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Tunnel One – Door Two

You need to read this really, and then come back here…


…you awake after one of the best sleeps you have had for a long time. The smell of bacon and more filters in. There is a knock on the serving hatch, and it slides to one side. A tray is placed, and footsteps fade. You shout “thank you”.

You here a young female voice shout back, ‘you are welcome Mistress.’

What an amazing thing has happened to you. You eat the wonderful breakfast and drink tea. You walk to the trapdoor and try it, it is locked. On top of it are fresh downy towels, and all you need for the bathroom.

After you return from the shower, the pots and tray are gone, the trapdoor is lifted. A paid of riding boots and a swishy crop are stood by the steps. You pull on the dark brown, high, polished boots, and pick up the riding whip.

You stand at the bottom of the stairs, and turn to walk to tunnel one, the door to room two is open. You enter.

“Good morning Mistress….bare back or saddle?”

Your eyes widen, your pussy twitches. “Bare back please.”

The girl prepares herself for you…

She bends over for you. Not to punish, but ride!

Clicking her tong to make clip clopping noises, and bobbing up and down, she says, “Ready Mistress.”

You jump up on her back, your wet pussy resting on her knobbly back bone, which she moves expertly, as you whack her bottom with the crop…” Giddy up you dirty bitch!” …whack, whack, whack!

You have a wonderful orgasm, and dismount. Your eyes look around the stable, and there, hung on the wall are horse sized strap on dildos. You pick a huge piebald curved one, and strap it on. “Turn over, Pull your thong up, open your legs and take this!”

“Yes Mistress.”

The thong rips as you fuck her hard and fast, with no finesse.

She cums squealing loudly. And you leave, shiny, sweaty and out of breath.

You climb the steps, and close the trapdoor. Almost instantly someone slides a bolt. You collapse on the bed, the huge horse cock proud and swaying.

You remove it and strap it to the footstool by your bed, and mount it. You gallop once again, the whole cock inside you…

More soon.


Three Naughty Sisters – At Home

Hello again, nice to see you back…

This is a story of three sisters who get into trouble at home, at school, on days out… And everywhere really!

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine

And that is the end of volume one. More to come.

The Spanking Pet – Part 8

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Kate leads the submissive spanking pet into the caning room by the rope, as she crawls. Charlotte and Samantha walk in expectantly. Charlotte is going to use her box of tricks to bring their pets senses to a height she has never know. The trick being to excite her nerve ends with the gentle caress of spiked wheels and nipple clamps. This will make her skin hyper sensitive, so the cane will feel more painful than it ever has before.

Being naked, and tied, whilst surrounded by her three beautiful Mistresses, the pet was trembling in ecstasy and anticipation. Skilled in the use of her little gadgets, Charlotte guided the whole operation, directing the others to sensitive areas as she rolled a spiked wheel up and down the furrow of the girls pussy and over and over her excited little clitty.

Look at Samantha tweaking her nipples! And Kate taking a tour around the bush.

Then, with her trembling body close to orgasm, and her skin at the height of sensitivity, Charlotte put clamps on the erect nipples, making her jerk and squeal.

Charlotte spoke softly…

“She is ready for the cane now.”

“Oh good.” Replied Samantha

More soon…


Leone Frollo

Leone Frollo (9 April 1931 – 17 October 2018[1]) was an Italian comic book artist.

Leone did some beautiful spanking art, which I am featuring here. However, if you search for him and look at is erotic work, you will see that his skill in producing works of the female body, especially the bottom, is amazing. I knew nothing of him until my researcher Robin introduced me. To his work. You can see why his style lent itself to the comic genre…they tell stories on their own!

Frollo was born in Venice. He debuted in 1948 with a western called Sui Grandi Laghi (“On Great Lakes”). From 1958 to 1968, he worked for London agency Fleetway, doing war stories. After that, until the mid-1980s he did works in several genres, including fantasy and horror, but specially erotic comics. His main work in the erotic genre in this period is Biancaneve, based on Snow White, Lucifera and Yra, which he did for Edifumetto.

After 1987, he changed his style and drew some series for the French market: Malicieusement Femmes, Mona Street and Diva. Mona Street, the erotic adventures of a young American lady, just graduated from college in Boston, set in the first decade of the 20th century, was Frollo’s last comic work.

After abandoning comics, Frollo dedicated himself to erotic work, doing illustrations on paper with watercolour, pencil, and pastels.

