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Open Doors and Naughty ‘Tease Maids’

Hello, I thought that this strange title for one of my posts might draw you in, I cast my line with a bait of temptation, and….got you! No escape now, so you may as well stay and have a read.

In my photo illustrated novel, ‘The Inveigle’, set in Victorian London, we follow the fate of two orphans, from the orphanage, to a mill, and into service, for the cruel Lady Jacqueline. They escape, into the care of a somewhat risqué photographer, who specialises in spanking. He recommends the girls to his friend Abigail, who runs a fabulous theatre, ‘The Inveigle’, and a bawdy house, for women seeking women, for spankings. They put on spanking shows every Saturday, and in the week the girls offer their services. The girls become stars….but Lady Jacqueline tracks them down.

Enough of the storyline, you see, the point is, that in ‘The Inveigle’ there are girls of different levels, ranks if you like. One of the middle ranks are girls who dress up as maids for clients to use. They are temptresses, they get spanked in public, especially in ‘The Lanes’, which have spanking booths, and rooms around the huge maze of a building….with the doors open. They are gloriously called…’The Tease Maids’.

I thought they would be popular with my readers, so have been through chapters 11 to 17, (after that it is too exciting for tease maids!) and put lots of open doors around the story, where you can see clients, using girls.

Here are some views….

To keep the story authentic, I insert lots of the photographers (Mr.Trentham) images. You see it is his job, to wander around and take them. The theatre sells them as souvenirs. Here are some…

Isn’t it lovely, and both heart and bottom warming, to know that our ancestors enjoyed it too!
This is the real Abigail of the Inveigle enjoying a bit of ‘slap and tickle’ as they used to say. The tickle was not under the armpits, it was gentle and in another warm, yet moist, hairy place!
Mummy Bear spanking Charlotte
Mummy Bear dealing with naughty Samantha

I know that Victorian rumps in bloomers, wiggling bottoms in petticoats, birchings and spankings of naughty maids etc is not everyone’s cup of spanking. But why not give it a try? I have had a few e-mails saying it is a cracking read. It’s not short, but winter is on its way, why not curl up at night in a few mahogany furnished parlours, or sit quietly in oil lamplight, reflecting on brass in boudoirs, or maybe candle light reflecting a well spanked rounded, and ample soft pair of buttocks….tempted?

Then click on ‘Photo Stories’ in the menu above, scroll down and follow Samantha and Charlotte’s bawdy adventure!

If it isn’t your cup of blushing bottom, why not look anyway, and scroll down through naughty school girls, maids, mistresses, and even a spanking vampire…or two…..come on, what ya waiting for? I have been waiting for you to find me for ages! There are about six thousand photos, and getting up to around a hundred stories.

If that has not tempted you….try this…it’s free!!!

I do it all for the love of that most joyous of pastimes….spanking!


The Spanking Adventures of Up Skirt Evans – Part 9 b

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Part 2: The slippering

Charlotte entered the study and stood in front of her Mistress, her eyes downcast. Samantha picked up her rope lead and attached it to Charlotte’s collar.

“Well done, my pet,” said Samantha, pleased with Charlotte’s submissive gesture. “At least I won’t need to chastise you for not showing full respect for your Mistress! You’re a quick learner. Now stand up and follow me,” she continued, pulling gently on the lead to encourage her to rise.

“Now pass me the plimsoll with which you will be punished.” Charlotte handed over the slipper to Samantha’s outstretched hand. Samantha then hung it on one of the dolly handles.

“Come over here, my naughty pet. Stand on the stool and grab the handles of the washing dolly firmly. Then dip your back and stick your bottom out as far as it will go.”

Charlotte complied, stepping gracefully onto the stool. She then dipped her back, her bottom rising automatically as she did so, ripe and ready for its slippering.

“Now, my pet, apologise for your outrageous behaviour in my storeroom last week and ask me nicely to spank your naughty bottom with my slipper… hard!” Samantha instructed.

“I’m so sorry, Mistress. I was very naughty to enter your storeroom without your permission and I apologise for masturbating with one of your canes. It was very wrong of me. Please Mistress, spank me with your slipper, please spank my bottom very hard,” said Charlotte in a soft, slightly apprehensive voice.

“With pleasure, my pet! Now keep that bottom sticking up as high as it will go. I think a dozen or so hard whacks may suffice and bring a lovely red colour to your cheeks!”

