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6 BEAUTIFUL SPANKING ART, THIS INCLUDES ‘Spanking Oddities’…ceramics, dioramas, etc 

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This first section goes up to artist / photographer No 20 and then carries on here…Spanking Art by Various Artists

Not the largest photo, but this is my personal favourite,

No 1 ~ Louis Malteste 1862 – 1928

Try to imagine him if you will, working under oil lamps at his desk, in his wood panelled study, creating these beautiful works.

This is why I do what I do, he inspired me so much! I can draw and paint a bit, but could never do anything so good as these, so I use my own photographs to illustrate my stories. In these little snippets I am using the names of the girls in my team… Claudia (Miss Iceni), Charlotte, Kate, Lucy, and Samantha, also known as Tamara or Miss Kenworthy.

Here is some of his work, (lots more to come)

Number 1 – An After School Birching

Lucy had long been long overdo a good birching. Coming from a well to do family, her Daddy was a Governor of the school and she thought herself immune to punishment.

But today was different, she had been a nuisance all day, and had been told to stay behind when the bell was rung.

She thought it would be lines again, but no! Four years of pent up feelings were about to be imprinted on Lucy’s bottom.

“Oh no young lady, it is no lines tonight, this time we are going to stripe your bottom well! Hold her still Miss Charlotte! Let me pull her bloomers down, and then we’ll begin! We have two birches for you Lucy and I expect to see them both almost devoid of twigs by the time we have whipped your cheeks!”

“Noooo noooo you can’t! My Daddy is a Governor.”

“Let me correct you on that young lady, he was dismissed from that post this morning!” Said Miss Kenworthy.

“Nooooooooooo awwwww blahhhhh!” The girl began to scream and cry wildly.

And the thrashing has not even started! More than that, if you look in Miss Charlotte’s hand, there is a martinet to finish off with!


Number 2 – The Enima Birching

Look at the glee in the maid’s face.

You see, Katie was the ladies maid of the eldest daughter, the young lady, stood on the right, Tamara. In the middle is the mother, Lady Iceni.

Like all maids, Katie knew her place, and tried not to complain. The daughter has recently become very pompous, due to some friends who encouraged such behaviour. She found it great fun to ridicule the maid as often as she could, pointing out her low rank in society and life.

Tamara witnessed this first hand and had asked the maid about it, she got the full story and went straight to tell Mummy. Mummy took matters in hand and thus the scene you witness…

“I cannot believe what you have turned into Lucy! A spiteful, selfish young girl who finds it fun to ridicule our faithful maids! You are getting the birch on your bare bottom, thirty six strokes, administered by Katie! Last time you were birched you emptied your bowels after three strokes and made a terrible mess!!…”

“No Mummy, stop! Don’t talk so loud, stop telling her that!”

Katie could not help but laugh.

Mummy continued. “To stop the same happening again, Katie is going to give you a warm soapy douche up your bottom, then thrash you, mercilessly! I mean that Katie, show no mercy at all!” Instructed Lady Iceni.

“Noooooo Mummy…..


No3 Figging

The young woman Charlotte  turns to her  Samantha. She is in a victorian flagellation brothel for women (yes, the did exist, and I have researched them, see my story ‘The Inveigle’). Her Domme has a bit of what first appears to be carved parsnip.

“What are you going to do with that!?”

“Shove it up your rump hole my dear!”


“The last time you came, I saw that you needed more, so you are being figged my dear!” She spat on the piece of hand carved ginger root and inserted it into her fine plump rump.

It began to burn, especially when she tightened her anus onto it, so she relaxed….THWACK! ….and on it went, every time she relaxed she got a thwack from the hard hairbrush!

a note on FIGGING

It was first recorded as a punishment for female slaves in Ancient Greece.

In Victorian times it was used in prison on both male and females being birched or caned. As described above, the purpose was to make the person being punished relax their buttocks, and at that moment they would strike! Relaxed buttocks feel much more pain! Fiendishly clever, because on deliverance of a brutal judicial stroke of a half inch diameter five foot long cane, the first reaction is to clench the buttocks. On doing this the intense burning around the anus was by all accounts unbearable, so they relaxed! THWACK! The cycle would continue with regular insertions of fresh ginger, which hurt more.

It seems when a woman was sentenced to three months and twelve (of the cane on the bare buttocks) the man who would deliver the thrashing was put in charge of her. She had to behave, because he decided on the severity.

Damn clever these Victorians!

No 4 Mrs Walter’s Spanking Bench

If ever you go to Bristol in England, get yourself a street map, look for an area called Clifton and search for Oakfield Road, number 53.

A Mrs Walters used to live there, in Victorian times, and ran a house of correction for Wayward Girls. Yes, it’s true, (look it up) people who had wayward daughters would send them to her, maybe for a year, maybe for a week, maybe for a day. For one reason….discipline! Think of Miss Iceni when you think of her.

