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Kate’s Story ~ Part Two and Three.

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The consequences of the letter to her parents

When Kate got home, she was obviously very worried. Mummy talked sensibly to her after reading the letter. She explained about reputations, and getting the wrong things said about her. She said she deserved her punishment and it served her right. She also tried to assure her daughter that she would try to keep her father calm when he heard of her exploits.

On his arrival she heard him explode…”She did what?! Bloody hell!”

Then there was talking and he came in with his leather soled slipper gripped in his hand. She passed the letter to him nervously

She had always been his blue-eyed girl, and, when he saw her shaking hand, his temper cooled a little.

“Look, what you have done was silly, rude and extremely naughty. Everyone will know, and Mummy will find it hard to look her friends in the eye. However, I know you have paid for it well, Mummy says that Mr Jones has done one of his renowned jobs on your naughty bottom. So, it is supper in your bedroom and no television for the rest of the week.” said Kate’s father.

Kate felt relieved. She had thought that another spanking on her already very sore bottom was in the offing. She muttered, “I’m very sorry Dad.”

However, as she started walking towards the door to go to her bedroom, her father interrupted her departure.

“Where do you think you are going young lady? Not so fast. Despite the fact that Mr. Jones has already given you a damn good hiding, I’m going to give you a spanking too. so get on that chair and bare your bottom!”

Crestfallen, Kate complied. She knew that there was no use in arguing with her father….a spanking at school always meant a spanking at home in this household.

Twenty good firm whacks later found her in her bedroom, tummy down, naked on the bed. Her towel was spread over her bottom with cold water soaked into it. Her bottom was welted and very sore, it would be a night for sleeping on her tummy, and probably breakfast stood at the breakfast bar.

Part 3

Kate has submissive dreams

Sleep slowly came over her, her mind full of thoughts about being punished, as she stroked her welts. Her fingers moved to her pussy…

As she arrived in ‘dreamland’, she was walking with Mr.Jones. Before them was an old building in the woods.

She walked in. It was damp and she could hear dripping water. He led her past some hanging chains with hooks to some stairs. She noticed that he had a lantern to light the way. He switched on a light which illuminated the bottom of the stairs, which they then descended.

There was a long corridor, with twists and turns, and other corridors at intervals leading into the darkness. She thought she heard moans from some. They arrived at a locked door. Mr Jones unlocked it and took her in.

“You are now one of my schoolgirl spanking slaves. I have come down here to punish you, not because of anything you have done, but because you are a dirty little bitch who likes to be punished. You are a real pain slut. That is what people say about you now. Even your Mummy and Daddy know what you are. They have given you to me.”

‘Yes, I am your dirty slut, your dirty little bitch. You can fuck me if you like.”

“Shhhhh. For now, just get on there, and bare your bottom. There’s a good slut.”

‘Yes Sir.’

Her dream went on and on. Day after day she waited, hungry for his cane. She heard him walk down the steps, swishing it. However, on some days his footsteps faded down another corridor, where she heard distant whacks, screams and groans of sordid pleasure. How she hated those other dirty bitches. She wanted to be his only dirty spanking bitch!

On some days, the steps would stop at her door. The key would insert into the lock, echoing, and after a clunk the door would open. With a black gown flowing over his tweed suit, his brogues clipping on the cobbled damp floor and his rattan cane swishing in the air, he would deal with her.

Every time he came, she found new ways for her bottom to greet him

Night after night she lay thinking of it, her hands working hard, one on her pussy, one smacking her bottom or scratching lines on it.

Night after painful night he came and thrashed her to orgasm.

He was right, she loved it, she needed it.

Then one night it was different. Why, you might ask. Well, you see it wasn’t her bottom that greeted him, it was her wet pussy…

”Fuck me Mr.Jones, then cane me long and hard!

He took out his throbbing manhood, and then with his cane in one hand and his glistening, pulsating, purple head in his other, he…she…he…she…she awoke to the best ever orgasm of her life…

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The Slave Girl ~ Part 7

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…she did not take her far at all. Just to a piano stool a few yards away.