Charlotte shivered in anticipation. She was now entirely at the mercy of this exciting, commanding woman. She knew this spanking was going to really hurt. Nevertheless, it excited her enormously. Already she could feel her juices beginning to flow! She gripped the dolly handles tightly and waited.

Samantha tapped Charlotte’s bottom with the slipper to check her aim. “ Try not to clench your cheeks so tightly, Charlotte. It’ll hurt less if you relax your muscles. Besides which, I just love watching your soft flesh wobble on impact!”

“If that pleases my Mistress, then I shall try to keep my buttocks as relaxed as possible,” Charlotte answered submissively.

Without warning, Charlotte suddenly heard a loud WACK! as the slipper slapped hard into the centre of her proffered bottom, almost knocking her off her perch. “Yeowwhhhh!” she cried out loudly, unable to remain quiet as she felt a burning, smarting sting spread rapidly across her bottom. Her eyes opened wide as she thought, “God!” That stings atrociously….far more than a hand!”

Samantha waited for Charlotte to recover and absorb the sting. Once she noticed Charlotte’s buttocks relax again, she delivered another blistering whack, this time focusing on Charlotte’s right cheek… WHACK!…. “Yee…OWWWHH!” Charlotte yelled out loudly again, waggling her bottom as if to try to cool it.

“That’s right, my pet. Make as much noise as you wish. Let yourself go. Don’t fight the pain. Welcome it! No one will hear your cries.”

Samantha then started to deliver a series of searing smacks, alternating between each cheek… WHACK!…WHACK!…WHACK!…WHACK! Each time, she raised the slipper high over her shoulder and twisted her whole body into the stroke, adding more weight to it. She soon had Charlotte screaming out loudly with each stroke. Her bottom wriggled and writhed in a vain attempt to avoid the punishing slipper as it relentlessly rose and fell…. WHACK! … WHACK! … WHACK! Charlotte started fo sob loudly as tears started to run down her face. Her bottom was taking on an increasingly redder hue as the slipper licked hungrily around her cheeks… WHACK! … WHACK! … WHACK!

Just as Charlotte was beginning to regret agreeing to receiving this slippering, she started to feel that miraculous conversion of heat and pain in her buttocks into a rising sensation of pleasure in her pussy. The slippering still hurt, but now a switch had been thrown in her brain. She accepted the pain now and started to welcome each stinging stroke, pushing her bottom up to meet each one.

Samantha noticed the sudden change and smiled. She was in heaven walloping this lovely young lady’s bottom and felt increasingly aroused herself. She didn’t let up, but renewed her attack on Charlotte’s now extremely red buttocks… WHACK! … WHACK! … WHACK! The slipper came down in metronomic preciseness. She was determined to keep smacking Charlotte’s bottom until she came! WHACK! … WHACK! … WHACK!

Moisture started to run freely down the inside of Charlotte’s thighs and her pussy lips looked increasingly swollen, until suddenly Charlotte emitted a loud lingering scream of joy as a massive orgasm swept through her….OH! …. OH! …. OHHHHHH!!

Finally Samantha stopped and dropped the slipper on the floor. She eased Charlotte off the stool and enveloped her in her arms, kissing her face and the top of her head, saying, “Oh, my pet. I do so love you!”

Charlotte continued to sob and buried her face in Charlotte’s warm welcming breasts. Samantha gently patted her back, whispering in her ear, “There, there my dear. It’s all over now! You took that slippering very well. I’m so proud of you.”

Finally, Charlotte lifted her tear stained face and smiled saying, “I do love you so, Mistress. Thank you for my slippering. It was truly painful and well-deserved, but in the end it was wonderful! Thank you SO much.”

They remained clasping each other tightly in silence for some time, enjoying each other’s presence, until finally Samantha kissed Charlotte on the cheek saying, “Well, Charlotte, I think it’s time we both went home. Would you like to come round to my house for coffee tomorrow morning and help me clean my chandeliers? They’re getting very dusty!”

Charlotte broke into a broad smile, “Oh yes please, Mistress. That would be lovely!”

Photo Set 339 – Charlotte and Samantha in detention ~ Part One

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Here we have Charlotte and Samantha being rather naughty, they are in detention and are trying to get their teacher to let them leave early. Each house in this Girl’s Grammer School, have different Blazers, tie and skirt. Samantha in burgundy is in ‘Victorian House’ and Charlotte in green, is in ‘Elizabethan House’.