There were newspaper accounts of her, (easy to find). She was known as ‘The Lady of the Birch’

Yes, she made a good living from spanking, birching, and caning naughty girls bottoms.

The girls had a uniform, a long dress open at the back, like an extravagant hospital gown! Imagine that, all firm young women, with long dresses, open at the back, to reveal bloomers, all ready for spankings….the bloomers would have open backs you see. And yes, women. The girls could be sixteen, they could be twenty one, it was a finishing school.

I am writing a story of it, it is in the photo story section.

Here she is, in one of her famous punishment rooms.

Doors permanently hooked back, a small raised Dias with a spanking bench. The day before, at tea time, a notice would be put up outside the room on the information board. The girl, the crime, the punishment time, number of strokes, and implement, could be read.

The girl had all night and next day to worry and be taunted.

Girls were encouraged to watch and jeer as the unfortunate girl was thrashed, wiggling and screaming. Nothing she could do, she was there for that reason, to have some sense birched or caned into her, and her parents were paying handsomely.

Like I have just said, she could be twenty one.

So, if you go, and stand to look….imagine what happened in there, every day, to naked rumps, for decades.

No 5 – A Bare Bottom Spanking in the Park


The girl with the upper crust accent.

The girl who thinks herself untouchable.

The haughty girl from well to do parents.

Don’t you just love to see them come crashing down, falling from grace and humiliated, ideally by a very public spanking on their bare bottom, which of course they take very badly with much fuss, making a spectacle of themselves.

Meet Isobel, who has just stormed off the tennis courts claiming she was robbed, and that she never wants to play at the ‘stupid’ tennis club again!

Not a huge offence, but it was Sunday, Mummy had been to church, and has just been told of the hullabaloo by a friend, who said it was a shameful outburst of spite. It was the straw that broke the camels back!

This spanking was long, long, long overdue!

Unfortunately for Isobel, just as she threw her expensive, top of the range racket Into the bushes, as she told two children who also played at the club, that they were ‘stupid, silly poor children, who ought to be banned from the silly club for not being worthy to play against people in her upper class’ .

Mummy walked up, slowly, hearing every word.

“You spiteful, horrid child! I am ashamed of you. I thought I had bought you up better than this…COME HERE!”

Right there, on the court next to the busiest path in the park, Mummy lifted her skirts, pulled down her bloomers and spanked her.

Then she made her hunt for  her racket, with her bare bottom on show, and walk home holding her skirts up for all to see. With a good crisp smack every few steps!

Imagine that…an angry mother, with a pair of bloomers in her hand, smacking her daughters naughty bottom all the way home!

Well done Mummy!

Number Six – Lucy the naughty maid admits her crime.

It is Saturday tea time in a grand old town house, in a crescent. The Mistress of the House is Lady Charlotte Elizabeth, she has six maids.

It is a tradition in the house that naughty maids are punished before their Mistress at this time of the week, by the strict, no nonsense Miss Kenworthy, the Housekeeper.

On Wednesday Lucy was found with chocolate around her mouth, and crumbs on her pinafore. Sat in an armchair by the fire. She denied stealing biscuits!

So here she is baring all, ready for a dozen with the tawse for stealing, and a further dozen to follow with the cane, for lying.

“Ask the girl why she did it Tamara.”

“Well girl? You heard your Mistress!”

It was now or never. Lucy took a deep breath and At the same time took the breath of her superior, and her Mistress away!

“To be perfectly honest, I did it so I would be caught. I have heard accounts of the punishments in here, on a Saturday, and was jealous. I need thrashing often please Mistress.”

Lady Charlotte Elizabeth and Miss Krnworthy looked at each other in amazement for a full minute. The fire crackled and spit in the grate.

“Thrash her without mercy before me Tamara, then put her in the corner. Bring me my relaxation aide from drawer number three as you leave.”

“Yes Mistress. Lucy, stand! Bottom to Mistress and legs wide apart. I want you to count each stroke out loud and clear.”

“Oh I will.” Said Lucy with a twinkle in her eye. Especially the winking eye between her legs, thrust out to her Mistress, with her juices trickling down her thigh.


“One Mistress!”….

Click here…

More Louis Malteste

(Most with little scenario descriptions added)


The second artist I am showing is another great favourite of mine,

No 2 ~ Cheri Herouard, also known by his pseudonym Herric.

1881 – 1961

He illustrated lots of spanking novels, these he did under the name of Herric. You can see his name at the bottom of the front cover here…

Very 1930’s film star aren’t they?

I have quite a collection of books, I will show you inside them, but in another section.

In his own name he illustrated in colour for a society magazine in Paris, called La Vie Parisienne. Not all were as cheeky as this, in fact, a lot wasn’t, but I am not showing those!

Here he is in his studio. He used the same girl models for both sides of his work, how they must have giggled at their naughty secrets at times.

