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Three’s – No-1 – three spanking friends…Part 17

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This part of our little story is simple, just look into the mirror at Charlotte’s face, and watch as a girl who loves to be spanked, enjoy having one. See her enjoy the sound of smacks, the sting of pain, and watching her two friends deliver it.

I remember this beautiful day with my dear friends like it was yesterday, I, like them, was in spanking heaven…

more to come…


Three’s – No-1 – three spanking friends…Part 16

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Having all taken a turn to be spanked, and all achieving their orgasms, the girls made their way upstairs in their aprons and with their bare bottoms on show. To the bathroom.

What a pretty sight they made, all stood in a row, quietly.

Charlotte spoke first. “Oh Samantha! I love your bath! I bet you have had some spankings bent over there.”

Samantha laughed and replied. “I confess that I have! Why don’t you try it?”

Eagerly, Charlotte trotted over and bent over the edge of the bath.

Her bottom, still a little pink from her first spanking, soon received more smacks.

She loved her simple double spanking at the hands of her best friends.

more to come…


A note on PASSWORDS and why…


I only use two passwords, one for posts which need one for two reasons…

a) Friends have allowed me to use their business premises and houses etc, just a few are scared of them being recognised.

b) After my recent suspension, and subsequent apology and guidelines, I am making sure it does not happen again, by putting anything which I know caused enough concern for someone to report me, is now behind a password.

All is still there, you just have to put the general Spanking Emporium password in.

The other is for Asa Jones Spanking Club, known only to members.


An Update on Spankington

For those of you who do not know, I have other passions.

Steam Trains, my train set, walking in the country, and exploring unusual/spiritual/mysterious locations. (Often dangerous….remember the tunnels!!)

I have posted a fair few of my adventures on here between the spanking.

Not many, a ratio of about 1000/1 in favour of spanking!……::chuckle::

My Train Set

It is a spanking one! If you click here, you can see the little stories I have done with it…you are sharing my construction.

I love building the models and putting lighting in, the trains, as much as I love them, are just there to enhance the little town, and to stop my wife being too curious in it all. “Oh he’s upstairs playing trains!”

I have been busy, making the school, and somewhere to put it. I have made a cave as a tourist attraction. I have constructed a pub to stand next door, it is called ‘The Cave Inn’…get it?

A barmaid will be being spanked in it one day. But for now, let me show you the school…

There it is, next to the line, and close to the swings etc near the Cave.

Here is a better view, the pub is going in a space to the right, near a church that I have not even started yet!

All my little creation lights up at night and looks very pretty, but there are no street lights here …yet.

I want to show you something…inside the school.

Lets lift it out, I stick it down last of all when all the wires are poking through the right places. here it is…

There is a secret flap….look

I have a secret inside, let me pull it out for you…

It is a classroom where a group of naughty girls are getting spanked and caned. I am going to construct a sports field, where a visiting school comes and causes trouble…this is the result. It will take me years to get to that point, but you know me, I plan ahead as if I am going to live to 100!!!

It is cut to the shape of the room, and just….JUST!!! slides in the window. The girl at the top right is being spanked stood up in the corner, it fits into the corner of the room.

Have a look at the scene.

When it is put in for the last time, all the figures will be straightened.

What makes any train set is lighting. I go over the top. bedrooms are lit, inside shops, streets, engine sheds…everything is lit up, and spankings are everywhere…when I slide them in through various secret trapdoors and opening windows, and roofs etc

One for the family to see, and one for me!

Lets put it back in, I want to show you something.

Can you see how it fits up to the window?

Let me stick it down lightly, it will not be noticed as a flap when done. I am quite good at flap camouflage!

I’ll switch a temporary test light on….look, through the windows!

You can see spankings.

Now you know why you are waiting so long for the next part of the story.

I am making scenery, houses, cutting little people up, gluing back in different positions, and painting red bottoms and knickers on, plus wiring etc etc

I’m a busy old pervert!


Ups and Downs…

Been a bit of a strange month of ups and downs….being booted off….being reinstated….getting a letter of apology, and told that I can carry on the same as I was, but to be a bit more careful.

[Hence the copyright warnings and password protected posts.]

And now, the Spanking Art Wiki Site has given me the ‘Photo of the Month’ with this photo of mine…

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You can see the photo in the story, No – 18

(The teacher ends up getting caned by them!)

And then I got to see that my site is NUMBER ONE again on Google, for illustrated spanking stories.

Troubles?….what troubles?!?