“Can we go home Mr.Jones?” Asks Charlotte.


“Thank you for thinking about it, Mr.Jones.” Giggles Samantha.

“Don’t be cheeky! Just get on with your work, and get it finished. Then you can go home.”

The clock ticks by…

“Bloody hell! You haven’t even got your pencils out yet!”

“Don’t swear Mr.Jones!” Says Samantha.

“I apologise, it’s been a long day.”

“It’s naughty Mr.Jones.” Adds Charlotte.

“Yes, it is, and you two should know everything about being naughty, the number of times you have been in here. And stop staring at me!”

They sulk.

“Oh good grief! Don’t sulk! I just want you to stop staring at me. That’s all.”

“We like you Mr.Jones.” Smiles Samantha.

“Yes, you are not a bad bloke to say how old you are.” Chuckles Charlotte.

“I know I am a bit old fashioned, it’s just my way. I like you two as well, you know I do. But you are on detention. For at least another forty five minutes! So get something done or it will be an hour.”

I try to concentrate and look down.

“Did naughty girls have to do loooooooong detentions in the olden days Mr.Jones?” Asks Samantha.

“I wasn’t around in 1066, but if you mean when I was a young teacher, no, I used to spank a girl for being naughty, and then send them home. So maybe they stopped a quarter of an hour or so….now shut up, and get some work done.”

“I wish I was in your class then Mr.Jones.” Smiles Charlotte as their legs opened wider.

“Have you dropped something Mr.Jones?” Enquires Samantha.

“No. Just get on with your work please.”

“If it meant we could go earlier, we would let you smack our bottoms Mr.Jones.”

My manhood was already stirring but it now stood to attention. I was glad of my desk. “Spankings are not just taps on your bare bottom you know, they hurt!”

“Bare Bottoms?” They said together, interestedly.

My interest was roused, it was after all, my favourite subject. “Yes, always on the bare, I would make you kick and scream. And quite likely you would cry, so be careful what you wish for! I put them over my knee and gripped them tight, and spanked them good, hard, and long, with my hand or a plimsol…..on their naughty bare bottoms. I’d even use an implement if they had been very naughty!”

“I bet you saw everything they had, down there….didn’t you Mr.Jones.” Samantha purred.

“Well, yes I did as a matter of fact, it humiliated them and they were embarrassed. It added to their punishment.”

“We’re their pussies wet sometimes?” Asked Charlotte softly, and she added… “Mine would be! It is now Mr.Jones, tell us some more about spankng.”

This was now after the ‘point of no return’, I was lost in their schoolgirl eyes, and now stared blatantly at their descending knickers. They were going to masturbate as I told them of how some pussies were moist, and how bottoms blushed and bounced….and wriggled….and squirmed…and…

I told them how some girls came much more often than others. I told them of and marks, and how the plimsol left its pattern on the girl’s soft rumps.

“Why don’t you get you cock out and wank it as we rub our pussies, and finger ourselves Mr.Jones?” Suggested Charlotte as she pushed her crisp white school panties down to her ankles.

I did! I got my cock in my hand and wanked hard, watching their pretty little fingers fiddle with their Sopping wet squelching cunts. I described some of the most exciting spankings I had given, they listened eagerly as they played.

I squirted magnificently all over the desk as they had strong orgasms.

“Next time we are in detention, will you spank us Mr.Jones?” Asked Samantha.

“On our bare bottoms, just like you used to, will you make us squeal, and wriggle, and cry Mr.Jones?” Added Charlotte.

“Yes, and I will get lots of implements and apparatus out of my old store.”

“Oh thank you Mr.Jones.” Said Samantha.

“Your secret is safe with us Mr.Jones.” Assured Charlotte.

I thanked them, and put them on detention, for tomorrow.

And so it began…


Up Skirt Evans – Part 7

I thought I would bring these into synchronisation. The real story is in black and white…

But after I post a part/chapter I like to pick a couple of ‘choice’ photos to display in colour, and put them here…

Here are two from the last Chapter….9a, which I have just posted..

A confession…

On Thursday I was with Charlotte and Samantha (above) expecting to have quite a busy shoot. They got their uniforms on, complete with Blazers, white socks etc and it was one of those days where things take control and a different route is taken. We role played, as we often do.