She spoke to ‘Spanky’ as she put her in position. “I have a lot of favourites, but two of the top things are presentation and stripes on your bottom. If I cane a girl, I like to keep to the cane, even if I change the apparatus four or five times. If I use a tawse, or a paddle, or a slipper, I tend to keep to it. I enjoy seeing the different results. On this stool, I study your presentation, I also like to see what happens to the cane marks as you bend. They were perfectly straight across your cheeks, but on here, with your bottom crack stretched wide and your cheeks taut, they will take different paths. So this is often a place for me to look at you. I often tawse on here, the tawse is best on stretched cheeks, like the cane is best on soft plump cheeks. So…I am going to give you one good whack with it, that’s all. Up you get, let’s have your butt hole gaping!”

She walked around staring at her slave girls tight bottom. The tawse raised, to make her conscious that a whack was coming…then…WHACK! One resounding smack took the girl’s breath away and almost made her fall off the stool.

“Right then ‘spanky’ get up! We are going for a walk! Come on!”

I will let you know on Twitter when the next part is ready. Enjoying it? Hope so, see you soon then!

A Naughty School Girl’s Crimes and Punishments ~ Part Three

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…”Follow me! Like I said, do not bother pulling your school knickers up, they will be coming straight back down anyway!” I said loudly as I marched quickly to my office, with Kate struggling to hold her green regulation school knickers up and keep up with me! As we passed other girls, they clasped their hands to their mouth in surprise, then giggled and pointed at her sorry plight. News always travels fast, and the latest spanking of naughty Kate would be hot news.

I reached my office and she waddled in, quite comically behind me.

“Yes young lady, you may well look sulky and nervous! I am going to thrash your bare buttocks over the vaulting horse! How dare you show your bottom to the work men, and shove your fingers in various holes whilst they shout obscenities? Hmmm? Well if you are so intent on displaying your bare bottom, let’s show it to the school shall we?” With a flourish I drew back the long curtains and opened the French Windows on to the quadrangle, where numerous girls were gathered.

They soon began to clamour for a good view, the air was filled with chatter and excitement.

“Get to the horse young lady! Let’s teach that bottom of yours a lesson it will not forget in a hurry….AND! THERE WILL BE A LETTER TYPED FOR YOU TO TAKE HOME TO YOUR PARENTS!”

A knowing ‘Oooooooh.” Rippled through the gathered ensemble. They knew this meant that another thrashing awaited at home.

Very impressive mounting you stupid girl! Did I say get on it? And will the girls be able to see your quivering buttocks getting the strap that way around? GET ROUND HERE NOW YOU SILLY DISOBEDIENT GIRL!

She was in a real tangle and hardly knew what to do, she was scared and crying. I pointed to the spot I wanted her in, feeling a little harsh. “Right, calm down, stop dithering about. Stand here, and when I say get over, get over, facing that way. You know very well that you have been an extremely naughty young girl. And at my school, naughty girls go home with bright red sore bottoms. It is for your own good, I get no pleasure from it! I am here to put you girls on the right path to being a responsible adult. You, my dear girl, are a very long way from that path!”

“Get over, present your bottom!”

I picked up the heavy thick unforgiving senior strap and watched her wiggling soft bottom settle into position.

Then I began, between every whack across those well rounded struggling soft cheeks I chastised her….THWACK, “Ooooowwwwwwwww!” …”You naughty girl!”……. THWACK! “Owwwwwwwwowwwowww!” How dare you!” THWACK…”Ooooooooohhhhh!” “Bring such disgrace to our school?” THWACK! “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeooooowwww!” “You have let yourself down!” THWACK “Ohhhhhhhwwwwwwwwwww…wwwww…sob…”The school down!” THWACK! “Owwwwwwwwwoooooooohhhh!” …”Your friends down!” THWACK, “”Yeeeeeeoiiiiiooooooww!” “Me down!” THWACK! “Your parents down!” THWACK! “Ohhhhhwwwwwwwowwwww!” And so on…

It was a magnificent beating, with her legs kicking wildly, much screaming, begging and apologising too. The watching girls made noises of shock, and some derision, and mocking of her, and encouragement to me!

Then there she was, blubbering uncontrollably, a shaking wreck of a naughty girl! Her bright red bottom a swelling and blistering example of what happens to a naughty girl. The other girls stood looking, then slowly, changing places to get better looks, they dispersed.

As her crying slowly subsided I told her to stand, hands on head, in disgrace and shame, a silly sniffing spectacle of naughtiness, by the vaulting horse until home time. I shut the French Windows, but left the curtains wide open, a steady trail of girls between classes and breaks came to see.. Some to giggle and point,, others to just stand and stare.