Here are some examples of his variety of work…

I have purchased this book…it’s brilliant! A proper comic book! Fantastic!
Mona Street….I think I am in love with a comic book character!
Mona Street
Mona Street
Mona Street

Beautiful aren’t they, and so many of them out there. Go and search, and have some sexy fun.

Thank you to Robin, who has sent me more images of the model above, which he thinks retails at around £200

Probably it’s just me who would do this…
(thinking about what I am got to write….I gave just realised there is only me likely to!)
….but, would you cane her bottom with a cocktail stick? I would!

For more artists click here…


Speech Day ~ Part Two

This is actually a part in quite a long story, click here…


She took her knickers off.

The cool air in the silent classroom washed over her bottom, suddenly making the lovely ‘naughty girl feeling’ rise inside her, and the vulnerability of being caught with no knickers on made her pussy twitch.

Even the feel of the knicker elastic sliding down her thigh sent a thrill up her, and seeing them down to her knees did the same. “Oh I am so naughty!”

“Oh my God, just imagine Mr Jones walking in now, I would be bent over here for a right good spanking.”

She deliberately stretched her white panties, and the spreading of her pussy as she did, made her feel exposed.

The knickers slid off, gracefully…She smacked her bottom and gripped her cheek, squeezing it.

She hung them on the hockey stick, which amused her.

She heard more applause from the school hall, another good girl getting her reward. “I prefer my reward, a good orgasm for being so naughty!” She said quite loudly.

Still the clock ticked, the corridor was silent, birds sang. She began to tickle her clit with her fingers and caress her slippy slit.

Then she started to rub her hard little clit fast, at the same time her full pussy lips too.

Her first orgasm soon showed its first signs, her bottom bobbed up and down faster and faster, and Kate talked louder and dirtier!

“Ooooooh I’m fingering my cunt ever so hard, I’ve took my knickers off…come and have a good look, watch me force my fist in and spread it for you, ohhh yes…I’m cumming….ooooh I’m cumming, come and spank my bottom someone…Oooooh Yesss I am such a naughty…….naughty girl!”

The orgasms came in quick spasms, it drove her wild, she screamed and almost went cross eyed…

Oh wow! She diddled her clit like a virtuoso would a violin, she produced a masterpiece in her cunt!

After what must have been nine or ten orgasms she was out of control, her young lithe body had stamina to spare, she picked up the hockey stick and plunged the smooth bulbous end into her wet opening, and rammed it in and out, and up and down!

She grabbed the handle and quickly wanked it up and down the front of her cunt! She came again and again…making loud whore like groans and grunts.

Her pussy was getting sore, but it did not stop her from laying the hockey stick on the desk, turning it so the club end such up like a stubby cock. She straddled it, and like a witch on a broom she grasped it, then sunk down on it and fucked the wooden hockey cock for England!

A loud squeal and a ‘fuuuucking heeeelllllll fffffire! Shot down the corridor and through the window.

Nobody heard her, nobody caught her. I think it was time she had a victory!

The Speech Day finished and everyone filed out, she joined them and made her way to the gates. I bumped into her…”goodnight Sir, good speech!”

“Thank you Kate.” I smiled, maybe the example of all those good girls has made her think about her behaviour, perhaps my speech has inspired her.

Sometimes the teaching profession is so rewarding.


Robin’s Nest of Spanking delights!

Remember the spanking wood carver, Robin?

Click here…

Well, he has turned out to be a veritable mine of spanking information…a gold mine, lined with platinum using diamond tipped tools run by naked, spanking loving Amazon type women! Well, maybe not, but he is a wealth of spanking information and ephemera.

He is a perfect accompaniment to my site. We could be a radio station!

SPANKING F.M. or, Spanking FMera!

Like Hawkeye, who now represents me on Twitter as my marketing manager, Robin is a back room genius. He hunts, he sources and he delivers. I will still do the same, but with Robin, we are heading for being spankingly dangerous!

So bookmark this space, it could be rather interesting…

He will have various sets here, but also notes to his great finds. For a while now I have been looking for two photos to complete an Ostra / Biederer set, which is rather famous…the school scenes. He found them…

Click here to see the full set, and more…

Robin’s notes – No – 1

In my figure carving I have always been inspired by art deco figures. I was lucky enough to buy a spelter version of Bruno Zach’s ‘Lady with riding crop’, who is really obviously a dominatrix. She has a very haughty expression, as you might expect of a dominatrix! Original period castings of this sculpture have sold for over £70,000. Mine was only £xxx at the time I bought her. He did several other dominatrixes, the third one being rather frightening but very erotic!

