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Caught Smoking in the Theatre

A girl has been caught smoking behind some props, n the drama room. Obviously, with so much wood and material it was a great fire risk, so the Headmistress summons her class to sit and watch an example be made of her, you are one of them, so take your seat…

Trembling, feeling aroused and scared, you leave to the sound of the girl crying….

Mr.Reece gets a hand spanking…

To understand, you ought to read this story

Read it? Oh good….to continue then.

The story has got to the stage where the naughty history teacher has admitted his crime, and agreed to be punished. We have explored his submissive feelings and the thrill that the enjoyment of spanking an older man, who was an authority figure, is giving the school girl. She spanks him by hand…

Look at him, further discovering the enjoyment of pushing his bottom up for the next smack, the pain and submission making his cock throb.

Look at Tamara, the concentration, the pleasure. Her pussy makes her white panties damp at the crotch. She has already decided that this must… MUST NOT be the last time she does this…”You naughty boy! Your Mummy should have put you over her knee years ago, you deserve this bare bottom spanking, don’t you? Tell me you are naughty, and what you deserve.”

With great pleasure he does, he wants to, he needs to! “Spank my naughty bottom Miss Tamara, punish me, please, punish me!”

SMACK…SMACK…SMACK “You naughty, naughty boy!”

Gasping for breath, Tamara stops to gather her composure, she must not show her enjoyment too much, she decides. She needs to keep her authority present at all times, with her young, crisp Oxford English accent. “Stay right there!”

She picks up a piece of his chalk and goes to the blackboard.

The plimsol next…

Domestic Vintage – Part Two


The first section got a bit full, so for speed of site maintenance, I am doing a part two, see here for part one… 

Continued… Another 95 photos so far…

Keep thrusting your bottom hard as I spank you, it will make me cum!
So special, just because of that glimpse of cheek!
So sexy…watching a girl rub lotion into another girls bottom….sooooo sexy to me!
“If you ever try to dance again drunk….THWAAAAAACK! This will take place on the stage!…..THWAAAACK!”
“You have let me down…whack, your mother down…whack, your school down…whack, your friends down…..whack!…”
“No, no, no! Not before our frieeeeeeeeeends!..owwww owwwwwww!”
“I will not stop spanking you until your sister here is satisfied that your bottom is red enough you horrid child….how could you?”

smack, smack, smack, smack, smack…
“Oh I see, oh dear! I thought you meant the bristle side of it, in that case, I am really really sorry, honestly!”

‘To late for sorry now!’ …..THWACK!….THWACK!….THWAAAACK….etc
“You little two faced, spiteful conniving liar!”

“Next time I trust you with an oar, keep hold of the damn thing!”
“You are not supported see to be enjoying this!”
‘Why not…Sir?’

Stockings are always nice, I am quite partial to the older ones what get a few wrinkles in! I think the overlap of material gives a sexy colour and looks exciting! The odd hole makes a girl look pleasingy tarty!

This is a nice set I stumbled upon on a site selling rare erotic books…

That top cheek!
oooooooooooooh!….it needs a right good squeeze!

They are nice knickers to lay a cane across aren’t they? ….Swiiiish…crack!

“Awwwwww no Daddy, please Daddy!”

Someone is in big trouble, and I suspect a long hard fast thrashing, naked before guests is due!
One of my all time favourites….so domestic! And upper class!
what can be better than a haughty, spiteful, society girl getting her cum-uppance?

“How dare you humiliate me in front of Lord and Lady Charmicael? I have been waiting years for an invite to that grand house! When I do! You get caught with your knickers down with the gardeners boy! Well young lady, they are coming down again, right now, for two dozen good whacks with my riding crop!”

“But Mummy, the maids can see!”

“Yes dear, they can!” WHAAAAACK……’Owwwwwwwwwwwwwww!’

…and how they loved watching!

Samantha in Spanking Poses

Samantha is spanked by me occasionally, here she is showing her beautiful bottom for you, all ready to spank however you wish…

This tall padded stool is lovely, it has age which I like.

