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Happy Halloween…

I have three stories that might interest you, so settle down at my feet, naked, let me entertain you here in my study. I have made a lovely log fire, it’s warm and cosy. I have warm scones, butter, and strawberry jam. We can drink tea.

If you are here late in the evening, I have red and white wine, good strong cheese, butter, and crackers.

This is a very rare thing…a photo of me. I respectfully ask that you do not use it, or post it. I am a private person.

“Hmmm where do we start? A ghost story, or vampires!” I speak quietly, and ponder. Let’s go with vampires.

I take a sip of red wine, and smile at you all warmly. The fire reflecting on your naked flesh. I recite a little rhyme I wrote once…

I read you the first story…

Click here…

You snuggle together, you are scared, my house is quite large, and very old. If you need to go and relieve yourselves, the nearest toilet is down the corridor, through the door there. There are candles here to light your way. It’s draughty, so shield the flame.

You all settle down again, I drink from my second glass of my favourite Merlot.

“Another vampire story for you…”

I show you a picture of Charlotte…

“I think you all know my dear friend, Charlotte. Let me tell you of her darker side…”

Click here…

You all look quite pale, and the habit of looking over your shoulder seems to be spreading around the room.

“Scared then?”

“Let me finish with a ghost story, set in this village, set in this house…”

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“Right….who fancies a spanking orgy?”


Goodnight, sleep tight.


A Retro View with Mr.Jones

I used to do these as individual posts on Tumblr orTwitter, I don’t do Twitter now, and hardly use Tumblr, I don’t count followers any more either, too addictive! It was the be all and end all, always looking how many! Getting a bit upset when the numbers fell, or elated when they rose! It just isn’t worth the trouble, this is much better.

This is to go with a group of sets (corner time, red bottoms, spanking faces etc.) which are found in this section…

All they are, are views from my stories, turned into the type of black and white that used to be used widely in the late 50’s to 60’s for wedding photos, school photos etc, a step up from the old brownie, a professional standard.

I will put a comment to each one from myself, the Headmaster of Saint Helena Grammer School for Girls in Cobblesworth, Yorkshire, 1959.

All these are, or if added recently, will be soon available as cards etc at my on-line shop, click here…

In every classroom, and the Assembly Hall in my school, are ‘Naughty Stools’. I like to think that the punishment does not end with the last smack, or corner time. I think a girl high up on one of these, close to the front row of the class, whimpering with a red sore bottom, is the perfect place for a very naughty girl.
I issue all my staff with a pair of size thirteen plimsolls. To be used on the spot, on the bare ALWAYS. There is nothing that reddens the cheeks of a naughty bottom quicker, especially in the double stroke, which is whack on the way down, and whack on the way back up. Done fast enough, long enough, and hard enough and the bottom has small painful blisters all over. Under a crimson almost purple hue!….Quite splendid to see!!!

It looks like she is laughing! I assure you…she wasn’t!
Corner Time

A long used, and invaluable disciplinary aid. Tried and tested over many decades. I encourage my staff to leave the girl in place as the next class comes in, and to make her stay. I like them to turn when finished, and tell the class that…
a) she is a naughty girl, and what she did.
b) what her punishment was.
c) and then, with knickers in her hand, she has to walk out, with skirt high.

Once, I walked the corridors and bumped in to no less than eight girls, all sniffing their way slowly (no running!) back to their next class, a bare red bottom on show.
For girls in the fifth or higher, I say no mercy must be shown, no matter how much of a good girl they might have been in the past. By this age they should know how to behave. A minimum of thirty, and I encourage the tawse and cane, six, or twelve.

Any more needed and they come to me. My word! They will not forget a visit to me in a hurry.
For the extreme few cases, it is up on the stage, before the whole school, for thirty six of the finest! Most likely after a good slippering to warm the buttocks up.
Oh yes, I’ll make them squeal, make no mistake about that!
One of the finest views known to man!

A soft trembling pair of buttocks, bent over, ready and waiting!

Why girls insist on breaking rules, (wrong socks, wrong shoes) when they know that they will be punished on their bare bottoms, before the class, with their private parts on view, is a mystery. I have thought on it many times, and have come to the conclusion that it is in their nature to seek punishment, and humiliation. In other words…they must like it.
In my school I have a naughty stool outside my door on the corridor leading from the library to the Assembly Hall. Once a girl has been punished, they are made to stand on it, bare spanked bottom on show, until told to leave, and make their way back to class with skirt high, hands behind on the small of their back, and knickers below their naughty red cheeks.

