Vintage Dommes

Already my mind is working on the 1920’s ‘Inveigle’ story, I will use a lot of my vintage stock as well as my very own flapper girls, Charlotte, Kate, Samantha and Stephanie!

Over the years, these girls have popped up in various vintage sections of my blog, some of them I have written about in length. Some of the most innocent photos below, hold the most interesting stories, like a 90 year old French woman with glasses, who still practices, or the innocent looking Victorian lady who wrote books on good house keeping…and how to spank naughty maids to the best effect, including, in public!

… I thought it might be a good idea to group them together, for all you naughty boys and girls to drool over. And for me to find easily!

So…get on all fours, bare your bottom, and crawl to the one of your choice, and ask nicely for a long, hard spanking.

I am putting this in my ‘Vintage Stock Pile’ section, click here…

Right then, come on you naughty little sub! I mean it! On all fours, bare your bottom, have your phone, laptop, tablet or whatever before you, now scroll through quickly, and whoever it stops on…spanks you!

It is like Spanking Russian Roulette for your bare bottom! There is around thirty of them…enjoy!

Obviously some of these are film stars, or ordinary riding people and so on, but many are definitely Dommes, the others? Well, they look like one!


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