Not all these were spanking related, but even working for them it was never far from his mind! as you will notice…

A little gift for you! All wrapped up in a pretty bow, holding a martinet. I wonder what on earth you will do with her. Be a nice one to post for Christmas wouldn’t it, and with a bit of editing it would make a lovely suggestive, (in a can I spank you sort of way) card too.

I bet bet this Governess did not stand for much nonsense!

And like I said, even when the article he illustrated had little to do with spanking, often it was about fashion houses, art, literature, society etc, you could see it was never far from his mind. Just look at her cheeks. I think the lady is some sort of disciplinarian with her sub, in his mind it was probably an erotic art school….or is that my mind…lol

Here is one of his book illustrations, beautiful isn’t it?

Set in a Tea Room, one of the customers tried to leave without paying, so she is spanked with a martinet before the customers. But you see, this is a tea room where ladies with a certain interest frequent.

Maybe a vintage version of my story, ‘Rosie Bottom’s Blushing Buns Cafe’…. Wish I could go in a time machine and find it! What a way to spend an hour or so, watching all the naughty sexy ladies find various ways to get into trouble! Talking of time machines, have you had a trip in mine yet?

click here…FLICKERING IMAGE – a spanking time machine…

1924  Paris, a hot summers day, the Love of the ancient Greeks influences this Domme, her little bitch is made to wear a toga. As her Mistress lounges, smoking a cigarette, she tells her to fan her, and keep her cool.

‘Then my little pet, when I am cool, you can lift your toga, pass me the fan, and get across my knee for a vigorous spanking.

‘Yes please, thank you Mistress.”

“Oh Mr Hourard, please, please Sir, turn me over, call me a naughty girl and spank me again, but harder and longer than last time, and keep chastising me all the time, calling me naughty, lots of times!”

“Of course I will my little darling, roll over!”

We have seen his studio, I suspect this is another of himself in his La Parissienne Office, a wistful fantasy, to suit an article.

Here is another of his spanking novel illustrations, as always, lots of detail and meticulous attention to that detail.

A wayward daughter? A secretary? Maybe a wife, who knows. Looking at the papers I would say an office setting, so let’s go for some personal assistant to a spanking author, that has made an error.

….or is that me being wistful…”I’m sorry Mr Jones, I’m sorry!”

It is not very often I put much about fem/Dom of men, but this drawing begged to be put in! Isn’t it wonderful…

Another illustration for La Vie

It’s a matter of deportment you see. The biology teacher Mr Jones has taken the sixth for girls on a ramble, to pick wild flowers for microscope examinations. He too Miss Kenworthy, their tutor in such things as etiquette and demeanour, with him. “Keep those legs straight as you bend girls!”

She smiles knowingly at him…

As you know, Charlotte works under the name of Paris, maybe one of her ancestors did modelling work too!

What do you mean you came through a wardrobe? You think me stupid?

You are tresspasing on Narnia! Now let get these knickers down!


“Ooops! My mummy has found out about all my wild parties at finishing school and has just gone for her hairbrush!”

‘Oh I remember you at one! You came as Eve! I was the man in the top hat, mask and cane!’

….” I see by the stool, there is a mirror and a powder puff! Your cheeks look red too. You have been pampering and applying rouge instead of keeping your eye on the dinner haven’t you? Well get over the stool, bottom up! I will make your other cheeks even redder!”


I find it impossible on many La Vie Parisienne artworks to say for sure they are his, just the style of these, especially the bottom for spanking poses, suggest him…



I think Grandma is not very pleased with this outfit, do you? What a stern face! A pity there are not pictures showing what might have happened next in our spanking world! I think a jolly good bare bottom spanking and sent upstairs to put something more suitable on.


And this one could so easily be corner time. I have a mental picture of him doing these with a wry smile.

I am an older man, and I know a lot of people think of us as old perverts! But, in my mind, we are older gentlemen appreciating the stunning beauty of the female bottom, and the glory of knowing naughty young women in our twilight years. Look at these old rascals! I can see me in every one…lol

If she isn’t fishing for a spanking, I don’t know who is! If she gets caught and spanked often, she will have a well paid easy job for years and he will be happy!

And look at this man with his eyes almost popping out!

I know this feeling, but hope I am a little more subtle!

Click here, to see how I am using his influence…

More Herric


The Third Man I am going to look at is a photographer, more art soon!

No 3 ~ Pierre Louys ….b1825 – d1879 the photographer of large bottoms!

He was a highly honoured ‘man of words’ in France, getting the highest awards a man could get. His poetry inspired music by Debussey. His erotic literature mainly about sapphic desire, (lesbians) were fantastic by all accounts, inspiring the minds of artists and photographers. Many a lens captured ideas spawned by his erotica.

He was also a photographer, highly interested in lingerie, the larger rump, and porn! And prostitutes!


It has to be said that prostitutes came in a huge array and variety. From the mega star courtesans, with Dukes and Kings as clients right down to the slum girls.

Pierre was interested in the higher class…music hall dancers, artist and photographer models, and many well to do girls and groups making a good living. Bawdy houses too, with Madams caring for them.