A nice little set of three for you, depicting three naughty girls being put in position for a spanking by a strict headmistress.

“You naughty girls! Stand in a line before the form…there!”
“You are all getting a jolly good spanking, now bend over!”
As she pats the plimsol threateningly on her palm she quietly adds…”It will be on your bare bottoms!”


One – Photo Set 463

Two – Photo Set 464

Many more to come.


The ‘Diaper’ Position, for this naughty schoolgirl! Knickers Removal – Set 11

This is a set for the section where I concentrate on knickers coming down. Click here to see it…

To be honest, in this set the knickers are soon down, but I just know you will want to stop and admire the view!

It’s a good job my camera has anti shake on it! I also put an extra light on, if you see the full set taken from more distance, you will see it is a bit shadier, to make it look like a classroom in late afternoon.

Anyway, here you are, enjoy!

Isn’t the tiny glimpse of pussy lips erotic?

As you can see, the silly girl came to school in pink shoes! So I made her bottom go pink to match. It did not warrant a hard spanking, I think the humiliation of remaining in this position for twenty minutes before the whole giggling class was enough.

Asa’s note :

Cherry is a lovely girl, and lots of fun to be with. She cannot take a hard spanking, but I never expect a model to exceed their limits, I want them to have fun and return. Now clients….that is a different matter!


A Naughty Victorian Maid’s Bottom

This is a set I am adding to my ‘Red Bottomed Girls’ section, click here to see the rest, just scroll down to it and click…

You will find most of these in my story about a Victorian Bawdy house for women, seeking women, for spanking, click here to see…

Some people like to read spanking stories, that is what I offer most, but some just like to look, and these are for you. I hope you like them…

All my own work, and I don’t just mean my props, studio, or photography!

To those interested in the background of things….the maids outfit is one I had made index Edinburgh, by a seamstress who specialises in such things. They are to original Victorian patterns. Why the rope etc? Because of the story I shot them for. The studio…it’s mine, is it for hire? No, sorry, it is my hobby space.

As for the maid, she is Kate.


Girls and Women Masturbaring

Lots of my photos for my stories depict female masturbation, You will find them in my stories. But I am putting a lot in here for you, to save you searching…aren’t I kind to you!

To see the rest of this group of sets, click here…

You can almost feel it can’t you?
Ohh you naughty teacher! Masturbating with your girls.

Some group masturbation, you can easily imagine the wet noise of young pussies, their moans and…squeals of shock when their teacher comes in!

Here is Kate in full flow, the noise she makes when she cums is wonderful…

I love Kate’s orgasm face, don’t you?
I watched and listened, quite fascinated as Kate rubbed he tip of her finger gently, yet fast, just on her clit for this orgasm…lovely!

You don’t have to be sporty to enjoy a hockey stick, it is very smooth and bulbous, in just the right place, and far enough away to grip and watch it work magic on your cunt.

I saw it slip in to full depth and her pussy grind away in the ‘hook’.

Here are two of an excited Charlotte after a spanking session.

Tell me what you are Charlotte.

“I am a naughty girl Mr.Jones!”
And what happens to naughty girls like you Charlotte?

“ohhhh they get their bottoms spanked…. Ooooh mmmmm..spank me until I cum…tell me I am a naughty girl Mr.Jones!….please Sir…pleeeeease!”
Do you like it that people are looking at you masturbate Charlotte?

“Gid yes! That’s what is in my mind in this photo!!!”
So there we were sunbathing on a lovely summers afternoon. The garden is private, nobody can see, but we can hear people in adjoining gardens. How sexy for Charlotte to throw off her bikini bottoms and rub her clit, knowing that just the other side of the fence or hedge are people!

Lots lots lots more to come! I just needed to get this up and running.


Spanking Faces!

To see the rest of this group of sets, click here…

Lots of my photos of faces, either spanking, or being spanked, all can be seen in my stories or sets.

The cane has just landed.
Waiting anxiously for the next.
One hand hanging on to her hat, the other trying instinctively to protect her bottom.
Oh dear, she is jumping about clasping her sore bottom. Time for the prefects to hold her in place, and no doubt it will start from the beginning again. She was told not to move!