I was teacher, they were naughty. I look at this photo above, from a shoot a few weeks ago, and think to myself….”bloody hell Asa! Only two days ago, you had her school skirt up, her knickers down, and was spanking her pert, firm, ripe bottom!” I have done it to them hundreds of times, but it still takes my breath away. I am still trembling….lol…and thanking my lucky stars! I hope they never fall down.


The Spanking Adventures of Up Skirt Evans – Part 9 (a)

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This part of the story comes in two parts. ‘Part A’ is the preparation.

The story continues…

Charlotte gets a taste of the slipper

Part 1: Preparations

It was the end of another week at St. Angela’s school for girls. The last bell of the day rang loudly as the weekend beckoned to all the excited girls who surged out through the school gates for home. However, as far as Miss Evans was concerned, the last bell on Friday afternoon signified something different. She had an appointment with her Mistress and she was going to experience her first ever slippering as punishment for ‘trespassing’ into Miss Tanner’s punishment storeroom the previous week. She was both very excited and fearful at the same time as the appointed hour slowly approached. Having witnessed Karen Smith’s severe slippering the previous day, she knew exactly what to expect. She had had to visit the lavatory several times during the afternoon, fearful anticipation making her bladder work overtime.

Miss Tanner had given Charlotte the plimsoll that morning for ‘safekeeping’ and told her to make sure that she brought it with her when she was summoned to her study later that day. She had placed it in one of her desk drawers, but now retrieved it. It was a heavy black gym shoe with a yellow and very flexible rubber sole. Charlotte tapped it across her hand, wondering nervously what it was going to feel like when it walloped across her bare bottom. How many other bare rumps had it ‘visited’ during its life?

Whilst everything in Miss Tanner’s own home displayed what could only be classed as elegant taste, her collection of corporal punishment equipment in her storeroom could only but be described as bizarre. She had a deeply ingrained fetish for collecting all sorts of punishment implements and furniture, most of which she had never had the opportunity to use in her role as school headmistress. Whilst her storeroom was well equipped with all the standard school punishment implements, such as a variety of plimsolls, hairbrushes, straps, tawses and canes, it also contained implements rarely employed in modern educational establishments, such as carpet beaters, martinets, riding crops, birch rods and the like. Her collection of punishment furniture was even more bizarre. Yes, she had all the standard furniture required to bend naughty girls over for a sound slippering and caning. She had a wide leather topped desk, a sloping school desk and gym horse, all eminently suitable for supporting girls during punishment. However, her store also contained several small rocking horses, a hobby horse, a long green velvet padded ottoman bench and a little wooden stool and washing dolly. She even possessed a St. Andrew’s Cross, something that would look more at home in a dominatrix’s dungeon than in a respectable girls grammar school!

As Charlotte heard the last of the girls and staff leave the school, she locked the outer door to her office and waited. Initially all was silent, apart from the loud beating of her own heart. Miss Tanner had told her to wait in her office until she summoned her into her study. Meanwhile she had been instructed to strip naked and put on the special neck collar her mistress had given her last week, signifying her position as her mistress’s ‘spanking pet’. She slowly removed all her clothes, folding each garment carefully and placing them on her chair. She then took the collar out of her desk drawer and put it on. All was still very quiet in Miss Tanner’s office. What could she be doing? Charlotte wondered, feeling increasingly nervous.

After a few minutes, her nerves got the better of her and she crept over to the study door to try and hear what Miss Tanner was doing. Was her summons imminent? Suddenly she started to hear noises, items of furniture being moved around. “What is she doing?” Charlotte asked herself. “Perhaps she’s going to tie me down across the flogging horse,” she surmised, feeling a surge of excitement at the thought of being restrained. The idea rather appealed to her!

Meanwhile within the study, Miss Tanner was busily preparing for the arrival of her naughty little pet! She wanted Charlotte’s first experience of the slipper to be a painful but also an exciting and memorable one. After rummaging around in her storeroom, she picked up the small low wooden stool which she had used with Karen’s slippering and for good measure she also picked up the wooden washing dolly.

She walked back into her study and placed the items on the carpet. Then, kicking off her high heels, she decided to test out her equipment. Standing carefully on the low stool she bent gracefully over and grasped the dolly’s handles. “Perfect!”, she thought. “My bottom feels beautifully presented.”

