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An unused room… Photo Set 471 ~ a little writing competition.


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The work I have to do in the old silk mill where my studio is, is rather daunting to be honest. It will go on for years, but progress is steadiyl being made.

Things get in the way, mainly my camera!

Before I do a place up, I want to use it as it is. I took these for no other reason than that, I might be able to use them in a story one day…

Look here…it no longer looks like this, it has been stripped, but I just had to take some pictures…


So there you are, nine photos, use any, or all, or just one. Write a scenario or small story. Just tell me which photos you refer to at different parts, and the winner I will post up on my blog/site.

Use ‘contact’ above to send your entry.

Good luck.


Delivered in Three’s – Number Five – Charlotte in Wonderland -Part 21

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The Governess of Spanking Dreams put the whip down, and it was left alone. She moved her to the desk. “Stand there, legs apart.”

“yes Mistress.” Replied Princess Spanky willingly, eager to please her beautiful Mistress.

She studied her girl, her form, her bottom. Princess Spanky settled into the silence and listened to her breath as she watched. Sher loved to be studied, and kept perfectly still


Princess Spanky bent over slowly, and beautifully, trembling with excitement at the the caress of her Mistresses eyes and the long flexible riding whip on her bottom…

“Back up straight, and well done, it is a joy above all joys to see you bend so willingly my beautiful pet.”

“Oh thank you Mistress.” Beamed her pet.

more to come…


Delivered in Three’s – Number Five – Charlotte in Wonderland -Part 20

To read the rest, go to ‘photo stories’ and click on number 87…


Sorry you waited so long, here is the whip kissing Princess Spanky’s bare bottom, delivered by the Governess of Spanking Dreams…




It is a vicious looking thing, and my compliments to Charlotte for agreeing to take one for my story. I could not ask for another…but of course the Governess would have in the story, and princess Spanky would have drank them up.

more to come…