Here are a few of his books…

Let’s have a look at some of his photos. Here is a rare spanking related one of his…

But….butt! It was the larger bottom, that his photos are famous for…


Couldn’t you just spank every one…right now! I could!!

Here are his prostitutes…

Even the stars of the burlesque, and can-can dancers were available!…


And his lesbians…

Victorian Lingerie was a particular favourite and he would make the odd appearance himself…as you will see here.

Some of the girls would be extra naughty, like this girl masturbating with an umbrella…



The fourth man I am dwelling on, had his own ‘school of art’

No 4 ~ William Mortensen 1897-1965

He had an unusual technique of turning his photos into a painting style, by using pumice stone, needles, paint, pencils etc to scratch and draw on them…

Wonderful aren’t they? Amazing what can be done to a photograph. Quite Gorean, don’t you think?



The Fifth artist, another great favourite of mine is


He was an illustrator in the thirties, in that glorious decade of calm before World War Two. Such a time in history, that the French have a word for it,but it escapes me….lol

I must get the girls to duplicate some of these drawings, not just this man’s, I mean all.

Here are some more samples of his art. The fuller bottom reminds me so much of Kate.

This one is from a book about a Domination Orgy!

Just look at the shading on this bottom…

Here are a couple more samples…

that bottom in the bottom one, is just perfect!

click here…

More Wighead


I just want to mention a man who has intruiged me for years! With his bowl haircut and round horn rimmed glasses, what an unlikely figure to be crowned the Bohemian King of Paris in the 1920’s!

No 6 ~ Leonard Tsugouharu

He was an artist famed for posters etc, but he was by all accounts fascinating company, everyone wanted to be seen with him!





No 7 ~ Mr Grundworth

Most of them have the female bottom on show…surprise surprise! “Now then my dear, you have been a naughty girl again. You know what to do!”

‘Yes Sir.’

Look at this naughty girl showing her bottom in her lovely knickers. When you buy this type at an erotic postcard fair, often from a pretty young lady you ask for ‘Bottom Lingerie’…I like that.


Here we see another, looks like she is in the woods. Her knickers are undone at the crotch and it looks like she has something in or near her open pussy….how lovely!

And another, (I have so many…blush) also outdoors getting ready to have her naughty bottom switched against the fence.


So many ways to show off a lovely bottom isn’t there? Like the diaper position, I have spanked many girls like this. Always nice to see a wet excited pussy whilst spanking!


This variation shows her pretty bottom off very well too…Click here for more of this wonderful mystery man…More Grundworth


No 8 ~ Luc Lafnet

He worked for many publishers, also writing under the name Jim Black etc, and illustrating for others. But he also wrote and published under his own name.

Luc is the reverse of Cul, the French word for Buttocks.

Here are some of his illustrations…

Quite a few of the girls in his drawings looked quite young, but I am sure this is okay here, because we are showing the artist’s work. One day I will duplicate many of these with my models, who are all the right ages.

Maybe this is them all grown up! They now work in a spanking dance troupe!


Love the frame! He did lots of enema drawings too.

Here is my tribute to some wonderful modern artists.

NUMBER 9 – Guille and Hobbs etc

Guile and Hobbs

Here is another photographer,

NUMBER 10 – Albert Wyndham

He lived in Paris and worked in the 1920’s – 30’s

A lot of  his work was for the risqué magazines of the time, such as this one

Lovers of naughty maids like him, this is how they appeared in his magazine shots…


…in his naughty ‘French Postcard’ sets, they appeared like this!

Yes, he was a producer of early porn and erotica, and is avidly collected by people who like this sort of thing….Blush! Like me!

…this ought to have gone in my vintage porn section, but like this model of his said, it fits in here quite well!




Paris by Night – 1930


Next up is another photographer ‘the Mysterious Monsieur X’ nobody knows who he is, well, one person I know does, but it is not me. And does it matter?

He follows on from the streets of Paris perfectly…

NUMBER 12 – Monsiuer X

The Mysterious Monsieur X



There are a few photographs I have that I am not quite sure where to put, or who took them.

Here is one, it may not suggest spanking to many, but it does to me. You see, in my mind, if a girl is somewhere unusual, and naked, or bare bottomed etc then it says to me that a Mistress or Master has sent her there to wait for punishment.

This girl works in a power station, and has been in constant trouble recently. After her shift she has been sent to the control room to await a well deserved naked spanking by her superior. Miss Alexander. Here she is, deep in thought…

This next one reminds me of…Me!

…a writer using a bare bottom for inspiration!

The flash of an unsuspected bottom is always nice isn’t it. This little unidentified interlude seems a good place to put two of my favourites…


Fabulous are they not?

…not that old, and not sure who took them, I wish I did, I would write and congratulate them.Many more artists and photographers to come.