I have put a small stool there for her to climb on. The beauty of this is that unlike having a girl bent over, where you have to strike sideways almost, the bottom is facing straight up, so you can ‘whack’ straight down. A girl kicks and arches, and almost does a superwoman pose, as if flying.

The bar can be used to grip, but the small stool with hands flat brings the bottom to the top of the stool.

The next apparatus is a towel airer, typical of many used in Victorian times, and right up to the 1960’s and still used today. I actually use this as a rack too, for plimsols, tawses, canes and crops. Get a girl close and make her grip the bar. It’s really good and could have been invented for punishment.

Can you see how her feet are tucked under, it really does bend and present a naughty girl very well.

If they cannot reach the rail easily, putting them on tip toe helps.

This next set up has a name, from the school it originated in, in England, for birching. The Winchester Position. Two chairs placed back to back.

I prefer the elbows bent and forearm flat.

Imagine laying a cane on that, or if she is very naughty, a half step further towards her and apply three from each side to wrap the cane around her buttocks

Neddy, we all love my little rocking horse. Get a girl in time with the cane or crop, and get them rocking, so they sway back to meet the incoming instrument of pain.

The back of the saddle is ideal for stretching the knickers over, to keep them in place.

This is also good for pussy grinding to orgasm as a girl is cropped or spanked by hand.

And the last for now is my favourite. An old piano stool from my antiques centre. A girl simply cannot move, she would drop over. It puts strain on her arms and keeps the bottom tight and taut for an excruciating caning. Because of blood rushing to their head it is ideal for a quick no nonsense ‘six of the best’. In ther words, do not keep them there overly long.

And as you can see by Samantha’s pumped up plump excited pussy, it is also very humiliating for a girl when publically punished…


In the Bathroom

If you remember, the maid, after making a mess with of things, had just finished cleaning the stairs, and moved into the bathroom.

If you cannot remember, then click here

Right, on we go then….

Her day has gone from bad that worse, the bathroom had smears, it seems she has not mastered the art of wringing and rinsing cleaning cloths in clean water, and polishing off with a dry as one…

Even I know that rubbing around a bath with a bath brush in a half hearted way will not clean a bath, never mind please a very fastidious strict Mistress!

Mistress takes the bath brush off her and watches her do it correctly with cleaning cloths and cream cleaner. She then uses the bath brush to make sure the lesson sinks in, into her soft round bottom cheeks to be precise!

Come back again soon, her duties are not done yet!

Doing Penance

Did you know that as well as the Irish Saint Bridget, the Saint of fallen women and prostitutes, there is a French Saint, St.John Eudes, the male equivalent…

When the girls have been particularly naughty in their wayward life’s, I send them to confess their sins in our little ‘Chape of Spanking’, lit up in blushing red, with a painting of him to kneel before. Then I spank them, and off they go…to sin again…forgiven!

Here are Samantha and Cherry, asking him how many smacks on the bare they should receive, and with what implement.

My Secret Wood and Gothic Ruin

It was a simple path that led her away on that sultry summers day,

It took her through the ancient woods, to a ruin, that led her astray,

It tempted and taught her in different ways, that her pussy had never known,

So she decided to stay in my secret place, and never no more to roam…


…I have this old ruin, quite romantic I suppose, sometimes on warm summer days I sit there alone, writing, a bottle of beer, or a flask of tea. Listening to the birds sing, the bees hum, and watching the butterflies.

My dear Kate loves it there…

Some of my clients who like to be spanked outdoors ask me to take them there. I tell them that they should be careful, because I never quite feel alone, and when I get back to my studio, or my Victorian house with the theatre, or any of my places really, I feel….well, it’s hard to explain….. I feel that, …I have not left the ruin, in so much as I have been allowed to leave.

The portcullis draws her like a magnet, she says it fits a fantasy she has, so she often walks straight through, and out the back…like visiting an old friend. I tie her up and spank her there. That makes the rooks fly!

Sometimes she asks if she can have the keys, I know she likes to go alone to masturbate and wander around naked, she says it makes her feel vulnerable, a bit scared, and sexy…very very sexy.