Lots, lots, lots more to come! Some will be individual like the ones above, but to save space, some will be in sets…

Set 1 – Authority – Photo Set 449

Set 2 – Squirming – Photo Set 450

Set 3 – Looking to each other for comfort – Photo SET 451

Set 4 – concentrates on the look of a spankee when an implement gets closer…and closer. – Photo Set 452

Click here…

Set 5 – A mummy’s face as she spanks her daughter – Photo Set 453

Click here…

Set 6 – another Mummy and daughter set – Photo Set – 454

Click here

Set 7 ….the face of a girl getting the plimsol on her bare bottom! Photo Set 455

Click here…

Set 8 …the face of a Mistress looking at the cane marks she has laid across her naughty maids bottom. – Photo Set 456

Click here…

This next set is a little dark and hopefully atmospheric for you…

Set 9 …Mistress Kenworthy scrutinising her maid… Photo Set 457

Click here…

Set 10 …more Charlotte – Photo Set 458

Click here…

Set 11… Samantha a naughty Victorian Maid – Photo Set 459

Set 12 …..a Victorian Mitress Spanks her Maid. – Photo Set 460

Click here…


More to come.


The Spanking Adventures of Up Skirt Evans ~ Part Twelve

Charlotte rides a hobby horse

Just before 5.00, Samantha entered her punishment store and extracted two items she required for her Friday afternoon session with Charlotte – a hobby horse and a long, slender riding crop similar to a dressage whip with a little leather keeper on the end.

She took these back into her study, holding the hobby horse, admiring its cute little face, saying, “I’m hoping that you will provide a lovely ride for Charlotte, my spanking pet, my dear little chap!” She then placed it in the corner to await its rider and sat down at her desk.

As she waited, she recalled the old nursery rhyme:

Ride a cock-horse to Banbury Cross,
To see a fine lady upon a white horse;
Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes,
And she shall have music wherever she goes.

Her mind wandered and tried to adapt the rhyme slightly to the forthcoming situation, coming up with a rather poor alternative version:

Ride a cock-horse to Banbury Cross,
To see a naked lady astride a white horse;
A collar around her neck and bells on her toes,
And she shall have a good whipping wherever she goes!

Meanwhile, Charlotte was nervously preparing for the forthcoming session, not quite knowing exactly what ideas her Mistress might have dreamed up this time. She locked the outer door to her office and undressed herself so that she was totally naked apart from retaining her high heels on. She then drew the ‘slave collar’ out of its box in her bottom drawer and put it around her neck. She checked the clock and at precisely 5.00 walked over to her Mistress’ door and knocked.

Immediately she heard her Mistress shout, “Enter.”

Charlotte opened the door and walked in, looking very elegant in her high heels. As she shut the door behind her, she immediately knelt down on the floor before her mistress, refraining from eye contact as she had been instructed. However, she did notice a long, thin, whippy looking riding crop was dangling from her Mistress’ hand. “Was this the substitute for a cane?” she wondered.

“Ah, Charlotte. Bang on time I see. Well done!” Samantha greeted Charlotte. She then proceeded to clip a rope leash to Charlotte’s collar and stroked her hair. “Follow me,” she said tugging gently on the leash. “Let me introduce you to your new mount. He’s called Malcolm!”

Charlotte followed Samantha on her hands and knees over to the corner where stood the hobby horse Samantha had collected from her store. “This is Malcolm, my dear. He’s a very spirited horse and will need careful handling. He sometimes requires a firm flick from my whip to keep him in order, although I often think it’s the rider who needs the whip, not the horse!”

Charlotte eyed up Malcolm, a lovely little hobby horse, its head set on a long multi-coloured striped pole with lovely red reins attached to his bridle.

“I’d like you to stand up and mount the horse. Put the pole between your legs and and then take a hold on the reins in your hands.”

Charlotte did as commanded, gripping Malcolm tightly between her firm thighs.

“Good! Now my little jockey, I want you to walk slowly around the room in a circle.” So saying she tapped Charlotte’s bottom with the riding crop, and made a click-click sound with her tongue …“Walk on!”

Charlotte started to circle around whilst Samantha held onto the leash. Every now and again Samantha caressed and patted Charlotte’s haunches with the tip of the whip.

“You’re doing well, my pet. Now, keep going round, but encourage Malcolm to start to trot,” Samantha said, as she gave Charlotte’s rolling cheeks a sharper flick of her whip.

Charlotte picked up the pace, the pole of the hobby horse rubbing against her pussy. Every few paces, Samantha delivered another sharp flick of the whip to Charlotte’s exposed rump….SWIT! ….SWIT! …SWIT! With each stinging whip flick, Charlotte gave out a delightful little yelp. Her cheeks taking on a beautiful rosey colour as the whip gradually warmed her rump.

