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The Hockey Team’s New Captain

cast….Kate, Samantha, Charlene, Raven.


The Hockey Team at Saint Helena High School had done reasonably well over the last few seasons, making steady progress both in the ‘Sir Hansi Cup’ and the ‘Inter Schools Girls Hockey League’.

This last season, had been the best for over ten years, having reached the semi-finals of the cup, and finishing fourth out of sixteen teams in the league.

Most of the recent run of good form and the success of the last season had been attributed to the skills of the new Gym Mistress, a strict, very athletic German woman, Frau Margarethe Bauer. Known to the girls as ‘Thrasher  Gretchen’, (or simply ‘Gretchen’). Due to her liberal use of corporal punishment.

Here she is keeping order in one of her ‘Sports Theory’ Classes.

In the reserve side last year, a girl called Charlene had really impressed Frau Bauer, and with the start of pre- season training almost upon them, she posted this seasons first team squad. It included Charlene, an innocent polite girl, two years younger than the next youngest in the squad.

When she came to school the next day, she had no idea of the accolades she would receive from her friends.

When she entered the classroom a huge cheer surprised her, suddenly she was the girl everyone wanted to know.

It was the talk of the school, but when the news reached two other girls, Samantha and Kate they were not pleased at all, they were jealous of the sudden rise in popularity of whom they now saw as their main rival.

They went to  the first pre-season training at lunch time, and it was quite obvious that Charlene was extremely talented. It was also obvious that she had a serene quality to her, a sort of trusting charm. Kate looked to Samantha and remarked, “Look at her, I bet she believes everything anyone tells her, she looks so young and innocent! I don’t like her, look how everyone is almost falling over themselves to talk to her, God, isn’t she wonderful! We must get to know her and be her best friends… I THINK NOT!”

They watched her in the classroom after the training, she was very particular about her hockey stick, cleaning it and smearing it with linseed oil, like a cricket bat.

They grew even more jealous at the way she looked in her training kit, her shorts were very short, and red top quite skimpy. Things were relaxed in training, and so long as a red top was worn everyone was happy.

Samantha scowled, she took an instant dislike to Charlene, and her charm, her talent, and her ability to make friends and, and, and… The list was growing.

Charlene’s name kept cropping up all day long, and the two jealous, spiteful schoolgirls Samantha and Kate began to scheme.

…and plan

They began to make themselves noticed in the background of her life, giggling and pointing at her. Charlene began to feel worried, they looked two formidable, older, frightening girls.

Like all bullies, once they sense fear in their prey, they became crueler and bolder.

Samantha looked to the sky as a prefect walked by and said ‘Well done Charlene! Everyone thinks you’ll win us the ‘Sir Hansi Cup’ this year!”

Modestly and blushing slightly Charlene said that she would try her best for the team and why stop at the cup? “Let’s go for the double!” She shouted back to the prefect.

Samantha pretended to throw up.

The next few weeks saw Kate’s popularity grow, and training was going very well, so well that Charlene and Samantha’s jealousy and contempt rapidly grew. It would be true to say that it was turning into some sort of hate, and they could be soon described as her tormentors, or bullies. And not just with Kate, they were popular and threatened other girls if they were seen with Kate.

Things were growing out of proportion in their minds, all Kate had done was play well, be selected, and be modest of her talents.

Frau Beauer had introduced tactical sports lessons, she called them her ‘Theory of Sport’ lessons. Hockey figured predominantly, but so too did netball, football, athletics and so on.

She had used Charlene, dressed in her training kit, to demonstrate various skills to the class, all except two were avid Charlene fans. Samantha and Kate pushed their way to the desk behind her, and began teasing her. Calling her ‘Gretchen’s Special Little Pet’.

Charlene tried to ignore them, but she had never been bullied or not liked by and school ‘friends’ before and it upset her. She was naturally popular, this was new to her.

They began to pull her hair, and told her she should shower more, because of the bad smell. They were horrid to her.

Gretchen was no fool, and had an idea of what was going on, a couple of times she had turned quickly, to see Kate and Samantha doing something. There was one thing she hated more than anything else in school life, and that was bullying.

As the first match approached, Frau Bauer noticed a dip in form, and arranged an interview with Charlene.