She then tried bending her knees slightly and dipping her back, which had the effect of pushing her bottom out a little more provocatively. “Hmmm! Even better! I can’t wait to see Charlotte displaying like this!” she thought, feeling a growing excitement at the prospect of ‘dealing with’ Charlotte bent over stark naked on this improvised piece of ‘spanking furniture’.

It was time! She cleared her throat and shouted out, “You may now enter, Charlotte. I hope that you have stripped yourself naked and are wearing that collar I gave you. It’s time to feel the sting of the slipper on your lovely bottom!”

Photo Set 337 – The Control and Humiliation of Charlotte ~ No-2

Another instance of Charlotte enjoying being made to do something and display herself was after we had shot the story ‘From the Top Floor to the the Cellar’…

Click here to read…

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But for now, let’s continue…

She was naked, apart from her hat and shoes, she was feeling exhilarated and sore after her thrashing with a cane. We were on the top floor of the office block where my studio is, and had to make it back down. We had started the shoot very early to avoid being caught, but now it was around eleven o’clock. Not many people use the building, but they do, mostly on the ground floor. Around the building are lots of companies in various buildings, but with me going first it would be easy to get back by the rear stairs, which come out next to my studio.

If we wanted too.

I could read her feelings, I know her needs.

I know the people who work around us, most know what we do, but it would still be risky, and daring. Fortune favours the brave! I told her to return another way….”if we meet anyone just walk on, as you pass them, man or woman, or even a group, tell them you have been a naughty girl. Tell them you have been punished. Then carry on walking. All the way to my studio.”

She looked shocked, nervous and unsure. But I knew it was a fantasy of hers, she also looked excited, aroused, and eager….she agreed, and off we set.

I decide to take her into an adjoining room which overlooks the huge car park af a parcel delivery company. “Go to the window Charlotte.”

She does so.

“I can see the drivers loading up!” Says Charlotte.

“I’ve been punished on my bottom, I’m naked.” Says Charlotte, as she stands naked at the window. Not loudly, but not softly.

“Come on, before we get arrested, go to the other side, to those windows.” I command.

She walks over.

Here Charlotte sees apartments, the backs of houses, and offices. Below her is a garage, where men are busy repairing cars. She feels exposed and loves it. She tells them, in the same volume of voice, that she is naked, and has had her naughty bottom punished. She looks to the offices and can see women at desks in a call centre. They only have to look over, and they would see her. This excites her, normal girls, doing normal jobs. What would they think of her if they saw her, what if they saw her punished. Would they ridicule? Some might wish they were her, some might hate her and want to see her dragged naked into the car park….her mind thought all sorts. We moved on.

We reached the studio safely.


Asa’s writing competition ~ No-3

Nobody entered my spanking photo or art competitions 😞😠☹️🤔

So, I am continuing with the writing ones…

You can be a visiting parent, a complaining shopkeeper who has caught a girl shoplifting, or a woman having an interview. The thing is, the title of this competition is ‘THE VISITOR’.

As usual, entries selected by myself will be published here…


Get your thinking cap on, it can be written as a casual observer, like a fly on the wall, or from an individual character’s point of view. Look at these two photographs…

I hope thet inspire you enough to enter.

The competition is open ended, so no expirary date (like the others), which means you can still enter those.

Good luck.


The Spanking Adventures of Up Skirt Evans – Part Eight

To read the rest, click here…


Karen’s second slippering

Charlotte knocked on the door of Miss Tanner’s study and entered.

“So sorry to interrupt you headmistress, but I’ve got Karen outside waiting in my office. You’d never believe it, but she’s been sent to you yet again by Miss Flood.”

“What?! I don’t believe it. What has the wretched girl done this time?”

“Apparently, headmistress, she was caught stealing some sweets from some of the junior girls’ sports bags in the changing rooms whilst they were having a PE lesson,” answered Charlotte.

“Not exactly a major offence in the grand scheme of things, but it’s still classed as stealing in my book. This is the third time the wretched girl has been sent to me in a matter of three weeks! I’m beginning to suspect that our Miss Karen Smith rather enjoys having her bottom smacked. She must get something out of it, a bit like you Charlotte, otherwise she wouldn’t come back so soon for more!”

Charlotte blushed at this reference to her own submissive streak and love of having her bottom smacked, but managed to reply, “You might well be right, headmistress. Perhaps we might cure her of this perverse streak if we step up her punishment to a more severe level …perhaps you could give her a good caning?” Charlotte added. She had never seen a cane being used in action and was eager to witness one.