****NUMBER 14 ….to save you scrolling up and down I am now doing them like this more and more often…

Gaston Smit

Click here…

Gaston Smit


NUMBER 15 is a Spanish artist, Mario Laboccetta…

Click here….


Mario Laboccetta



NUMBER 16 ….is me! Do not expect greatness!




Click here….


A Little Known Artist


No – 17 …an artist who is working now, not sure why he ended up in vintage! But it just seems right, he will be one day!

Click here…  Ian Hamilton

Here is a fabulous artist, who sadly passed away this century

No 18 – Loïc Dubigeon 

Click here….

Loïc Dubigeon 1934 – 2001

The next photographer/artist is a German, who worked in the 1920’s his name is…

No – 19 Eugine Reunier.

Here is one of his photographs that I colourised…click on the link below it.

Photographer ~ Eugine Reunier

No – 20 is a man from Germany who specialised in taking photos of Dommes.

Is name is Franz Rehfeld

here is a sample…


Click here to see his work…

Franz Rehfeld’s Dommes ~ ‘The Berlin Belles’

Click here for more…

Spanking Art by Various Artists





I have had many, and traded, but still have a few lovely old spanking books. These are two very old books…



More modern ones…

Book covers from girls books often depict schoolgirls who need a spanking! ( in my mind anyway!)

I mean look at these smoking in an out of bounds store room! Surely the whole lot of them should form a line and bend over for a bare bottom spanking! Except the ringleader!

She can bend over before them all for six of the best on the bare!

….and as for this girl!

It looks to me like the word ‘prefect’ will be rubbed out soon. She has been caught stealing from jacket pockets in the cloakroom.  Miss has asked if anyone else knows of any misdemeanours she has done, and all are putting their hands up to tell. I think it will be knickers down before the class for six of the best, then corner time!

Now this young lady has been sent home from school in disgrace, for cheating in exams. Mummy is talking to her…

“You can kneel on that chair and bare your bottom! Stay there whilst your sisters come home, and remain there until Daddy comes home! I have just rung him and he says it is the belt on the bare for you, young lady!”

Oh!! …you naughty girls! Peeking at Miss Antoinette, the French Mistress getting undressed!

The girl taking her turn says…”Let’s take our knickers off and finger ourselves as we take turn to look.”

i cough…”Ahem!! Yes, you can take your knickers off girls! Then get to my office for twelve of the best each, and with the senior cane! Come on! Off with your knickers, pull your slips up and run…come on! I am not bothered who sees you! And after you can stand on the school stage bent over, throughout dinner!”

Oh dear Brenda! It looks like a public thrashing for you my girl, what have you done…tut tut…

Look how the girls are giggling and getting excited at her plight! I think she will soon be over that desk, gym slip up, and knickers down, being spanked with a plimsol. I bet she is one of those haughty girls who thinks she is better than the rest. How nice to see those get their come uppance!

This book cover says to me that he is going to spank her bottom as he rides all the way back to his tent, then…excuse me for this, fuck her brains out!

As for this one, in conjures up this in my naughty mind. A man has never really thought of tying his wife up, until one day she loses control of her dog as it chases round and round her.

He tells her she should be more careful, especially as her bag drops to the floor and money is on view. He pulls her lovely panties down on the spot and spanks her, much to the onlookers delight. That night she sexily asks him to tie her up and spank her again!


Miss Dean, owner of a finishing school and dance school in Paris who ruled with a very strict code of practice. Some lovely illustrations inside if ever you see a copy.

What a picture this book cover from the early 1900’s has. What happened on the boat? And look at the martinet dangling over the empty wine bottle, the crying girl rubbing her bottom. I know they say do not judge a book by its cover, but I do!

What an interesting cover this is. At first glance it looks like a dear friend or mother tending a sick friend or daughter. The sinister writing gives a clue to what lies beneath the cover.


The girl in the bed, her feet are secured, and the woman is binding her wrists!

Oh I do love my collection of books! This is another lovely one..

Not many lines in the drawing, but just look at it! The way the whip wraps around the ellipse with the girl frantically balancing on her knees. I like to bind a girl if she is happy with it, but this, with the dungeon window looks rather scary! I think she could asphyxiate don’t you? Let’s go and rescue her and put her in one of my stories instead!

Once again I am not sure what the story is about, but look how she is looking at the chair.

“You naughty girl being rude to Grandma! I am getting the strap for you young lady, kneel in that chair, I want your bottom bare for when I get back!”

“Lift up your gym slip and show me the cane lines from yesterday Samantha”, asks Cherry.

“Okay, let’s scare these birds off and get behind this bush. Are you going to rub your pussy again as you look?”


“Hello Miss, Friday night again! I so look forward to it!! Please put one of my gym slips on again and my knickers, I have a paddle for your bottom this week you naughty naughty girl!”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, and keep calling me a naughty little school girl all the way through my spanking!”

On a similar vein….

“Hello Miss, can we both get naked again like last week as we spank each other?”

“I am already naked underneath this pretty dress my dear, and dripping wet! So finger me hard as you spank me again!”