Let’s leave her to it a while, alone with her thoughts, we’ll come back soon.

Charlotte’s Fourth Visit to Miss Kenworthy

Click here to see the rest…

Chapter 6: Charlotte is strapped

Slowly over time, the visits of this naughty girl to the Head of Discipline at Saint Helena’s High School for Wayward Girls became more and more frequent and, it has to be said, more and more painful! In this sequence of images, Charlotte receives a severe strapping across her bare, quivering cheeks. The strap has her dancing in no time, wincing and howling as it whacked and wrapped itself repeatedly across and around her steadily reddening cheeks.

To read the next chapter, click here…

Chastisement and Punishment

Let’s see two very naughty girls squirming in fear.

Not only have they played truant, they have been caught shoplifting! The Headmistress and Deputy Headmistress have collected the girls at the school gate, where they have arrived in a police car. Luckily, no charges have been laid, on the promise that the matter will be dealt with fully, and firmly. They had stolen small jewellery accessories, mascara, and sweets. They are sent to the detention room, where we meet them, sat outside.

“Awwww I’m scared Charlotte!”

“Me too! We are going to get a right thrashing!”

They hear the other door to the detention room open and shut, someone is getting things ready. They are (deliberately) made to wait ten minutes.

A business like deputy head eventually strides determinedly towards them, with a cane in her hand. “Ohhhh I am going to make Mr Whippy here make you dance and sing today you naughty girls!”

The door opens briskly. The headmistress is stood with a cane in her hand too. “In you come!”

Feeling sick, shaking and suddenly wanting to wee, the girls stand and enter.

Amber falters. The deputy prods her with the cane. “In! Move! Now!”

Just imagine having this authority. To have the full backing of the ‘board of education’ to bare naughty girls bottoms and punish them….and get paid well to do so!

The door closes behind them, the room feels terrifying.

Their severe telling off booms out!

‘Disgraceful behaviour…….shaming the school…..your parents have been informed……let us down…..let yourselves down…your friends and the school too…….naughty girls…..need to be punished ….etc etc,’

Canes wave, fingers wag! ‘What have you to say for yourselves?’ The girls cry.

“Tears won’t save you! Stand up straight! Don’t slouch! Hands by your side!”

The sentence is given…by the strict headmistress.

“You will both bend over a desk each, lift your gym slips, whereupon your knickers will be lowered, and made ready to take a dozen of the finest whacks with a size thirteen plimsol…on each cheek. Then…” She pauses for dramatic effect…” Without delay, you will both get twelve of the very best wth the cane. Your knickers will remain off for the rest of the day, until your parents come to collect you from school. And, young ladies, if this, or anything like it happens again, you will both go over the vaulting horse, naked, before the whole school, for twenty four strokes of the senior cane, you will be flogged without mercy! Understand?”

“….y..y..y…yes Miss.”

“…y…y…y…yes M..miss.”

“Then let’s get this done with, We have better things to do than thrashing your bare buttocks!”

Nothing reddens a bare bottom quicker and deeper than a blistering fast spanking on the bare with a plimsol. We did not cane, instead Liz and Deborah made a cup of tea whilst I rubbed soothing cream into their cheeks.

Vintage odds ‘n sods, bits ‘n bobs, and some a bit Quirky!

191 photos then it carries on in part two…

Welcome, sit down, let me serve you tea, whilst you look at some lovely bottoms….

A spanking display in a Victorian Theatre
In a game of sexy hide and seek, where the girl gets spanked when found, this girl is not trying to hard to hide!
Naughty Miss Light says….’you know how to turn me on Mr.Jones!’
Dare we spank each other here?
“…yes! Let’s do it!”

Great Great Great Grandad Asa
What a perfect naughty girl look!
You lead… I’ll follow
She is coming up to my room for a spanking, no knickers required today!
This is Olga….owner of the perfect bottom
“I said, stand up, bend over the desk, and bare your bottom for a spanking!”
…she has taken over from her Daddy. Things are going to be different now.
Jenny Agutter from ‘Call the Midwife’

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