikely that the author and artist who used so many pseudonyms might have also been the publisher.

Brévannes (as Aléra) is perhaps best known for his long-running series of femdom novels beginning with Fred: The True History of a Boy Raised as a Girl (1913), a classic story of male humiliation via forced cross-dressing. This was followed by the sequels Frédérique (1921), Frida (1924), Fridoline (1926), and Lina Frido (1927). The books tell the story of Fred de Montignac, raised by a dominating aunt as a young lady, whom she calls Frédérique. She forces him to wear girl’s clothing and even pierces his ears — see petticoat punishment for more on this topic. Frédérique is still available as a reprint (see below) or in e-book form.

Le Dressage de la Maid-Esclave (1930) offers an early study on pony play — animal roleplaying with women turned into cart-pulling slaves.

Here are some book covers…

And here are some of his illustrations, because forced feminisation was a common theme to his books, there are quite a few, and you will probably not know which. Like she males today, you would have no idea I suppose. Except they are forced to be, and she males want to be!


Alan Lawrence

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This artist illustrated the Australian Spanking Magazine ‘Paddles’, for eight years…

Lawrence, also known as ArtBoy62, is an English born Australian artist and writer. He was born in 1947 in England and grew up there in the 1950s and 60s. He did a fine art course in college after leaving secondary school, then did his practical training in a London advertising agency. He also lived in Berlin and Paris in the 1970s and 80s, before moving to Sydney.

Here are samples of his work…

Lovely aren’t they. My compliments to him.


Alan Mac Clyde, Maurice Rénard and the arrival of ‘Pony Girls’

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…he is not actually an artist. Although some have said he was, and he probably did some. But he is here for the colossal amount of spanking art he was responsible for being created.

Clyde is the pseudonym of two different French authors of pornographic novels, the first active in the 1930s, the second in the 1950s.

Alan Mac Clyde, Edith Kindler, Joan Spanking and Jean de La Beuque fils are pseudonyms for the author of several pornographic novels published in the 1930s by the Librairie Générale (84, Boulevard Diderot, Paris) and Librairie Artistique et Édition Parisienne Rèunies, imprints of Paul Brenet, a publisher specializing in flagellation and BDSM works.

Robert Mérodack has suggested that behind this pseudonym is hidden Maurice Renard (1875–1939) French author of several science fiction novels among which were Le Docteur Lerne, sous-dieu, Le Péril bleu and Les Mains d’Orlac. His argument is based on a passage of La Reine cravache where Edith Kindler wrote «taxées de fantaisistes que certain auteur français de grand talent accorde à son héros le docteur Lerne, qu’il qualifie de sous dieu.

Alan Mac Clyde or Alan McClyde is the name used in the 1950s by the Paris-publishers of some English-language erotica: Patrick Garnot of Pall Mall Press and Bronislaw Kaminsky, aka Bruno Durocher, of Week End Books both located in 5, rue Git-le-Cœur, Paris.

Here is some of his (their) work. Carlo, see here…

…was one of the main artist. As usual, lots of girls in Achilles heel boots and black very tight waisted corsets abound. But look, you can see the arrival of girls as pets. Especially submissive girl pets for Dominant girls…


As you can see, their branch of writing is very much spanking related, but also leaning much more to the B.D.S.M. side of our beloved, erotic interest.

This is only a sprinkling of the work under their names, and I am sure you will find much more if you search. However, I think I have put enough examples to illustrate that the modern version of the Pony Girl, has her roots in these names. Not that they invented it, it has always been around, as these illustrations show…

However, it seems it was a submissive male/Dominant Female thing in the early days, but as we move through the eras, it seems that submissive female/Dominant Female took over (woo hoo!….pleased about that!) and in more modern times Dominant Male/submissive female too….although there is a mix of it all, as you will see.

Through Victorian times…(I love this typically English, rather posh one!)…

“Now trot nicely you naughty girls or I shall remove your bloomers and thrash your bottoms!”

To the Music Halls, I must include this in ‘The Inveigle’ story!

I remember schoolgirls in the playground trotting around behind each other using their skipping ropes as reins, but these kids have taken it to another level! Some theatrical performance I suppose…but it shows how it is in our psyche.

Then on to the 1920’s and 1930’s, even the Ostra Studio joined in…there are some lovely Gifs to be found of pony girls in this era, this screen shot is from one I looked at, ….research of course!

And then on to more modern times, as these following ones illustrate…

Looks like they are going to bring a real horse out! But the site said it was very strict pony girl training! I will leave that to your mind to sort out!
I can see the appeal!
…me sat in a little cart as Charlotte and Samantha trot before me!
Me with a little whip, cracking away! “Faster girls! Knees higher! Wiggle more!”

