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From Russia With Love (a love of spanking)

The next spanking artist I am featuring is Djeki, a multi talented spanking lady from Russia.

Here is her site…

She paints excellent pictures…

You will find lots more art on her site, as well as a fabulous range of spanking furniture/apparatus that they make, use, and supply…

She also posts pictures of herself…

She likes a spanking but a lot of her work features her punishing her husband, they make videos.

To see more spanking artists, click here…


Vintage Sets ~ Part Two

If I put any more sets in Part One, it would have become a bit slow for you, so here we are in Part Two!

Maybe you came here first, so click here for Part One..


We will carry on…

This set is about a chorus girl who made a huge mistake on stage, ruining a performance by the dancers…

“If ever you dance with an hangover and mess up again, this will take place on stage before the other girls and the audience!” Says the owner.

And now for a couple of quite rare sets which you naughty boys will appreciate..

Set 1.

Set 2

And now for some m/f domestic discipline…

The Astonishing Guests of Roue

I think we have all heard of the early spanking Magazine ‘Roue’.

Roue magazine, once described as the Rolls Royce of spanking magazines, established an international reputation for style and content. The 1970s and 80s, often described as the Golden era of the spanking magazine had a queen….’Roue’ the forerunner of all the spanking magazine formats we used to love before the Internet took over. A much loved, fondly remembered treasure.

It used to invite the public to submit pieces of spanking art and publish them. Quite possibly some of the great spanking artists were spotted there.

Here is a selection…unknown artists, but excellent.

Some styles look very familiar don’t they? Who knows whose early work is here…


Various Spanking Artists ~ No 41 – 60

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No – 41 …Danilo

Click here…

No – 42 …Roue

Click here…

No – 43 ….Djeki

Click here…

No – 44


Another one of my spanking artists, to see the rest, click here…

A man from central Italy who has a great interest in classical art, and also, of course, spanking. He has combined the two very cleverly and you can see his skill in the use if photoshop getting better and better.

Look at this sequence…

The original….’Pleading for Mercy’
He bares her bottom and stripes appear
another girl looking guilty appears
He manipulates the man’s face, adds a rod, and strips the girl
To finish with this wonderful scene

You can see his page on the art, why not look him up? Here are a couple more finished ones…

My favourite one of Danilo’s
And an equal favourite…very atmospheric

Isn’t he fabulous?

The Wonderful Public Spankings of Helga Bode

Helga Bode, as far as can be gathered, was a female German artist who created a lot of spanking art (drawings and watercolor paintings) in the 1920s.

Besides spanking and related corporal punishment scenes, she also drew enema and bottom fetish scenes. Her range of age and gender combinations varies widely; her most common ones are F/f, F/F, F/m, M/F, and M/m. The scenes depicted range from historic to contemporary of her time.

Little is known about the artist. A number of her works were published as illustrations in German semi-scientific sexology publications in the 1930s, but these were not commissioned illustrations; rather, the artwork was probably given to the publishers by Helga Bode’s former psychotherapist whom she had entrusted with a considerable number of her drawings and paintings.

She was very good at portraying public spankings…

In a police station, the lady is probably her mother witnessing the caning and ready to take her home, probably for another strapping from Daddy. I saw a spanking bench in a police station in Fort William, it said they were usually given by the sergeant.

This looks like a row of girls getting ready one at a time for a serious flogging on a spanking bench where they will be strapped to. Judging by the woman, probably a teacher or a matron, I am guessing a school.

A school birching before the class. He seems well supplied with naughty bottoms and birches. The birches are in water, in the bucket, often brine for cleaning and sterilising, as well as keeping them supple.

A religious setting, probably a Convent School where the visiting Pastor is dealing with an unruly girl who is retrained for the beating.

Looks like a judicial thrashing with the birch. Probably a group of onlookers are to the right, watching the spectacle. Often the birching room was open to the street on one side, where huge wooden doors would be opened, and huge crowds gathered. See how the poor girl struggles, she will be naked from feet to shoulders, when her shift is lifted. The judge or other dignitary is there to officiate. The punisher looks eager and the two prison wardens quite gleeful. How a pretty bottom must have suffered in those days.

Whipped through the streets or all around the market place, was a common punishment. Sometimes on the back of a cart in pillories. It depended on the size of village or town. Imagine the cheer when some buxom pretty girl was told…”On Saturday you will be brought to the town square, where you will be stripped naked! From their your buttocks will be flogged from one end of the village to the other!”

If she moaned or cursed it would then be added…”…be quiet damn you! You will now have your bottom thrashed all the way back, and any more from you and we will repeat it!”

Here is some of her other work…

An excellent collection of work Helga, no smacked bottom for you today! Instead….turn around, bend over….::pats bottom nicely:: good girl, off you go!


Richard Hegemann

Richard Hegemann (who would also use other pseudonyms such as A. Hegemann, A. Hegener and P. Rollmann, or sign with just the initials R.H.) was a German artist who did many spanking art and fetish drawings in the 1920s, a number of which were published later as illustrations in reputable German publications of Sexual Research Institutes in the early 1930s.

He was from Berlin and created these drawings for his own pleasure and as gifts or commissions for like-minded friends. In addition to (mostly pencil) drawings, he also did some colored works in watercolor. Richard Hegemann’s art shows scenes of dominant women (mainly F/F, F/m and F/M). Boys in Hegemann’s art typically wear a sailor suit. These you can see here…

In Germany of the 1920s, spanking fetishism was considered a serious sexuality disorder that needed therapy, so the artist ended up in psychotherapy in the late 1920s. The pyschologist he was seeing talked her into entrusting him with any drawings she still had. She also persuaded some of her spanking art friends to do the same, so the therapist soon had an impressive collection of original spanking art. (A very similar story happened to Helga Bode.) whom you will see next in this series.