“Maybe you’re right, Charlotte. However, I don’t think that her offence quite warrants a caning. I like to reserve caning for the most serious offences as the ultimate deterrent. No, I think another slightly longer slippering will suffice for the moment. However, I think we’ll try to spice it up a bit for her and hopefully it will be more exciting for me, as well as you! Fetch me a size 10 plimsoll and that little wooden stool from my punishment store if you will, Charlotte. Whilst you do that I’ll fetch Karen Williams from your office.

Charlotte was slightly puzzled as to how this stool might ‘spice things up’, but went into the storeroom to retrieve the stool and plimsoll as instructed. She remembered seeing it when she had explored the room last week in Miss Tanner’s absence. It looked a bit like an old-fashioned milking stool, she thought, although it had four rather than three legs.

When she returned to the headmistress’s study with the stool in her hand, Miss Tanner instructed her to place it in front of a small desk at the side of the room. Initially she placed it just in front of the desk, but Miss Tanner got her to move it slightly further away. Satisfied with its placement, she then instructed Karen to stand on the stool and bend over resting her hands on the desk. Charlotte thought that her position was rather precarious, although it did help to elevate her bottom nicely.

Before Charlotte could wonder any more about the purpose of the stool, Miss Tanner spoke, “Miss Evans, would you please prepare Karen’s bottom ready to receive her slippering.”

“Yes, of course, headmistress,” said Charlotte, stepping forward and raising Karen’s skirt. She then pulled her knickers down, making sure that they were neatly rolled up half way down her thighs. Both ladies immediately noticed that Karen’s bottom bore evidence of a recent spanking, her bottom displaying a pale blush of pinky red.

“It looks as though you have recently been spanked Karen. Who did this?” enquired Miss Tanner.

“It was my mother, Miss,” replied Karen.

“I see. Why did she spank you?”

“Oh, I didn’t do the washing up when I was supposed to do it and left my dirty clothes on my bedroom floor, Miss.”

“Does she spank you often, Karen?”

“Quite often, Miss.”

“You’re clearly a rather naughty young lady, aren’t you?”

“I suppose I must be, Miss.”

“Out of interest, how does she spank you, Karen?”

“She usually puts me across her knee and spanks my bottom with her hand, although she sometimes uses her hairbrush if she thinks I’ve been very naughty.”

“And does she spank you on your knickers or across your bare bottom?”

“Oh, it’s always on the bare, Miss. She says it’s the only way.”

“Ah, a lady of after my own heart,” said Miss Tanner, smiling at Charlotte.

“One final question, Karen. Given that you seem to be spanked rather frequently, do you enjoy having your bottom spanked? Tell me the truth.”

After a short silent pause, Karen replied, sounding somewhat embarrassed, “I’m not sure what you mean, Miss.”

“It’s a very simple question, Karen….do you enjoy someone slapping your bare bottom?”

“Sometimes, Miss, but not always. It hurts a lot at the time, but it leaves a lovely warm feeling afterwards.”

“I thought that you might get something out of it for you to keep coming back for more. A spanking is meant to deter you from misbehaving. It’s not meant to encourage you! Clearly the spankings you’ve received so far have not been severe enough to act as a deterrent. I propose to rectify this deficiency, starting from now. Today, I’m going to give you two dozen very hard whacks with my size 10 plimsoll. If you reappear in my study again, I will be forced to give you twelve very hard strokes with my whippiest cane and there will be no gentle warm up spanking to precede it. Do I make myself very clear, Karen?”

“Oh yes, Miss, very clear,” replied Karen, resigned to her fate, her legs trembling in fearful anticipation as she perched on the small stool. She felt extremely vulnerable like this with her bare bottom stuck high in the air.

“Right Miss Evans. Please pass me the plimsoll and then stand back over there,” said Miss Tanner, indicating a spot on the carpet with an uninterrupted view of the proceedings. “I’m sure that you will be fascinated to watch me wallop Karen’s bottom again with this plimsoll,” she said, staring at Charlotte as she took the plimsoll from her outstretched hand.