Traditional ones too…

And back to a 1930’s one. Not changed so much have they? So…

Keep an eye out in the woods! And, if you hear a clip clop clip outside, have a look, it might just be me and my girls trotting by…

“Crack! Crack! Giddy up girls! No slacking!” I shout as we gallop by!

“Owwwwww, yes Mr Jones!”

“Oooooooohhh, yes Mr.Jones!”

And there I go, in a cloud of dust…

See you soon!



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Carlo (born c. 1910, †) was a French spanking artist and illustrator of many spanking and BDSM novels in the 1930s.

A great deal of his work was for Alan Mac Clyde

Most of Carlo’s art is woman spanking art (F/F, M/F and /F). The ladies in Carlo’s art almost always wear Stiletto heels, typical of BDSM/shoe fetishism, and also often tightlaced corsets and/or stockings.

Carlo’s style was a precursor to that of John Willie.

Eugene Reunier

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Eugene Reunier was the pseudonym of Carl Breuer-Courth, a German erotica artist of the 1920s.

His drawings depict mainstream scenes, sexual scenes as well as medical play and BDSM subjects such as spanking.

Reunier also worked as a photographer of spanking photos, some of which were published in Dr. Ernst Schertel’s Der Flagellantismus als literarisches Motiv (1929).

Etienne La Rellic

Etienne Le Rallic (1891 – 1968) was a French illustrator

…one of the most prominent French illustrators and realistic comic artists of the 1930s through the 1950s. His first drawings were published in Le Rire in 1910. He was one of the pioneers of the comic strip in France.

Using the pseudonym R. Fanny, Etienne Le Rallic created M/F and F/F spanking art illustrations in the 1930s. Those best known are monochrome golden-brown illustrations for the spanking novel La Volupté du Fouet by Armand du Loup (1939).

In the 1940s and 1950s, Etienne Le Rallic devoted himself more and more to comics, and specialized in drawing realistic Western and Colonial Adventure comics. The artist also illustrated children’s books and other publications.

Here is the book cover of his most noted spanking work…

And here are the illustrations. The colours are beautiful. I used to work in a draughtman’s office for a while, and once came across a range of brown inks and a tracing pen. I guess he sketched in pencil and went over it in such ink….or maybe the printers find it that way from black originals.

The main girl reminds me very much of Kate, especially her bottom!

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Rudolf Preuss

I think the facial expressions and movement in this artist’s work set him apart. Quite magnificent and even scary at times. The one with the big brutish man having the young girl dragged to him for a thrashing, by the governess sent a shiver down my spine!

Born 1878 in Vienna Died 1961 in Innsbruck, Austria

He was a very well-known landscape painter. Particularly popular were his views of Alpine villages and various locations in the former Austrian-Hungarian Empire. From 1946 to 1958 he was the president of the tyrolean artist’s society (Tiroler Künstlerschaft).

Besides watercolor landscapes and architecture paintings, Rudolf Preuss also did a number of spanking art drawings. His pairings included practically all: F/f, F/F, F/M, M/f, and M/F.

This is the scary one!

Eric Galton

Eric Galton was an F/F spanking art illustrator. He made 8 illustrations for The Misfortunes of Colette (circa 1930, issued privately for subscribers only by Gargoyle Press), the English translation of the French spanking novel Les Malheurs de Colette by Aimé Van Rod.

Les Malheurs de Colette is a spanking novel by Aimé Van Rod. It was first published in 1914 by Librairie Artistique et Édition Parisienne Réunies. There is also a 1928 edition by Édition Parisienne which was illustrated by Georges Topfer and has a cover illustration by Martin van Maële. The novel was translated to English under the title The Misfortunes of Colette, which features 8 illustrations by Eric Galton. It was issued privately for subscribers only by Gargoyle Press in circa 1930.

One can see how Galton based three of his illustrations on Topfer’s.

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John Tisbury

Another photographer on my list of Spanking Artists is John Tisbury, a man who produces photographs in what can not be described as fine art. His photographs portray the fetish nude in the most erotic way, beautifully lit and sexily posed.

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As you know by now I have a huge interest in the Victorian era, these would grace the corridors of my illustrated novel, ‘The Inveigle’. Not all his work is Victorian in appearance, but a lot of what I have chosen is.

Beautiful work…

No wonder he won this, is there?….

Alphonse Friaux

This one is mainly for you aughts boys!

Buy not all…

Alphonse Friaux (a pseudonym of an artist named Milewsky, sometimes spelled Milewski) was a French or German artist who created F/m, F/M, F/f and F/F femdom spanking illustrations in the 1920s and 1930s. Some of Alphonse Friaux’s watercolor artworks are signed “AF, Paris, 1927

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