The Removing of a Naughty Girls Knickers in Preparation of a Spanking.

Soooooo many of these!

When I do a shoot, I often take close ups, not just of red bottoms etc, but artistic (well I think so…blush) ones of my girls knickers coming down. As well as bare bottoms prior to a spanking. This will grow to colossal proportions! I might have overdone it a bit. As well as new close ups, a few are cropped images from other sets, so rather than see the bottoms in the distance, they are all nice and close up for you….why not give them all a smack?

Set one. At the desk.

Click here…

Set Two. In the gangway.

Click here…

Set three. In my Study.

Click here…

Set Four. Out at the front of the class.

Click here…

Set Five. All in a row, bent over a school form.

Click here…

Much more to come!


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