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Victoriana ~ Part 5 of another lovely spanking story by ‘B’

‘B’ is a lady who has been a contributor of mine for years and has written many fabulous stories for me. To see the rest, go to the menu bar above, and click on ‘links and contributors‘, then click on ‘contributors‘and scroll down to her page.


Victoriana part 5

Two weeks later Monsieur Maurice announced that we would be spending a long weekend in France, near Paris, in Versailles. “It is a small school similar to ours. They are training young ladies to be fluent in English, its called Crimson School.” We smiled when we heard the name.

“You will prepare your backpacks with everything required for 4 days. Your uniform for travelling will include red tartan skirts, navy blazers, white blouse, white socks, etc.” Madame Yvonne added, “No make up!”

Next morning Madame inspected us. None of us were wearing make up. We didn’t want to travel with martinet decorated thighs.

We took the Eurostar, and for a few seconds I saw the Calais station, it looked very modern. At the Gare du Nord, Gustave rented a minibus, and we took the Francilliene outer beltway to Versailles. During the drive we remembered the French Navy cadets who had wolf whistled us at the Gare du Nord. “I wouldn’t have minded a French kiss with hands up under my skirt.”

The Crimson School was housed in a large manorial estate on the outskirts of Versailles. The French girls were wearing uniforms with shortish grey pleated skirts, navy blazers, white blouses, and grey socks. A gentleman dressed with very British tweed welcomed us. He was obviously a Briton. He was joined by a picture perfect British schoolmarm.

Mister Briton offered a short speech. We didn’t miss the nutty gritty line. “As your school, we also believe in firm traditional discipline, and my name is Monsieur Armstrong, and my wife is Mrs Olivia.”

Then we were paired with the French girls. “Marie, please release Agathe from her corner time. The two of you will be accommodating Alicia and Josephina…” Marie offered a warm smile, and lead us.

We just about stopped in our tracks when we saw Agathe. We assumed that it was her as she was the only girl standing in a corner of the grand hall. She had her hands atop her head, and her skirt was rolled up above her very bare bottom. Amelia exclaimed, “Ouch! That looks like the cane!”

Her friend told her that her corner time is over. She hurriedly released her skirt, and gingerly pulled up her petite culotte. She also confirmed, “Sniff, it was six of the best!.”

On the way to their dorm rooms, we further questioned her, and she confessed, “I was caught with cribs.”

They had a lovely dorm room overlooking the garden. We dropped our backpacks and offered to help Marie with Agathe’s after spanking care.

Josy asked if they are “cane happy”.

Marie answered, “That cane is rarely used. Their usual implement is an old leather sole, they call it the slipper. Its very stingy!”

I giggled, “A slipper, that’s very British.”

Agathe was recovering, “Let me guess! They are using a martinet on you!”

We laughed, and a bell interrupted us. We didn’t have to be told that it was time for lunch. “Our menus usually have a British flavor, but with your venue it will be a mix.”

After lunch it was dictée for us and dictation for the French girls. The grading system was the same as for us, less 4 points for grammar and spelling mistakes, less 2 points for minor mistakes. We were warned, “Less than 12/20 and you will be punished…”

Although I had made some progress, I only had 9/20, and I was due a severe spanking. Madame Olivia had me show how the French girls are punished. While standing by her side, she first had me raise my skirt and to keep it up while she pulled my knickers down and picked them up after having told me to step out of them. I was blushing even before everyone saw my little curls. Worse was to come, she pulled me over her knees with my very bare bottom facing the whole classroom.

Then she spanked my bum and upper thighs with that slipper. I got two dozens smacks, the Crimson School standard tariff. I couldn’t help it, I pedaled and stomped the teacher’s platform as a well punished schoolgirl, and must have showed everything!

She helped me up and ordered, “Take off your skirt.” Red face with my bum and thighs throbbing, I was quite convinced to obey. Then she showed me the corner.


To be continued…


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The Incident Log of Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls – Incident No-5 ~ The Hockey Match Riot – Part 4

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“Just to your knees will be enough, get over the flogging stool.” Miss Kenworthy’s tone changed, as she walked to Charlotte’s other side. Things instantly became more serious, the spanking was imminent.