“Oh yes please, and you mine Miss, as I do!!”

Oh dear, poor Katie, even in old books she gets a spanking. She has been drawing very rude pictures of teachers and pinning them up. She has just been caught by Miss Kenworthy, and both her and her accomplice Charlotte are going to be caned, on the bare, before the school!

They have just been told!


Advertisements can be fun! Look at these…(not big enough to be its own section, consider it an interlude!

Oh yes girls, you shouldall  try this, especially before us men!

This one is definitely not from recent years! Can you imagine the uproar!

Bring it on I say, a little bit of the 1950’s would do a lot of naughty girls a great deal of good!

And of course, for you submissive men out there, the other side of the coin!




I bet the postman had a wry smile when he delivered these, and I admire the senders bravery! Not forgetting the publishers.

I bet he gets an ace! Thwaaaack!! Imagine her jumping over the net holding her bottom!

Not the most subtle postcard phrase is it?

I have a guess this was a private joke, hand delivered to someone called Arthur, probably spanked like this as a boy. Maybe his older brother never letting him forget it!

At least this one has a clever holiday caption and a message.

A good old fashioned saucy English sea-side postcard, I remember seeing this exact one as a child, that is why I purchased this one!

It’s hard to believe this was intended to go through the post, obviously not censored by Mr Horatio Tumblr like nowadays!

Good advice, that is what I did! And look where it got me!! …

Oh look, here are Samantha and Kate’s ancestors. I just knew it was in their genes…..God! Have you seen their bottoms in jeans? I walked behind them the other day, it was like watching two people eating a mouth full of toffee!

Probably the oldest colour one in my collection. Nice isn’t it. Wish I knew what it said, maybe a reference to a real event?

I trust you are going to raise her attire and lower her bloomers Sir! I should open the door too. After knocking of course.

Skegness !! I used to go there for my jollies! Never saw this though….shame!

Not all postcards were for posting of course, but they could be. Many were for collectors.

I have seen this in colour and sepia too. Looks like a nice place for a holiday and a quiet outdoor spanking!

Anyone fancy translating this for me? Be nice to know what it says, I should have listened at school. But too busy thinking of my girlfriend Rowena, the first girl I spanked! Look how the spanking arm can move up and down!

This too please, looks a lovely country scene, what had she done? Let me know please.

Well, so is this! So my dear little postcard, you have ended up in just the right place….”we are having a lovely time. Wish you were here!

This is colourful…

Not sure it is a postcard, but it seems to fit in this section doesn’t it?

I love to see evidence that the postcard has been used, like the stamp and writing on this one. Not spanking I know, but bottom related is enough for me! Imagine the postman! And the recipient taking it at the door, blushing!

Must not forget Christmas!


Now this is how to settle an argument!

Key holes!

I have to be honest, I have looked through a few. Just to get a glimpse of what is not on view to the public. Like on a visit to a country house, or stately home. Never been this lucky…

Here are a couple more ‘run of the mill’ ones I came across…

The bloomers should be at her knees! Imagine her expression then!

I love the idea of the postman getting an erection as he takes a look at what he posts, and then I imagine the embarrased look on the woman’s face when she has to sign for a parcel. 






That’s a sexy cover! I never had comics like this did you?

and how about Harley ?Quinn? She has always deserved a spanked bottom! Just for looking like she does!

Maghella is always getting in bother! And her bottom does invite a spanking!

This has to be the best of all time….

Every older man with a spanking fetish dreams of being in this situation, perfect! Absolutely Perfect!

Let’s have a look inside some comics shall we…


Back to some covers….


And back in between the covers, just to break it up a bit!



Come and have a look in some of my books. The drawings in some of my vintage ones are so good, you feel as though you could reach inside and spank the little figures! Like this…

Sit down, leave the busy world. Put another log on the fire and share a glass of port with me. Let’s talk about spanking as we look at these naughty bottoms….

Maybe one of my girls, or me, can read to you whilst you…er

…relax ::smile: turning the pages, looking at the bottoms.


A little bit of bondage here, look how the Domme is thrusting her pussy to the plump rump of her sub. I love the idea of vintage sub/Domme.

Two dear friends of mine, Miss Iceni and LUCY, are so much like these!

….it inspires me to dress them up in vintage clothes and duplicate it!

What a lovely domestic discipline scene.

Self spanking….oh yessss! I love the idea of a girl who loves to be spanked, desperate for one, and thrashing her own bare bottom. In my mind I am looking through the key hole masturbating hard, hoping that soon she will be rubbing her pussy too.

Corner time, and in this case, naked. I think this is before the punishment. I am guessing she has been told to stand there until a knock on the door. It has just happened, and she is opening it to let the witnesses of her punishment in. Maybe she is a young Mistress and the maids of the house are going to walk in.

