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Imagine a place in the world where naughty girls are sent to learn the error of their ways by the use of traditional English discipline. The cane, spankings, corner time, and many more punishments.
Even better, imagine that there were hundreds and hundreds of these establishments spread across the globe, in a world wide society where the spanking of a naughty bottom was an essential part of a young lady’s upbringing. A place where naughty girls could just not help themselves getting into trouble, a place populated by the little minx.
One such establishment is the ‘Saint Helena Academy for Wayward Girls’ in Derbyshire, England.
And one such girl is Kate.
It’s funny how some girls can be good nearly all the time in this world, and only experience maybe one or two spankings in their whole life. These are good girls.
And others, like Kate are the opposite. Mischievous little imps who are always in trouble. It is a well known fact in this delightful make believe world that many girls get into trouble on purpose, because they crave discipline, and enjoy being kept in line. These are the bad girls.
Good girls love to see bad girls ‘get it’.
The bad girls hate the good girls, and find it humiliating to be punished before them.
The life of the ‘bad girl’ often leads them from one school to another, and eventually these women end up in an establishment like this, made to wear the easily recognisable ‘naughty girl outfit’. So that the population can help keep an eye on them, and report any wrong doings to the authorities.
Kate’s main crime throughout her life has been the need to masturbate in public.

The threat of being caught makes her orgasm extreme, and the joy she feels from not getting caught is immense. It is ‘one over’ the good girls.
Kate has only been in the academy for a week, and here she is wandering the corridors on Friday afternoon, she has a free period, to be used as study time.

She is looking for a suitable room to drop her knickers, and spread her legs.
And look, it seems she has found one…

The room was one very often used for detention, or special study and Kate found this delightfully naughty and daring. She slowly walked around the room, letting her fingers gently touch the desks.

Until she found one to sit at. She picked one next to the wall so she could not see anyone come in until the last second, which meant she would be caught for certain. This prospect excited her.

She looked around for the last time, and let fate decide. Her pussy was damp, so too were her white school knickers.

The room felt as if someone had wrapped it in cotton wool, she felt safe in her hushed surroundings and began to position herself.

“Good grief, I am so soppy down here.” She thought.

She held the palm of her left hand against her pussy and began to thrust slowly against it as she repeatedly said the words…

“Oh I am such a naughty girl, I need spanking!”

The word spanking, and the word naughty sent a ripple of delight through her groin. She needed to feel her panties come down and sense the vulnerability that the cool air would send over her unprotected bottom.

She began to chastise herself. “You naughty girl, take those panties down, bare your bottom for a spanking.”

She imagine a group of ‘good girls’ looking at her, pointing and teasing. She smiled at her wished for adversaries, and pulled her high waist pristine crisp white school knickers down some more.

Her bottom was now bare and she smacked it as she said loudly, “take that you naughty girl, and this!”

After each stinging smack she held her hand on her soft smooth cool skin! and it felt delightful. The need to masturbate grew in intensity, her knickers had to fall.

This was the point of no return, if she was caught here with no knickers on, with her record, it would be obvious what her intentions were.

Her delightful shapely bottom was bared. She looked at the hockey stick resting by her hand, it looked smooth and inviting.

She hung her freshly laundered, crisp white school knickers on the end of the hockey stick, sat back and opened her legs.

She began to finger her pussy, and rub her slippery clit.

With her eyes closed, she rubbed harder, and harder.

As her fingers slid in, she looked at the hockey stick again, lustily.

She unhooked her knickers, and placed them beside her at her school desk. She gently placed the blade of the hockey stick in position.

Her lips were well lubricated and it rubbed between them easily, and slid in as she began to let it fuck her cunt.

She could not get enough pressure so decided to straddle the blade and ride it.

She rode it hard, fast and loud as her orgasm approached, and then pushed down on the blade as she came, letting out a series of cries.

Slowly she removed herself from the sticky blade of the hockey stick, panting for breath. All was as quiet as when she entered. She pulled her knickers up and left.


The next day she told her friend Samantha about it as they stood talking in a corridor.

Samantha thought it sounded very daring so agreed to accompany her, and maybe do it together. So they went to the same room after their last lesson, knowing that plenty of after school clubs were running in the main block. So walking out of the gate later, free from suspicion should be easy.

It was quiet, just like the day before. Clocks ticked as did the radiators, and along with the sound of distant traffic, and a netball match, they were the only sounds.

They walked to the same desks.

Sat down and began to talk, quietly and sexily about masturbation.

Samantha was eager and was the first to start to play.

The excitement was almost too much, and her first orgasm hit straight away.