Miss Tanner’s pointed comment didn’t go unnoticed by Charlotte as she was held by Miss Tanner’s gaze. Miss Tanner noticed a slight tremble in Charlotte’s outstretched hand as she passed the plimsoll. She also detected a strange look cross Charlotte’s face. Was this an expression of excited anticipation or was it a sign of fear? Perhaps it was a bit of both; a heady cocktail of fear and excitement? Whichever it was, Charlotte had agreed to undergo a sound slippering this Friday from her Mistress for exploring the punishment room behind her back. There was no going back! Her secretary would be receiving a very sound slippering. Oh yes indeed!

Miss Tanner tapped the plimsoll across her left hand a few times saying,”Naughty girls deserve to have their bare bottoms spanked very hard, don’t you think Miss Evans?”

“Oh yes, Headmistress, they certainly do!” Charlotte replied nervously.

Turning her attention now to Karen’s bent over form, Miss Tanner gently tapped each of her buttocks gently several times with the plimsoll, making them wobble slightly.

“Right Karen, it’s time for your slippering. I’m going to make this one an extra hard one, so you’ll need to brace yourself. Try not to fall off the stool you’re standing on. If you do, I’ll start the count again from the beginning!”

Without further ado, she raised the plimsoll high over her shoulder and brought it slamming down hard across Karen’s left cheek… WHACK! “Yeowwhhhh!”

Charlotte winced as the slipper whacked down. She loved the sight and sound, but she also realised that it wouldn’t be long before her bottom would be on the firing line.

Another whack followed in quick succession, this time delivered across Karen’s right cheek…WHACK! “Yeeeouchh!”

Two fresh bright red marks now adorned Karen’s quivering cheeks, clearly visible through the pinkish background of her recent maternal spanking.

After a short pause, Miss Tanner set to with a will, her study filled with the combined sound of loud whacks, accompanied by Karen’s loud cries and howls of pain. Her bottom squirmed and gyrated as it rapidly took on a brighter red colour, not dissimilar to the glowing embers of a fire. Miss Tanner was certainly ‘fanning the flames’ in Karen’s deserving bottom in a most effective manner! Karen’s feet struggled to remain on the small bench, but she held onto the desk for grim death to steady herself. She knew that if she fell off the stool, the punishment would start again from the beginning.

Charlotte watched the proceedings with a mixture of awe, arousal and fear churning around in her brain and stomach. Miss Tanner certainly knew how to wallop a girl. Would she be able to cope when she received the promised slippering on Friday afternoon? It was going to hurt… a lot!


Relentlessly the slippering continued, steadily inching towards its final conclusion.

After the eighteenth whack had been delivered, Miss Tanner paused to draw breath, standing back to identify any areas of Karen’s bottom which may not yet have been visited by the plimsoll. Satisfied that the once pale cheeks were now a uniform bright red, she renewed her grip on the plimsoll and delivered the final six strokes. She aimed for the lowest, meatiest section of Karen’s throbbing cheeks with a slight upward swing, virtually lifting the girl off the stool. The strokes came deliberately slowly, to allow for each burning sting to fully blossom before the arrival of the next.







As the echo of the final whack evaporated, all that could be heard was Karen’s loud sobbing and snivelling. Miss Tanner stood back, with a look of deep satisfaction.

“Take a good look, Miss Evans. That is a very well spanked bottom, don’t you think?”

Charlotte stared at Karen’s now extremely red, twitching cheeks and gulped, unconsciously feeling her own bottom. “Oh yes, headmistress, very well spanked.”

“Right, Karen, you may step down from the stool. Miss Evans, please assist her and place her in the corner to contemplate the error of her ways. I sincerely hope that I have cured your desire for having your bottom spanked and I won’t see you in here again.”

“Oh yes, (sob, sob, sob) headmistress.”

Charlotte wasn’t at all convinced that Miss Tanner had achieved her goal, but kept her thoughts to herself. She had noticed the tell-tale signs of Karen’s arousal slowly trickling down the inside of her thighs as she helped the girl off her perch.

With Karen placed with her bared bottom on display in the corner and her hands firmly on her head, Miss Tanner and Charlotte sat down to fill in the latest punishment book entry and discuss what other work needed completing that day.

Finally Karen was told to adjust her clothing and leave. Charlotte returned to her office and sat down. She tried to get on with some work, but images of Karen’s wriggling red bottom receiving whack after whack kept floating through her mind, a nagging reminder of her appointment with Miss Tanner tomorrow afternoon.