Charlotte kept trotting round and round in this fashion, her breathing becoming more pronounced with the exercise. Finally, Samantha called out, “Whoa, my little jockey! Stop where you are.”

Charlotte came to a standstill, pulling back hard on Malcolm’s reins.

“Not bad for a first attempt, but try not to yank so hard on Malcolm’s rein. He won’t like it!,” said Samantha. “I think six hard strokes with the crop will remind you not to repeat that mistake. Bend your knees slightly, arch your back and stick out your bottom!”

As Charlotte complied with the demand, Samantha brought the crop down hard across Charlotte’s well-presented buttocks… SWISH! THWACK!…SWISH! THWACK!…SWISH! THWACK!…SWISH! THWACK!…SWISH! THWACK!…SWISH! THWACK!… These strokes were by no means gently applied. After just two strokes, Charlotte was yelping out loudly and her bottom was cavorting right and left in a most obscene manner as she attempted to avoid the stingy whip.

“Right, my pet. That was lesson number one. Now let’s see how well you have learnt it, shall we? In a moment I want you to start trotting around again and when I say ‘whoa’, I want you to stop immediately without yanking poor Malcolm’s head off his pole!”

“Yes Mistress,” responded Charlotte, anxious to please her mistress.

Samantha gave Charlotte’s now rather red rump another little flick with the whip and said, “Giddy up!”

Charlotte straightened her back again and started off trotting around the room, one eye on her Mistress’ whip hoping that she wasn’t going to use it too much to ‘encourage’ her!

She trotted round and round the room, wondering when the command to halt would come. Minutes passed and she began to lose her concentration as she fell into a routine pattern. Suddenly she heard the long awaited command, “Whoa!” She panicked and came to an abrupt halt, yet again instinctively yanking Malcolm’s reins back hard.

“Whoops! Oh dear!” she thought. “Now I’m in for another lesson with the whip!”

Without being asked, Charlotte stuck out her bottom, knowing that inevitably she must be whipped for her lack of ‘due care and attention’ in riding Malcolm.

Samantha smiled to herself. “Perhaps a dozen hard strokes this time? Why not! Let’s see how resilient Charlotte really is.”

Samantha drew back the crop over her shoulder and really started to lay into Charlotte writhing rear… SWISH! THWACK!…SWISH! THWACK!…SWISH! THWACK!… Unsurprisingly, Charlotte was unable to withstand the onslaught for long and she kept trying to move her bottom away from the stinging whip. However, Samantha kept a tight hold of the leash and followed her around and around… SWISH! THWACK!…SWISH! THWACK!…SWISH! THWACK!… This had Charlotte yelping loudly, raising one foot and then the other as she tried to absorb the pain.

By the time the dozen strokes had been delivered across the quivering rump, Charlotte’s bottom was criss-crossed with numerous red welts and she was sobbing loudly.

Samantha gathered Charlotte in her arms and hugged her closely, and then gently stroked her well-whipped bottom.

“Well done, my pet. You took that hard whipping extremely well for a first-timer! I’m so sorry to have been so severe on you, but I really needed to test you to see how much pain you can really deal with. It’s always good to know your limits and it is my duty as your Mistress to slowly help you extend them.”

Charlotte looked up and gave her a grateful smile. “Oh Mistress, thank you so much for caring for me!”

Samantha suddenly released her arms around Charlotte and looking sternly at her said, “Aren’t you forgetting something, my pet? What did I say about how I expect my spanking pet to behave?”

Charlotte looked rather taken aback and rather puzzled. Then suddenly it dawned on her. She had committed two cardinal sins as far as a submissive was concerned. She had made direct eye contact with her Mistress and had spoken to her, both without permission.

Falling down on both knees, and averting her eyes, Charlotte said in a submissive voice, “Oh! I’m very sorry, Mistress. I beg your forgiveness. I should not have looked at or spoken to you without your express permission. Please punish me for my disobedience.”

“Don’t upset yourself too much, my pet. You’re still a novice and have a lot to learn. Nevertheless, I think just another six strokes with the whip will absolve you from your sin. Stand up and present your bottom to me as before!”

Charlotte rapidly stood up and stuck her bottom up again, willingly offering it to her Mistress. Samantha wasted no time and delivered six more stinging cuts to her already well-whipped rump. Despite Charlotte’s tears and howls of pain, she noticed yet again the tell-tale signs of sexual arousal in her protege! Charlotte was clearly relishing the treatment and Samantha was loving providing it!

The following week was half term, Charlotte was invited to go to Samantha’s house for a few days. What a treat!