Charlotte bent over as told, she did not need guidance, this was quite a familiar sequence, but never almost naked! She pushed her bottom out, and even though Miss Kenworthy had seen it many times, she paused to take in the beauty of it. Charlotte smiled to herself knowingly.

Resting her palm on the left magnificent full cheek, Miss Kenworthy was ready to deliver the first of thirty good hard crisp smacks with her hand.

And then it began, no slow build up, but full force from the off…..SMACK!






The smacks echoed around her study being chase by squeals.

Miss Kenworthy studied the effects on her bottom for a short while. “Hmmmm.”

Deciding it was not near red enough to change over to the plimsol, she gave her some more….smack smack smack smack! Fatser!

Her cheeks danced a fine little jig under the blows!


It was hurting more that Charlotte remembered it did, and she began to squeal louder and longer…..”Yeeeeeoowwwwwwwwww! Owwwwwwwwwwwwwww! ….”

“Ooooooh…ooooh….ohhhh!” Charlotte squealed as she thought ‘Bloody hell, that was a stinger!!’

Miss Kenworthy left Charlotte bent over with the sunlight kissing her red cheeks, and went to take a plimsol off of her rack. “This is the thickest rubber sole of all.” She announced.

“Charlotte watched Miss Kenworthy reach for it, and despite the burning pain she smiled as she watched her bottom go tight against her dress.”

More to come…


SPANKERS GALLERY ~ No 12 Continuing our Roue Magazine Tribute…

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The More or Less Naked Civil Servant’s Daughter

From Roué 13

This month Gallery is back in school. And where better to find tight knickers slithering down bare thighs and twitchy young bottoms at the mercy of whatever providence may bring.

New drawings, perhaps accompanied by an account of the background to the scene depicted by the artist, will be gratefully received and published if suitable. The criterion is not technical excellence, nor even expertise. Much more important is the involvement of the artist in his subject matter. Readers may have noticed in other issues that the most pleasing pieces of work have been those where a freshness, or a well-thought-out idea, have been evident in the artist’s work. Some, of course, have been both well-executed and erotic at the same time, yet it would not be too high-flown to say that even in those illustrations where draughtsmanship has not been of the best, there is that sparkle and down-to-earth straightforwardness that in other spheres has been called ‘Primitive’ and has been thought of as on a par with twentieth-century art in general, and worthy of exhibition in galleries all over the world.

Perhaps Grandma Moses wouldn’t have approved, and maybe the Royal Academy wouldn’t have hung them on their hallowed walls (though who knows these days) but we think drawings on a spanking theme can be art, and with our readers’ acquiescence we will continue to publish those which have something bright and original to offer.

Yes, he had to admit it. There had been a time when even he would have said that the most accurate description of him would have been ‘dirty old man’. Ah, but since those days he had matured considerably, perhaps even mellowed — though he doubted whether that young lady wrestling with the problems on the blackboard would have thought of him as ‘mellowed’.

The piece of chalk which the little sweetheart was clutching in her fingers squeaked nerve-tinglingly across the board. He shuddered at the sound.

‘If you don’t stop squeaking my chalk across that board, my little angel, you’ll be squeaking yourself — across my knee!’

‘Sorry sir, but — well, it just does it sir.’

‘Nonsense. It’s the way you scrape it.’

‘No it’s not sir! It’s the chalk sir —’

‘Don’t argue, you imp.’

The girl made a ‘heavens above’ face and turned back to the blackboard. He considered the delicious way that her little skirt flounced out from her waist across her hips. The way her thighs touched lightly together as she stood on tip-toe to erase a miscalculation with the tip of a chalky finger.

‘Come here and find yourself a couple of paper clips on my desk.’

‘Sir?’ She turned from the board and made a ‘what-the-hell-have-I-done’ face.

‘A couple of paper clips. You can pin your skirt up — perhaps if you spend the rest of this evening with your knickers on view it’ll remind you of what happens if I have to take ‘em down.’

‘But I haven’t done anything sir —’

‘Dumb insolence. ‘Eyes up to heaven —’ all that stuff. You’re a cheeky little minx — come here and find some paperclips.’

‘Eyes up to what, sir?’

‘Just do as you’re told — or do you want to be on duty this evening.’