Kate smiled at her raunchiness, and thought that she had found a kindred spirit, someone to share her own orgasms with, and was soon rubbing a damp patch on her knickers.

“Oh God, I am so glad to have found someone like you! Take your knickers down, let me see you do it!” Cried Samantha.

Kate pulled her regulation white school knickers to her knees. Samantha stared at her pussy. “Finger your cunt Kate, go on, finger it fast!”

“Oh I love your bush too!” Exclaimed Samantha in delight.

They soon shared an orgasm, and began to talk some more, they felt safe and relaxed.

“Do you like looking at me masturbate Samantha?

“Oh yes, I have never watched another girl do it!”

“Would you like to see me shove something in?”

“Bloody hell, yes please…what?”

“Look in my briefcase.”

Samantha reached over and picked the bag up, put it closer to her and eagerly looked inside.

“What? In this plastic bag?”

“Yes, a banana!”

Samantha took it out excitedly.

“Here you are! Are you going to peel it?”

“God no! It might break, imagine going to the doctors with that! Please pass it here! I’m fucking desperate to get it in! I want to see you looking at me do it. Oh Samantha, I mean it, I have always wanted someone like you to!”

“Here you are, and yes!  I have always wanted a friend to watch! We were made to be friends Kate!”

“Push it in me Samantha, fuck me with it!”

Samantha held it gently and helped guide it in the wet slippery slit. The world around them faded from their senses, both were totally focussed on Kate’s pussy.

That was a mistake, because not too far away was Miss Black. She needed to count the desks in a room she used for exam re-sits. The room the two girls were in, was a room she often used. She could hear them, and crept to the door.

Completely, and blissfully unaware the girls carried on.

“Faster Samantha, fuck my cunt faster!”

“I will Kate, talk like that some more, like a dirty slut. Then I will get on my knees and let you fuck me with it!”

Miss Black stood looking through the window in the door, listening as she slowly opened it, to gently creep up on them.

For a few moments Miss Black was mesmerised as she watched two of her girls, masturbating with a banana, in an ‘Out of Bounds’ classroom.

They were almost shouting now, as the banana fucked harder and faster.

Pure filth fell from their lips as stealthily, and totally unnoticed Miss Black, like a cat stalking a bird, glided between the desks to pounce.

She coughed, as she stood just a few feet away from them, and both girls squealed in shock. Caught, the banana still fucking Kate’s cunt!

“You naughty NAUGHTY! Girls, you should be out of the school now! Technically you are trespassing! Here you are, as bold as brass, in an out of bounds room, masturbating! Samantha! Remove that fruit from Kate’s vagina, and close your mouth, you are not a cod fish!”

Wether it was her nerves, she wasn’t really sure, but Kate gave a giggle at the last remark. Miss Black did not like that at all!

“So you think this a laughing matter do you? Well, let me adjust your cavalier attitudes by putting half a dozen red lines across you bare bottoms! Come on, out you come!”

Suddenly the range of corporal punishment implements on the teacher’s desk became very apparent.

Both girls quaked as Miss Black picked up a very swishy cane, it was swaying gently, almost mocking them. “Let’s give  Mr Whippy an outing shall we?”

“Get yourselves bent over a desk apiece, right now young ladies! Although, listening to the disgusting filth that was pouring from your mouths just a few seconds ago, you are both anything but ladies!”

“Come on hurry up! No dilly dallying! Skirts up…now!”

Miss Black took a deep long breath and smiled wickedly. She loved her power, she loved girls bottoms and loved thrashing them even more! She took aim.

“Keep still Kate! Present that bottom properly! Heaven knows, you have had enough practice!”

Tap tap tap… went the rattan cane on that beautiful bare spankable schoolgirl bottom. Then…

THWAAAACK! Went the cane leaving a bright reddish purple line across both cheeks instantly.

“Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!” Screamed Kate as Miss Black moved to take aim on Samantha’s ample, beautifully curved bottom.

She raised the cane and adjusted her stance and swiiiish!

The cane found its target brutally, as a resounding crack filled the classroom. The reputation of the formidable Miss Black had been well earned.

The cane slashed down like a sabre in the arm of a cavalry officer at Waterloo! The room was filled with the sound of swishing rattan, the cracks of cane on plump young buttocks and the desperate screams of two naughty girls getting what they richly deserved.

Whack, thwack! Went the cane.

The girls wriggled and squealed.

“Keep those bottoms up! Stop wriggling! Stop kicking!” Shouted the severe Miss Black.

“Please Miss Black! Please stop! Please!”

We are sorry, honest, please, please….stop owwwwwwwwww!”