Various visitors to my study came and went, her arms must have been numb when I passed her the letter for her parents.

Note…her bottom was a lovely red inter last photos, but the light from the sun etc made it look as it does. My apologies.

Next, you will see her at home. The photos are taken, so keep an eye on my Twitter feed.

A Naughty Schoolgirl’s Crimes, Punishments, and what happens at Home.

This will be another long story that will probably never end. It is all about this girl…

Her name is Kate.

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Part Three

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Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine

Part Ten

Part Eleven

Part Twelve

Part Thirteen

Part Fourteen

Part Fifteen

Part Sixteen

Asa’s Note…

So many combinations with my girls for this!.

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A Naughty Schoolgirl’s Crimes and Punishments ~ Part Two

NOTE…as you know my photography is not bad and usually quite clear. In this part of the story I wanted a corner of the classroom to look quiet, and sort of hidden… ‘Secret’ would be a good word. So I have messed around with shutter speeds to get the atmosphere right.

And so it begins…

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As often happens, Kate has been naughty, but not enough to earn a spanking (although she would much prefer it to detention)

So it was that on an afternoon in early September, she found herself sat writing one hundred times, ‘I must not make noises like breaking wind when Mr Brocklebank is teaching history.’

She was on line 85 when boredom and an aching wrist became so irksome, that she decided to relieve it by seeing what else she could get up to. I had left her there because I had staff shortages and much pressing work to do. Silly me, I should not have trusted her at all really. But my office was only two doors away.

In my absence she caught sight of a fleet of delivery vehicles and their drivers in the yards next door to the school. Many of them, handsome young men in their early twenties.

First it was quite innocent, blobbing her tongue out and waving at them. They shouted back noisily. I heard them actually, but did not think much of it, I had heard them before you see, usually a game of football at lunch, or tea break.

I noticed the noise get louder, and stood up to see what the commotion was. Their gaze was aimed to my right, I opened the window slightly and could then hear them quite clearly…”Get ’em down luv! ….Show us your cunt!… Get your tits out you naughty girl…strip off, show us what you’ve got!”

Kate! What the hell was happening? I stood up and set off to Detention Room 3, where I had left her.

Unbeknown to me, she was flashing her bare bottom at them, and was just starting to shove her fingers up her bottom and into her pussy. Her most common crime was masturbating in stupid places, and sometimes with ridiculous insertions!

I flung the door open and caught her red handed! “You naughty girl!”

A huge cheer went up when they realised she had been caught, with much pointing, laughter and jeering!

“Don’t bother pulling those up young lady! You know what is going to happen! If you are so fond of showing your bottom to all and sundry, you can damn well show it to me, as I lay the strap across it! Follow me!

So that is her first crime, next is her punishment!

All photos are taken, so it should not be too long. Keep an eye on my Twitter feed, or keep popping back.

Vintage Sets ~ mainly Beiderer and Ostra and Retro Sets ~ Varied

Before you start looking, I have made another part to this, because as you will see, this got quite full. So have a look at these, then scroll back up to click on this link…

Biederer/Ostra Sets….

How I wish I could have been a ‘fly on the wall’ of his studio, how I would love it if a hundred years from now, people look for mine!

Poor Mr Biederer, he was a Jew and died in the concentration camps.You can see lots more of these ‘BORS’ girls, here…

I will eventually transfer sets that I have already posted in other sections into here. Eventually being the operative word! But like everything else I say, it gets done…

Set One

..looks like a man about to masturbate as he looks up the cleaner’s / maid’s skirt! He gets forgiven and true love descends! Or maybe he asks if he can spank her with the feather duster!

Set Two

In this one, to be honest, I have no idea. Why paint behind the screen, does he masturbate too? I imagine him ramming his cock through the hole in the pallets board. Who knows?

Set Three

Two girls out in the country, reading a naughty book. My guess it that there fingers get busy.

Set Four

A naughty girl sent to see Daddy for punishment.

Set Five

Outdoor Spanking

Set – 6 ….the famous school sets. Thank you to Robin, my researcher, for filling in some long looked for missing ones.








The next set is equally, or even more famous…

Set – 7 …The Ballet Class

Set – 8 ….the dream

This lovely naughty vintage submissive is day dreaming about being spanked, I would say that her fingers have been or will be busy!

Let’s see what has been going through her mind shall we?…

It seems her friends have been having similar thoughts too!