Brilliant input Robin, keep it coming!

Here is more of his research, the wonderful naughty ladies of Cambridge University…she really needs to bend over that knee in a spanking pose!!!

Click here to find out more…

He has now provided me with a lovely set of canes!

::chuckle::… Alas, not in real life! Click here to see what I mean…

I have been talking to Robin a lot, he is very much a man out of my own heart. He is a great lover of the female bottom, spanking it, and a gatherer of general information on our shared subject….spanking. I should say the main difference between us is his submissive side. Which I find interesting, and asked him for more information. Read on…

Robin has once again earned his stripes (no….not that sort, his wife sees to that) by coming across this erotic chess set. Look at the Rook, wouldn’t a row of them in a spanking chess set, as pawns, look wonderful.

That set my mind thinking…an erotic chess set, spanking style. For me, two girls schools, but boys versus girls would be good.

The King….a headmaster in mortar board and gown, with a cane bent between his hands.

The Queen….either a matron, a headmistress or a secretary….with a hairbrush.

Bishops….nuns! Armed with birches!

Knights…prefects, in short skirts, with a plimsol.

Rooks….vaulting horses….where, a pawn could fit over!

Pawns….like the rook in the picture but with knickers around the ankles, blazer and skirt up….bottoms blushing of course!

He has now unearthed ‘Bottom Castings’

Click here to find out more…

Robin’s thoughts on bloomers…

Click here…

Birds of a feather flock together, well this has proved to be true, another Little bird has flown to Robin’s Nest of Spanking Delights…

Robyn Jones ~ my editor

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So now you know my editor, Robyn. Somehow it seems right they share this page, a marriage of spanking minds!

She has written to me about her editing work…

Click here…

She has now added a whole section about ‘Spanking Verse’, click here…

No 1…

No 2…

No 3…

No 4…

No 5…


More of these to come.

Three Naughty Sisters – Part One

This is going to be rather long and quite likely never ending!

Welcome to the delightful family of Charlotte, Samantha and Stephanie, who live with their Mummy, a rather strict lady. She has to be, Daddy run off many years ago and she has had to bring them up single handedly. It has not been easy.

Bratty, awkward, haughty, naughty, strong willed, easily led and tempted, nothing but trouble? No, not quite, they do have a few good moments, but by and large, they are a lot of trouble to their exasperated Mummy. Their bottoms have been spanked from an early age, and this shows no sign of abating any time soon!

School is pretty much the same as home, their bottoms have been bared on many occasions. To these dear naughty girls, spanking is just a way of life. They delight in seeing each other get one and urge Mummy on. And side by side with bottoms bared, is pretty much a painting of their life so far. It would be fair to say that if an artist was employed to paint their life story, then he or she would need a lot of red paint!

Let’s meet them. Here they are in the kitchen, they like to bake, and are not bad at it, one of the few things that their school reports actually mark higher than a ‘D-‘ of which there are plenty. Bringing home a bad report, usually means Mummy bringing out the wooden spoon, or hairbrush, as you will see one day.

It is pretty much certain that they are justly proud of their bottoms. Their lovely soft curved bottoms have been the centre of their life for ever, and they love to show them off, even when nobody is there. It is natural to them.

See what I mean? Samantha on the left is getting a spoon and Charlotte on the right is reaching for a jar of coffee. It is just how they are.

Study and homework takes a back seat, Mummy tries, but to be honest and fair to the poor woman, she has enough on. She works, and keeps a home, and has to deal with these three. It is easier just to leave them to their own devices.

A lot of time is spent quite happily playing games, well, no….that is not really true. They start off playing nicely, and sometimes finish playing nicely, but more often than not….hmmm, I think it is easier to show you.

Here they are playing a card game, what Mummy does not know is that they play for a £1 a game, they add it up as they go along.

What a lovely scene….no! Not the thong of Samantha, concentrate on the story, what are you like? I mean the girls playing nicely. But look at Charlotte, what is she doing? She’s accusing Stephanie of cheating. “That was my card, you’ve just picked it up you cheat!”

“As if! I don’t cheat! You are more likely to cheat if anybody is!”

Then the usual happens, tempers flare, playing cards get bent and discarded, and war breaks out! A fight!

Hair tugging, is common, please take your time to zoom in. On Charlotte’s face….it’s priceless!

Mummy tuts and looks to the kitchen ceiling. “Oh bloody hell! Now what?”

I am sure you can guess!

More soon, Asa