“There is no stopping for naughty girls who madturbate in out of bounds classrooms my dear girls!” Thwack, whack, swiiish!

The thrashing carried on and on, pleading for it to stop and begging for mercy totally Ignored.

Eventually the end was reached, and two well striped very hot and sore bottoms were ordered to the front of the room, for corner time.

Both girls got up carefully, wincing at every move, as Miss Black pointed to the board with the cane.

Walking stiffly, holding back tears, the two girls eventually made the front.

“Put your noses to the projection screen, and hands on heads, come on! Quickly, do you want another three each?”

“Oh for God’s Sake girls! She walked and put them in position roughly, knowing that the pulling and strain on their muscles would be sending shockwaves of pain through their buttocks.

“Now stay there, and don’t you dare turn away from the screen, I have work to do, but will be watching you both intensely as I do! Understand?”

“Yes Miss Black…sniff.”

“Yes Miss Black…sniff.”

No girl had ever turned around, no girl had ever dared to even think of it, until today!

Miss Black settled at a desk, to look at their freshly punished bottoms, she loved them all, and as usual she began to masturbate, slowly and quietly, feeling safe. She had done this hundreds of times, and nobody had a clue.

Or so she thought, but rumours amongst the girls had been spoken of in gossip corners for ages. Punished girls had talked of wet sticky noises, and little moans coming from her.

The noises began, Miss Black wore stockings, and loose knickers, so access to her moist slit was easy, she began to rub her clit as she focussed on their cheeks.

Samantha whispered to Kate. “Listen.”

By now Miss Black was fingering her cunt hard, she was in the ‘ZONE’, she had passed the point of no return. The girls dared to turn and saw the orgasm face coming over Miss Black, her eyes locked on their bottom.

Miss Black had never thought that mobile phones could get so slim, Kate slid hers out of her breast pocket behind her badge and ‘CLICK, CLICK, CLICK’, she recorded an orgasmic, fingering, out of control Miss Black, who on seeing the girls looking had the best orgasm of her 55 years, and let out a huge moan.

“Oh girls! I’m cumming! Look at me fingering my cunt! Watch me!”

Had Miss Black really just said that? The prim and proper Miss Black! Swearing and masturbating too? Kate clicked and clicked, her ammunition of revenge grew by the second.

“Oh dear Miss Black, what have you done?” Said Kate.

“We have you now!” Said Samantha with glee.

“You have been a very naughty girl Miss Black, and we all know what happens to them don’t we! Get to the edge of the desk!” Shouted Kate as Samantha giggled

“We are going to punish you Miss Black!”

Miss Black put up no resistance, armed with those photos the girl’s could do as they wished. Her career could easily be in tatters if she pushed them into showing anyone. She could lose everything, including her reputation. So, like many of the girls she had thrashed over the years, all she could do was to submit, become compliant and take what was coming.

“Yes Miss Katie, yes Miss Samantha.”

Was she toying with them?

Was she being mockingly sarcastic?

Or…was she really submitting to a caning.

“Get over a desk and bare your bottom, you naughty girl!” Samantha spoke in a stern cold voice.

And she did, meekly.

“Time to Bare your bottom now girl!” Shouted Kate.

Miss Black did as she was told, and willingly let Kate slide her knickers down.

Whereupon they both proceeded to spank her bare bottom by hand!

The girls loved it, but wanted to get to the main event!

“Let’s see some stripes on her bottom like ours!” Shouted Kate.

So they began to cane her on her bare cheeks, Samantha first.

Then Kate took over. She was well known for her tennis skills. “Give her some of your aces Kate!” ShoutedSamantha gleefully.

“Oh I will, I will!” She replied as she took the cane. Her bottom was stinging like hell, and she wanted Miss Black’s to feel the same.

Samantha rested her chin on the palms of her upturned arms, watching close up as ripples ran through the soft flesh of Miss Black’s plump soft bare bottom, after every resounding thwack!

She screamed and howled time and time again as the cane landed hard and true.



“Now get up you naughty girl! Go to the front of the class!”

Miss Black could hardly move, and sobbing she straightened, to make her way to ‘corner time’, to stand in shame.

In a dishevelled state, she stood there, sniffing back her tears. “Put your hands on your head!” Ordered a very strict Kate.

“Yes and let’s have your bare bottom on show!” Added Samantha.

Miss Black turned to them and smiled…

“Thank you girls. I have dreamed of this for years!”

The girls said they had loved it too!

What followed surprised and delighted them all…

The girls began to masturbates again.


do you know what?

Miss Black joined it. Together in that little room a unique relationship was born.


Asa’s note…

Kate sort of moved to story 74, do this particular story will not be added to.