This is a lovely set, one day I want Charlotte and Samantha to replicate it, and add a few extra on. Both in the same Jim-jam sets as each other…

Set No – 9 …the Pyjama Set

Mr.Biederer, it has to be said, your models had fabulous breasts and bottoms!

The next set is the curious shower sequence, sexy, but I am not quite sure what is happening!

Set – 10 …the Showers.

Lovely aren’t they?

Set – 11 …features a Domme in a beautiful Yve Richards Corset

Set 12 …is quite unusual in the fact it has a man in. I only have two! But there must be more, I’ll continue my search.

MORE VINTAGE (not Ostra)


RETRO SETS…These are easier to find, I have lots in my collection. I will add them all…….eventually! NO IDEA WHO THEY BELONG TO, LET ME KNOW IF YOU DO, I THINK IT IS IMPORTANT TO CREDIT PEOPLE, THANKS.

Set 1 …a naughty 1960’s wife.

Set 2 …another 1960’s naughty wife, caught running a sex chat line at home whilst he is on nights! He came home early!

Set – 3 …A group of spanking lesbians, love the size of the nipples on the big girl!

Set 4 …two friends starting on a voyage of discovery, with a rolled up magazine…how cute!

Set 5 …a bit of weird style bondage

Set 6 …a very old outdoor set

Don’t ask me why, because I am not sure I know! But there is something slightly disturbing about these…I think it is the spanker, he does not seem old enough to spank a woman like this, it could be a girl, but I don’t think so. It just looks a little….erm, sinister.


Set – 1

Set – 2

SET 3 …so glad I have found this, I have always loved the people in set 1


No spanking, but a naughty Secretery from 1910 – photographer unknown

Set – 5 …a very old outdoor spanking


SET ONE – A slave girl auction, a bit of vintage Gor!

A Free Spanking Service for the Needy

Are you a naughty girl?

Any age, things like that do not matter.

Have you a sin, a worry, a past deed that troubles you?

Sister Samantha or I will deal with you. A photograph of your bottom being punished will be taken for you. This will not be used without your permission. Our reputation is built on trust and respect.

Do you feel that physical punishment of your naughty bottom after a full confession, would ease your mind?

Then contact me…via Twitter @asajones2

Of course, the STRICTEST confidence will be applied. Only you and us will know. We have been dealing with naughty girls, to any level….chastisement only, up to severe canings, for ten years and have many returning clients to our correctional studio.

ALL FREE, it is our mutual pleasure after all.

We offer all the facilities you see on my pages.

Charlotte’s Sixth Visit to see Miss Kenworthy

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Chapter 8: Charlotte is slippered

Charlotte had been naughty and reported yet again. She seemed quite pleased when she came through the door. Miss Kenworthy told her to lift her skirt, and lower her knickers.

Before Miss Kenworthy made Charlotte the offer she had in mind, she needed to test her pain limits to their maximum and her ability of holding her position whilst receiving a severe punishment. So today she decided to use one of her favourite combinations, the piano stool and plimsoll.

She Informed Charlotte that it was to be the plimsoll this time, on the bare!

Once in this position a naughty girl has no choice but to stay in place. This was going to be one hell of a spanking!

She took aim, and focussed her stare on Charlottes perfectly shaped, plump, spankable bottom. She was going to enjoy giving this spanking. Next to caning from cold, a plimsoling from cold was her second favourite.

She delivered forty hard bottom blistering whacks, each landing randomly on the cheeks, no alternate pattern of thwacks. The THWOP! of rubber on soft plump flesh, mixed with Charlotte’s squeals were a perfect combination.

Charlotte took it very well and Miss Kenworthy told her so. She beamed with pride through her tears, which Miss Kenworthy loved.

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An Unusual Relationship – Part 5

To see the build up to this part, click here…

With the spanking now in full flow, Mummy decided to make it more intense, by exhibiting her daughter. “Right stand up, let’s have your top up!”

Remember, I am there, documenting this, hence the photos…

“No mummy, no, don’t show me!” She knew they were to be published, mummy had agreed to it. Of course, Charlotte wanted it too, but she needed to protest. It was what she wanted to do, to make her pussy even moister.

But of course, mummy did. The protests were exactly what mummy wanted to hear too, she always masturbated after spanking her naughty daughter. She was dripping! She showed her…

Here is how it happened…

More to come, photos taken, be patient and look for my Twitter alerts etc…