The girl pulled another face.

Clearly she didn’t fancy the idea. Petulantly she came across to his desk and sorted through the odds-and-ends tray for the clips. When she had found them she eyed him peevishly over the desk.

‘Well come on then —!’

‘Oh, sir —’

‘Come on girl — do as you’re told!’

She pouted her pretty lips, but reached behind her for the hem of her skirt and passed it up behind her back until she could reach it over her shoulder with her other hand. The skirt curved up from the front of her thighs. The side of her knickers came into view, snugged around the firm smoothness of her leg. She fumbled for a moment or two, then changed hands and passed the other side of her skirt up her back. The skirt being on the short side anyway, it was unavoidable that the silky-skinned conjunction of her thighs and the seductive pout of her pubis tucked demurely inside her pants should peep out below the hem. She watched him watching and tried to tug the skirt down a little in front. The pinned-up skirt came unfastened and the paper clip pinged onto the floor.

‘Oh —’

‘You’re hopeless. Come here — I’ll do it.’

Hesitant for a moment, she came round the desk and stood unhelpfully in front of him.

‘Well turn round then —’ He smacked her impatiently on a bare thigh.


He smacked her again. She spun round, anxious now not to provoke him further. Obviously he was in one of his moods.

He fiddled with the paper clip, then took the hem of the skirt and pulled it up, the back of his hand brushing soft yielding warmth and the knap of her thick school knickers. Her round little bum teased him with its youthful plumpness, bold and pert and almost insolent. She stood sulkily as he failed to clip the skirt to the back of her blouse, easing her weight onto one leg, then onto the other, in a demonstration of mock impatience. The pull of her snug fitting knickers tugged a pucker of navy blue up between her saucy cheeks and the line of the leg elastic curved up round each buttock to emphasise the youthful roundness of her bottom. If ever a schoolgirl’s bum asked to be smacked, hers did. He gave up with the paper clips and settled for tucking the skirt up into the waistband.

‘Now go on —’ He slapped one bouncy buttock cheerfully, ‘— back to work.’

‘Oow —!’ She looked ruefully at him as she rubbed at her bottom, then she stalked back to the blackboard with a reddening splotch up under one partly-bared cheek and her bum jiggling as she walked.

As she got on with the problem on the board a little more earnestly, he lounged back in his chair and teased himself by picturing the wriggles that young backside would execute if he got round to spanking the little cherub this evening. This pleasant flight of fancy properly savoured, he then began to consider when it would be safe to have her ‘on duty’ again. Tonight it was Sandra’s ‘duty night’. Perhaps next weekend. The other two permanent members of staff were going up to London for some concert or other. All he would have to do would be to get rid of Matron. Perhaps she could be persuaded to go and visit her sister again. This week it was her mother’s turn. Yes, she might be prevailed upon.

His ‘duty night’ idea had been a superb one. The ‘Duty Girl’ was on call, whenever the rest of the staff were safely off the premises, from after supper, at seven, until lights out at ten thirty. She would come to his house, which was detached from the school buildings, and change into her duty ‘uniform’. Not that there was much of it. It was then her task to fetch and carry, make tea, toast crumpets — all that sort of Tom Brown’s schooldays stuff — and in the meantime she had to remember to play ‘the game’, whatever it happened to be that night, or she got her bum smacked. Last ‘duty night’ it had been fun. Stupid, but fun. The girl had to add an extra ‘sir’ every time she spoke to him. Like ‘Your crumpets are toasted, sir, sir.’ Giggling was an extra spanking, saved up for the end of the girls’ duty. He liked to get them giggling — they didn’t seem to be able to help it. The Damoclean Sword of that extra, always prolonged, spanking, seemed to provoke a fit of the giggles rather than the opposite.

The chalk squealed gratingly across the board. ‘Sorry sir —’ she said, over her shoulder. Her knickers looked charmingly close fitting around her bum. Really very nice.

Tonight he’d decided that the Duty Girl would not call him sir — she would address him as ‘Mickey Mouse’. That ought to guarantee a nice bum-squirming conclusion to the evening.

‘You squeaked again,’ he announced resentfully.

‘Sorry —’ She stopped working and turned towards him. The sweet plumpness where her knickers dipped between her bare legs absorbed his attention.