Oh I do love showing you these glimpses inside, I can just I agile you sat by my side as I tell you all about them! Let’s have a look at a few more…

Ohhhh my god, look at this. What a rump the submissive has, legs open, waist down, bottom pushed up! She is literally begging for a spanking.

Note to self…get two old window cleaning g ladders for my girls to be tied to! I love this idea, and although I try not to be distasteful, you have to admit, they are perfectly placed for taking from behind, walking from one to another…a few spanks on each! But which one does one pick to deposit in? Decisions decisions!!

Imagine an old house, dimly lit, lots of red velvet, mahogany, and brass.

The walls decorated with puctures from old books…

Can you remember earlier, I showed you this book with the ‘HERRIC’ illustrations?

Well, let’s have a look inside. A bit bondage style, which I like. The detail is awesome…

Truely an accomplished artist.

I wonder if this chap came up with the nautical term Spanker? Or…naughtycal !!!

oh look! I have found my friend Miss Iceni in one of my books…

Let’s imagine it is her in my dungeon with Charlotte and Kate hung up!

Now what is happening here?

It just has to be my dear Lucy in trouble again!

Now these chaps know how to deal with a naughty wife!

This one is an all time favourite, featuring the art of Leo Fontain 1884 – 1965, all about maids! And you know I love maids….naughty ones!


A serving wench getting spanked over a billiards table!

Domestic maid scenes around the house. Here are some outdoors…

A little bit of self flagellation

And some bottom touching, imagine this…

After looking at each other’s bottoms, they press them together as they masturbate…

Finishing schools always crop up in these books, the nearest thing to adult schoolgirls I suppose!

A couple more covers and a peep inside…

These could all be my girls! I hope to duplicate lots of this art with my girls.



This is a lovely book, and well illustrated…

Next is….’Nell in Brideswell’ a classic. My Dad had a copy.

It has to be here, a fictitious account of Nell in a Brideswell. All prisons were called Brideswells. This is set in Newgate. They were called it after St.Brides Hospital.

It was this book that led to a great deal of prison reform.

Based on fact, it recounts birchings on the bare bottom, especially the ‘welcome’ ones, (as people enter) which were in public, at the gates before huge lustful crowds.

Lots of well to do women went to see the public spankings and birchings, asking the guards and punishers for favours, (front row seats, private viewings etc) and all about punishments. She talks of the looks on the faces of punishers and all sorts.

I would have gone to see the birchings, most done by female wardens on females tied to flogging benches, bottoms and more bared. But not to see whippings. Spankings are my thing.



A little selection of beautiful art… Some of these will be named and have their own sections like those above, all in good time. This is a hobby which is growing daily! A huge undertaking.

(not just paintings!) This ended up having all sorts of things in and now I have made a section two, click here for it…

Spanking Curiosities, Oddities and Ephemera ~ Part Two

It would take a bit of verve and nerve to wear this, isn’t it fabulous!


Here is a painting of a girl’s school and a naughty girl about to ‘get it’..

Not a spanking in this one, but I loved the image and thought I would put a spanking idea to it. A newly married couple, she is a school ma’am and has just spoken of how she enjoys spanking her naughty girls.

He says, “that is very naughty, but I love it! You must tell me all about them.tonight though, you are the naughty girl! I will count to twenty and gone to find you, with your slipper!”

Even Cupid gets a spanking in art!

Nuns, there is something about a Nun giving a naughty girl a sore bottom…

This old style American art really suits this outdoor switching…

Talking of farms!

…a little odd, but still spanking art!



Here is a lovely 1930’s spanking model…this is what led me to include ‘spanking ephemera’, which you will find a few lines down from here.


Nautical soon turns to naughtycal if you misbehave at sea!

This section is getting too big as you have probably noticed, so new samples of art will be here…Spanking Art by Various Artists

And here are some modern dioramas, and spanking ephemera…


Remember the Platboy Femlins? A set of models based on this…


There wasn’t a specific spanking one, but you could quite easily accommodate them in a scene.



I saw a full set recently, but at $800 I could not justify the expense, so instead…my girls in my school room! Watch this space!





I deal in antiques. Which brings this to mind to start with…

A wood carving in an old Italian Church!

Now here are a couple of spanking gems!

An ivory Victorian Lady’s spanking paddle, for use on her maids.


And here is a lovely padded spanking paddle from Edwardian times…

Here are some wedding cake decorations! “You may now spank the  blushing bride!”

These models by Bishojou are fantastic, and the first thought that came into my mind was to go to a dolls house shop and buy a hairbrush to spank them with!

They make a good job of their breasts too!

Here are some spanking related ceramics, funny how girls spanking their dolls seemed so popular in the 1800’s…



A bit on the brutal side for me, but I included it for its art and wonderful workmanship…



…I like this idea! A spanking robot, “Spanky! She’s been naughty again, go and find her, no matter where she is, or who she is with, bare her bottom and make it very red, whirrrrr…clunk clunk clunk, off it goes to find her and spank her wherever she is!