You can see the other artists here…

So just three depicting scenes of naughty girls…

A painful piano lesson, and I suspect the boy is ill prepared for his too. The boy incidentally shows how he illustrated them in his naughty boy spankings he specialised in, dressed in sailor suits.

A mother delivering those immortal lines, “I am doing this for your own good, it will hurt me more than it will hurt you, but you must learn that being naughty has consequences.”

Not many I know, but more than worthy of inclusion in my galleries.


Julie Delcourt ~ Spanking Artist

To see more of spanking artists click here, it will lead you to the most recent I have added, with a link to the previous sets…

First of all, have a look at these two comparisons…

If you look at the dates in the pencil drawings, 1938, and the signature Julie Delcourt, it is obvious who they are by and when.

That is the start of an unsolved mystery which has had a lot of ideas put forth. The colour pictures are usually seen under the name ‘German’.

There has been a lot of conjecture, some say she is French, yet a martinet never appears, scutiny by experts say that the doorknobs are not French and the underwear are American in the water colour and pastel ones.

There is an obvious ‘elephant in the room’ between the two periods…World War Two.

Whoever, whatever she is…I am going to say she was an artist probably from France, who in her younger years did enema drawings in pencil, and after the war, in colour, under the pseudonym ‘German’, producing better work, with more spanking, and lots more, including teenage boys masturbating at the sight of the female bottom, and enemas etc

I am of course concentrating on spanking, and the similarity I see in her girls and my girls… uncanny!

Let’s just enjoy some of them! There are lots more if you search…

As you know I am slowly paying tribute to all these Rtists by taking photos of my girls to show my version, click here….it is a work in progress and will one day include some of my versions of these.


Here are two of her naughty boys…

A lot of people say that she is the same person or was married to Richard Heggemann who produced these naughty boys…

Look at the breasts, compared to her in yellow. Similar aren’t they in style.

Now….Richard was closely associated with Helga Bode, who produced this…

Like people attract like people, look at me and my girls, all from the same town…so who knows. But I think there is something.

Whatever it was, I think they must have been happy. I love classical music and Ralph Vaughan Williams lived with two women…it happens, what is it they call it? A manage-a-trois or something? So many possibilities.

I don’t do much on naughty boys, so for those of you interested, I hope I have tittilated you. I must admit that the idea of a naughty boy being spanked before a class of girls appeals to me, and I gave already broached the subject with Claudia, my girls, and a very naughty boy. So watch this space.


Milo Manara

Milo Manara (born Maurilio Manara, September 12, 1945 in Luson, Italy) is an Italian comic book creator (writer and cartoonist). He is best known for his erotic approach to the comic medium.

Milo did some works of M/F/F/F spanking art and BDSM art. He is often admired for his great artistic skills and style.

Manara’s style favors clean lines for women reserving more complex drawings for monsters or other supernatural elements. Like his compatriots Tinto Brass and Leone Frollo, he evidently has a fixation with the female buttocks. Many of his comics have themes of bondage, domination and humiliation, voyeurism, the supernatural, and the sexual tension beneath various aspects of Italian society. The works vary in their explicitness, but the general mood is playful rather than misogynistic. Manara’s skill in creating atmosphere, his obvious talent, and his occasional excursions into more “mainstream” stories, have helped to give him an air of artistic respectability.

Well worth a search in the search engines, you will not be disappointed.

This book…

Which he illustrated for Jaques Enard is probably his best known work.

I love the idea of a spanking on public transport as you will know by now, so this appeals to me a great deal, as does the sexy subtle portrayal of female masturbation.

Almost a salute to his stature was the fact that he was asked along with three other artists to illustrate this book…

For me though, this style of his is absolutely the best. I cannot show too many it would not be right, but have a look at these and then search for more.

By the way, I love his building block method of signing his name!

Can a spanking/bottom artist get any better? I think not. Milo, I salute you!


“Stay With Me”…

Hello my little dewdrops, nice to see you again, dew drop in often won’t you?

Remember ‘Shakespeare’s Sister’, and that song? I have always liked it, it is on my playlist. I found these and thought they matched up a bit…


Photograph of Woman in Bondage, 1920s

If this world is wearing thin
And you’re thinking of escape
I’ll go anywhere with you
Just wrap me up in chains
But if you try to go alone
Don’t think I’ll understand

Stay with me, stay with me

In the silence of your room
In the darkness of your dreams
You must only think of me
There can be no in between
When your pride is on the floor
I’ll make you beg for more

Stay with me, stay with me

You’d better hope and pray
That you’ll make it safe
Back to your own world
You’d better hope and pray
That you’ll wake one day
In your own world

Cause when you sleep at night
They don’t hear you cries in your own world
Only time will tell if you can break the spell
Back in your own world

Stay with me, stay with me
Stay with me, stay with me [repeats]

If you haven’t heard it, try it, a nice video too. It is just called ‘Stay’.


“I’ll stay, if you act like my dirty little bitch whenever I want and let me punish that bottom with whatever I like, how I like, when I like. And call me Sir, and Master.”

‘yes…I will Master, just stay, let me have Asa Jones all to myself, forever.’

“Oh go on then! Stay there, I am just going for a cane.”

‘yes Sir.’