‘Hmm — well, you can just take your knickers down for that!’

‘Oh, sir — I couldn’t help it sir’

‘I can’t help it that I want you to take your knickers down, so just get them down.’

‘But sir — it’s not fair sir —’

‘And you’re Duty Girl next Saturday — for being argumentative.’

‘Oh sir —!’

‘Want to do your ‘duty night’ with or without your knickers on?’

‘Oooh —’ She looked confused — ‘— Knick — knickers on, please sir.’

‘Right — well stop arguing, and get your pants down!’

She tucked her fingers into her knickers and slipped them hesitantly down. She looked up, eyes on his. The tops of her thighs now nestled on either side of a small blonde ruff of pubic hair, knickers halfway down her thighs. She looked away and turned dubiously to the blackboard. Her saucy little bottom with its pink splodge on one cheek began to look even more smackable now that it was quite bare.

‘Dirty old bugger,’ he said to himself. Yes, that’s what they’d said when they sacked him. But what else would you expect from Civil Servants. They could hardly be expected to approve of a man in his position spanking his secretary, could they. Security risk and all that.

The chalk squealed gratingly across the board. ‘Sorry sir —’ she said, over her shoulder. Her knickers looked charmingly close fitting around her bum. Really very nice.

Tonight he’d decided that the Duty Girl would not call him sir — she would address him as ‘Mickey Mouse’. That ought to guarantee a nice bum-squirming conclusion to the evening.

‘You squeaked again,’ he announced resentfully.

‘Sorry —’ She stopped working and turned towards him. The sweet plumpness where her knickers dipped between her bare legs absorbed his attention.

‘Hmm — well, you can just take your knickers down for that!’

‘Oh, sir — I couldn’t help it sir’

‘I can’t help it that I want you to take your knickers down, so just get them down.’

‘But sir — it’s not fair sir —’

‘And you’re Duty Girl next Saturday — for being argumentative.’

‘Oh sir —!’

‘Want to do your ‘duty night’ with or without your knickers on?’

‘Oooh —’ She looked confused — ‘— Knick — knickers on, please sir.’

‘Right — well stop arguing, and get your pants down!’

She tucked her fingers into her knickers and slipped them hesitantly down. She looked up, eyes on his. The tops of her thighs now nestled on either side of a small blonde ruff of pubic hair, knickers halfway down her thighs. She looked away and turned dubiously to the blackboard. Her saucy little bottom with its pink splodge on one cheek began to look even more smackable now that it was quite bare.

‘Dirty old bugger,’ he said to himself. Yes, that’s what they’d said when they sacked him. But what else would you expect from Civil Servants. They could hardly be expected to approve of a man in his position spanking his secretary, could they. Security risk and all that.

But that’s where they’d made their mistake. They hadn’t known it at the time, but he had been in the department to check on them. He was Security. And one way and another he’d got the dirt on plenty of them.

‘If you don’t get that one right, you’re going to get your pretty little bum smacked my girl.’

She looked at him sulkily.

‘Oh yes you are.’

She turned away and reconsidered her working-out, bare bottom cheekily asking for it. And likely to get it.

Which was how he’d managed to swing this job. One of his ‘investigations’ had turned up something really juicy on the bloke who was responsible for this school, an establishment which, though small, catered very nicely for the educational needs of the daughters of Civil Servants posted overseas. It was amusing how, once one’s scruples had finally been abandoned, it had been easy to get the right ones posted abroad — using his ‘influence’ as a man who knew all the guilty secrets. The ‘right ones’ were those who — and he’d researched it very carefully — who had school-age daughters, and something to hide. It didn’t take much ‘persuading’ to get them to send their girls to ‘his’ school — and hardly any more to obtain, in writing, ‘parental permission’. Permission to take the young ladies’ knickers down for a spot of ‘old-fashioned discipline’.

‘You’ve got it wrong.’

‘Ooh —’

‘Yes, I’m afraid you have. I think you’d better take your knickers right off, my sweet, and I’ll come and smack your naughty bottom for you.

‘Oooh — please sir — can’t I do it again?’

‘Knickers off, my pet.’