…maybe a shopping mall, the cinema, a resteraunt, who knows? Let’s follow it!


Okay, I know the last one is not spanking…lol. I put the Nun spanking the girl up on Twitter. It had a lot of reaction about how cruel they were at times, especially with the rod in various institutions. I invited them to get their revenge, so posted the bottom for them,  and a cane to get revenge!

One man said I know what I would do, especially if I was a monk in charge of them! So this is for him….lol

….it has done me a favour, it leads me into the naughtiest section of my site very nicely!


Can you remember the reference to the etc…….at the top of this page?

…here it is, the quaintly named FEMALE HYSTERIA, otherwise known as the female orgasm. 

You see, the poor repressed woman, especially in the inhibited Victorian times, with their self denial and religious doctrines, became so poorly with it, it was for a while classed as an illness. 

It was strange, a married woman never seemed to get it, lower classes not as often as the educated, and the non church going liberal minded never did. Doctors researched it, thank God! Because some poor frustrated souls ended up on lunatic asylums, or convents! And all because their pussy needed a good fingering! Poor girls.

Doctors researched it….I bet they did! Even giving some women an orgasm on the table as they investigated!



They invented a cure, and many doctors did lots of home visits with a rather special piece of equipment. It proved very very very very popular!


Adverts like the one above soon came to every local newspaper. Daughters, widows, spinsters could other enough of it! It was the art of rubbing a clitoris to give the patient an orgasm!

All this is true. It led to this miraculous device, a cure all for the woman prone to female hysteria….”it’s a miracle it’s a miracle!!” Was shouted out throughout the land.

It was the Vibrator, which soon, due to popular demand became smaller in the working parts, (not the ones with a dildo attached of course! That part had many variants!)

But thank God, many women were not repressed, they were liberal minded, and masturbated regularly or got a friend…


Mmmmm bliss, and just howit should be. Nobody should be inhibited and repressed so much that they become ill with e tremendous sexual frustration! Go for it girls, with anything you like as often as you like! Especially here!

And with your friends too…

So here we are, let’s enjoy watching them, and feel free to join them, that is why I here, wether you are man or woman, I want to please! So get that hand, or fingers, or vibrator or whatever!! And relax!

Enjoy yourself!

…remember the old song? Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think! Enjoy yourself…la la la…

Judging by this lots faces, they certainly are!

Imagine the atmosphere in this studio, I agine too, seeing the image come magically from the plate to the card.

Just pretend you are a stable lad and you walk into a field behind the stable to find these naughty girls!

As you watch, they change places. Look at the dildo, I have one! You can see Charlotte as a maid using it in a video if look hard enough around my site. I remember the sticky little clicking noises it made as it slipped in and out to this day!

…as you can see, this section is now turning into

The full ripe rumps and pot bellies of the naughty Victorian girls are rather lovely and soft, the soft cheeks pushing against her belly when fully in and pumping away, must have been grand! Imagine the quickening slaps of belly against bottom as hysteria races to climax!

Oh WOWZERS! This is rather glorious ladies! Don’t let me stop you!

Mutual masturbation is a sexy thing. Maybe some secluded room in a grand house, a long sexy exploratory conversation slowly building up to the moment when one says…”Oh God, I need to rub myself!” The other agrees. Both watch, listen, and rub hard to a shared orgasm, each spurred on by the other….lovely!

These are doing the same but wait!!! Is it? Surely not! Is that a little puppy lapping away at the naughty girls juices? What a treat!

Not just little puppies who like to lick away at a slippery clitty is it dear?

“Oh I hope Mistress does not come back early! What if she does?”

“She will spank us both!”

“Really…oh…ohhhh I say!”

The other girl smiles, knowingly. It is exactly what is going to happen, her Mistress told her so half an hour ago, she is just playing (with her pussy) for time… any minute now!

Look at this trio having fun with a strap on. Very sexy. A lot of these ‘artists models’ were dancers and had huge followings. Imagine seeing them on stage often, then getting a copy of this.

A little later in time a group of flapper girls explore each other’s charms…

This is a rather naughty group! I love this…

I came across this….

This is called bag piping! Because of the way bagpipes were played under the arm! Look close…lol

These are antique dildos, many were made from bone, ivory and wood. You might have seen my girls using the wooden one I have.

…the best had a plunger because warm milk was put in, to spurt out at the right moment! This next bit is true, honest it is true, these were found in a French Convent! They were found after being hidden for over 100 years.




MORE TO CUM…….oops! I mean come, lol





I would like like to show you some of Catherine the Great’s furniture. She was very sex orientated, quite insatiable it seems. They say she died of an heart attack whilst having sex with a horse! 

She had a collection in one of her boudoirs called her ‘collection of erotic curiosities’, even the door knobs were sexual!

Anyway, here are some….




  1. I love your vintage section. I recently came across a copy of a print by Herric – it’s of Pan spanking a flapper girl in the woods. I didn’t realise who it was by until I read your blog.

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