She slipped them down and over her feet. Her bottom trembled as she stood up — it would do more than tremble in a minute!

Not all the girls were candidates, of course. About half a dozen this year. But enough.

He had her stand beside him while he went through the problems one by one.

‘This is wrong!’

‘Oh —’ Smack, smackitty, smack. ‘Ooow — oooh — aaah —!’

Her cheeky little bum danced itself crimson. She was crying her ‘Please-don’t-smack-me-any-more’ tears when Sandra came into the classroom.


‘Um — it’s seven o’clock, sir — I’m Duty Girl tonight.

‘Oh yes — so you are.’

The daughter of the Assistant Under Secretary to the Governor of Balongaland stood self-consciously inside the door in a pair of white satin shorts which simply couldn’t have been any tighter — no, not a fraction. A shiny split-peach nestled at the base of her belly, the legs of the shorts cut away high at the sides — and higher at the back, as he well knew. Bare-bummed was this daughter of the Assistant Under Secretary or more or less. She’d be a pleasure, an absolute delight. Meanwhile there was the daughter of the Assistant Adviser to the Shah of Whereveritis to be dealt with. Her bottom squirmed as he planted another hefty spank on a lewdly bouncing cheek. Oh yes — revenge — even if a sort of second-hand revenge — was very sweet indeed.

more to come…


Saint Helena Correctional Institute for Unruly Girls ~ 1965 ~ Volume 2

In volume one I concentrated on a group punishment to introduce the girls, in this Volume, it will concentrate of individual punishments.

Starting with Charlotte…

Charlotte has an appointment with Miss Kenworthy and knocks on her lovely old oak door, with stained glass, leading in to her Study.

Miss Kenworthy does not answer, she counts to thirty slowly. She hears a second knock and….28…29…30….”Enter!”

This has put pressure on the girl, did she knock hard enough? Does she sound timid, should she wait or knock again?”

She opens the door and walks in…

Miss Kenworthy stands magnificently in her smart attire, her own choice of beautiful clothing to match her hair and skin tone.

Charlotte walks in, looking like all the other girls in the school, and all of a sudden feeling very much a young naughty schoolgirl, whilst Miss Kenworthy stands tall and proud as a woman, of intellect and power.

The fact that she is stood behind her vintage flogging stool with a large rubber soled plimsol in her hand does not bode good tidings, it foretells the opposite.

Miss Kenworthy speaks, slowly, clearly, and full of confidence.

“Ahhhh here she is, Miss Charlotte Elizabeth, the girl who makes her own rules instead of following those set many ears ago as a standard of good behavior. The girls who comes in late, who hands her homework in ….late, who turns up for games and P.E…..LATE!” Sarcasm drips from her tongue like acid. “Come closer dear.”

Charlotte Elizabeth slows down as she approaches the Mighty Miss Kenworthy of Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls.

“What is the matter Charlotte Elizabeth? You seem somewhat reticent. “cat got your tongue, or does the sight of this plimsol and stool make you feel a little nervous?” Her voice is changing somehow, it is more threatening.

“Ahhh the spring to your step returns my dear.” Chuckles Miss Kenworthy. “You will not be walking out like that I assure you young lady!!!” She carries on, “…come along, don’t dilly dally, come closer you naughty girl!”

As Miss Kenworthy seems to grow, so, conversely, Charlotte seems to shrink Like Alice.

“I am going to deal with you young lady, you will leave here with your bottom in great pain and no doubt crying. You have been disobedient and rude to staff. I WILL NOT STAND FOR IT GIRL!!!!!” Her voice is slowly rising through the decibels.

Charlotte begins to quake even more.

A cold silence falls onto the room like a deathly mist in a Shakespeare play.

Charlotte dare not look up.

Miss Kenworthy stands quietly, her delicate fingers running up and down the plimsol.

Round One, and every round, as always, goes to Miss Kenworthy’s corner.

More to come…


Eliot’s Public Detention ~ Part 5

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To be honest, I could write this part by just saying her knickers were taken down…..but that would be a bit boring would’t it? So consider this a black and white study of the anguish a naughty girl feels, when a much older man bares her bottom, for a spanking and will see most of what she has to offer. Plus of course, it is going to hurt!

And full marks to Charlotte, she always plays her part well, she says she tries to live it.



“Nooooooo! Please Sir! Not on my bare bottom!!” Screamed Charlotte.

“Yes, on the bare!” He replied strictly.

And down they came, quite unceremoniously!

Her last look of anguish over her shoulder sees his arm rise high, and her spanking resumes, with no knickers!!

more to come…


Three Naughty Teachers Share a Passion ~ Part 4

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It was Charlotte’s turn to show one of her favourite positions to spank the naughty girls at their school in. “Ohhhh I just love the naughty desk and chair, it pokes their naughty little bottoms out just right and my face is so close to the action!”

The other girls laughed out loud! “Oh Charlotte, there is no wonder the girls like you so much, you are so funny!” Kate chortled.

“Am I?”

“Yes, and the fact you don’t realise it, makes you even funnier!” Samantha added.

“Oh right.” A slightly bemused Charlotte said, and added, as she got the stool ready… “You sit on it Sam, and you spank her Kate! I would love to see that.”

Charlotte waved her hand in invitation, to Samantha.

Samantha took her place quietly.

She settled down and Kate, trying not to look too eager, moved in to take her spanking place by the side of her.

Charlotte loved the developing scene, to have friends, who loved spanking as much as her was an almost unbelievable dream come true. Their spanking friendship was developing nice and slowly, she could not help but wonder what their bottoms were like bare, and if they would spank her bare bottom one day and she spank theirs? What an exciting prospect and wonderful voyage of discovery this was.

Each of the three teachers were now, in their own zone. Samantha gently closed her eyes, and waited for the first lovely smack, how hard would it be, how quick? Charlotte smiling in pure bliss just waited and watched, as her new friends got ready to spank again. Kate was trembling, she had always admired Samantha’s bottom!

Samantha loved Kate’s first spanking of her, it was respectful and just hard enough, she almost swooned into spanking.

Slowly the smacks got harder and faster. “Oooh yes Kate, more of them please!” Samantha begged.

“I will save my much better ones for when I have your bare bottom upturned over my lap, pushing up for more, as I know you will.” Kate said bravely.

Samantha’s eyes widened at the prospect! “Oh Kate! You have just made my pussy do a little jump! Say it again!” She giggled.

Barriers were being broken down easily, at every sentence. Kate was sinking into her spanking friendships like a hot spanked bottom into a cool soft cushion.

More to come…


Photos Set ~ 526, this is part of photo set 510 ~ Boarding School Punishments – Samantha ~ Part 4

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This is shorter in quantity, but I feel confident that the quality will make up for it. In the last part, Samantha was put in position at the punishment desk, we left her with her suspenders and navy blue school knickers on show to you. What a sight it was.

“Samantha, pull your knickers well down your thighs and resume your position.” I told her sternly.

“Yes Mr.Jones Sir.” She replied with a voice full of respect and nervousness. Then she did so, and here she is back in position.

Have you ever spanked anyone in this position? If not, let me assure you it is very good, quite wonderful in fact. I get the girl to crouch over the desk and move her bottom far back so it overhangs. Her pussy should be hanging over, like this…

My preferred techniques, are to either bend over and deliver good swinging whacks, (As my club members saw in the little video I sent of me doing that to Charlotte) or, my very favourite, is to get down on one knee, as if to fire a rifle, and do a good hard upper cut, as if trying to put top spin on a table tennis ball. I sort of let the plimsol roll around the bottom on impact and slide off. That is where the overhang is important.

My girls tell me it is very sensual, because obviously at this stage of a spanking a pussy is engorged with excitement, as Samantha’s full little lips show us. It seems that as they wiggle, the corner of the stool, and the wobbling of the buttocks sends very sensual shock waves through the buttocks and pussy.

Hence the dramatic overhang shown here, this is just before I spanked Samantha…she is ready and primed so to speak.

I kneel on the other side and leave room for a good upper, rolling swing of the plimsol.

Here are two more, showing the right amount of overhang and the position for ‘pussy shock waves of spanking.’

If you get the chance, try it, I assure you that you will not be disappointed, and of course, a good ‘Study Setting’ for atmosphere and authenticity, coupled with a good quality real vintage Girl’s School Uniform.

Sometimes….well, nearly every time, I feel like I have gone back in time to a 1950’s, 60’s Headmaster’s Study. It really is so important to get things right. Oh and don’t forget a good loud ticking clock, nothing quite like it to set the scene in my opinion!

more to come…


Photo Set ~ 524 – Mr Maxwell’s Chair (Part Four) of 501)

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The words echoed around her brain like a bat in a belfry. “…and your underwear too.”

She was going to be almost nude before this formidable man, and he was going to thrash her like a serving wench of old. She felt strangely aroused, this Mr.Maxwell was a real man, older but not old. Like some mature actor in a film who knew just what he was doing…calm and controlling. She had better not delay him she thought, Mr. Maxwell is not a man to make impatient or angry. She began to peel off her school underwear.

It might have been her trembling fingers that were removing her school knickers and bra, but it was the eyes of Mr.Maxwell that undressed her.

Mr.Maxwell was both artistic and practical, his senses picked up many things as he watched the naughty schoolgirl striptease unfold before his eyes. The light on her well tended hair, her facial features, the silhouette of her nipple, the light sheen exaggerating the curves of her bottom in navy blue, and the simple harmonic motion of her pendulous breasts slowly bouncing to hang still.

He watched, and could hear the background of his controlled mind losing control, very very slightly, from somewhere in the recess of his educated mind came a steady chanting…’take them off, take them off, take them off.’

His manhood rose stiff and hard, throbbing. She began to remove her knickers, her delicious navy blue, regulation school knickers.

Her thumbs hooked in, her waist wiggled, and her bottom swayed.

“Take them off…take them off….take them off!” Shouted the audience of his mind.

And then, suddenly as the elastic zipped around her buttocks, there was the glory of her arse in all its naked, pale white, unblemished glory.

Her knickers then fell, and slid to her knees….

And then to her ankles in a crumpled navy blue cotton heap.

Mr Maxwell’s eyes were fixed on the bottom he was about to punish, already visualizing the effects of a good punishment and picking his first spot to aim at.

Like some stripper with years of experience, Kate stepped out of the navy blue school knickers.

Then she took them up in her hands to hang, she felt proud of her nakedness, and wanted to show herself to him.

Mr.Maxwell was mesmerized once more when the near naked girl hung her knickers up nonchalantly and confidently.

“Back to the flogging stool please.” Ordered Mr.Maxwell coldly.

She turned and went to stand before it, as if stood on the trapdoor of the Spanking Gallows, not for the drop, but for the order to bend.

more to come…


Naughty Charlotte ~ Part 5

Reminder…This is Charlotte’s real Mummy spanking her…

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Having taken her jeans down, Mummy was good to her word and pulled Charlotte back over her knee.

And carried on spanking her, on her knickers!

Obviously, causing Charlotte much distress, the spanking slowly got harder and faster. “Owwwwww, oooooh Mummy, it is really hurting!”

“Of course it is you silly girl, that’s the point of a spanking, to inflict pain on your bottom, a very embarrassing place to be smacked on….with the intention of teaching you a lesson!” Mummy told her angrily.

“In fact….I am going to teach you a very good lesson by embarrassing you further and taking your knickers down! You can be spanked on your bare bottom!”

“No Mummy….no….not my bare bottom, I am too old to have my bare bottom spanked by my Mummy!” pleaded Charlotte.

“Oh no you are not young lady!” Mummy corrected her.

Mummy was very determined!

Much to Charlotte’s horror!

Just look at the triumph in Mummy’s face as she sees the embarrassment and horror in her naughty daughters face! “I’ll teach you a lesson alright my girl!”

As they slid rapidly over the bottom part of her delicious curves, Charlotte resigned herself to her fate, a bare bottom spanking it was going to be!

The knickers rolled down to her calves and on to her ankles!

The beautiful, curvy, firm yet plump cheeks, of Charlotte’s glorious bottom were bare, raised and primed for a damn good spanking!

“Right, Charlotte, brace yourself girl!”

“Oooooh dear, yes Mummy.” Said naughty Charlotte as she pushed her bottom up to receive it, feeling very nervous.

Mummy’s palm flew at naughty Charlotte’s bare trembling bottom at great speed….

more to come…