However, Charlene just said she had been under the weather but feeling better, but Frau Bauer decided to keep a close watch, and soon it was obvious as to what was happening. She decided that it might be best just to keep an eye on things, with luck this could be a situation the rest of the team sorted, and that would be good for team building and morale.

As the days went by, Charlene became more resilient,  she began concentrating on school work, and hockey whilst avoiding Samantha and Kate. She had plenty of friends her own age when in class or about school, and the team loved her. They had seen the nastiness and rallied around her.

So much so, that the two bullies began to feel lonely and excluded. Their hate grew.

The two bullies hatched a plan, and on the day the team sheet was posted for the first match, they found Charlene and sat with her, pretending to be friends. Even apologizing for being nasty and horrid.

Charlene thought that they were genuine, and felt it must be her good play in practice that had won them around. They told her of an old tradition… that when you played in the team for the first time, you bared your bottom for the coach, self spanked it and then asked her to spank it for you. An initiation ceremony of sorts. She was told to say nothing, and that it was a closely guarded hockey team secret. Every girl had done it, and every girl had kept the secret.

“Really? Is that true?”

“Of course!” Said the bullies, very convincingly.

Charlene was engrossed, “Tell me more!”

Charlene being younger and gullible believed them and swore to keep the secret. She found it really funny, and laughed with her new friends.

But Frau Bauer was watching. ‘Hmmm, what are those two nasty pieces of work up to?’ She had never really taken to these two girls, there was a certain degree of nastiness to them. She was pretty sure that the smiles and friendliness were false, but because Charlene was happy, she decided to keep the same tactics, of watch and observe.

Frau Baeur soon found out what precisely had been planned by the two girls when she walked in to the changing room toilets at the end of the day.

The two bullies had put an out of order sign on a toilet cubicle door and hid inside. They were listening, stifling giggles  as Charlene got into a position to spank her own bottom, thinking she was alone.

They could hardly believe their plan was working so well. How silly they would make her feel when they told the whole class!

They heard Charlene run back to the door and excitedly say to herself, quite loudly, ‘Oh she’s coming!’ She unzipped her shorts and pulled them down, with her knickers, to start spanking her bottom!

The smacks were loud, and the two girls struggled to keep from laughing!

Charlene began spanking furiously as she looked in the mirror to the door.

Thrasher Gretchen did enter, and was greeted by a furiously self spanking Charlene!

“Thank you for picking me Miss, please spank my bottom! I know all about the initiation ceremony!”


Underneath the door of the cubicle Frau Baeur saw two pair of feet, and guessed what was happening, and had a very good idea to whom the feet belonged.

She played along and did indeed give Charlene a spanking, but only a light one, but nonetheless a spanking, after all, she was self spanking in the public toilets!

Charlene left happily, rubbing her bottom.

Frau Beauer had another look under the door, and was certain who it was. She let them revel in their glory, but she was hatching a plan in her mind.

She left too, but was determined to get the two bullies, and teach them a harsh lesson. In her own country when she was a young girl, she heard a story,  a sort of ‘hockey team urban legend’,  about a team near Frankfurt, that also played in bright red.

It transpired that whenever a girl scored their first goal, they dyed their pubic hair red  and showed it off to the team. She had an article on it somewhere and photocopied it. She went back to her classroom.

The two bullies came out of the toilet cubicle triumphant and laughing.

“I can’t believe it actually happened, I can’t wait to tell everyone and see the stupid bitch cry!” Said Kate.

“Yes I know! I can hardly wait too!”

Upstairs in her classroom Frau Beaur was busy.

She wrote a little note, as if from another jealous team mate… ‘I loved what you did to Charlene, I was in the toilets too and heard it all happen, I  heard her spank herself, (brilliant idea!) and then get spanked by Thrasher, why not try this next! I saw you both leave, so I know it was you, but don’t worry, your secret is safe!’

She pushed the note through the locker of Samantha, and waited.

When the two bullies found the note, they were thrilled, who was this mystery fan? Who was it who thought the same as they did?

They read the note eagerly.

Continuing with their false friendship with Charlene, they decided to let everyone know about the spanking, not now …but after they had got her to do the ideas from the note.

An upsurge in her form was noted, Charlene felt accepted by the whole team now and was raring to go. They thought it would be wonderful to plant a huge worry in her mind (the idea from the letter) and spoil it all, then on top of that tell everyone about the spanking incident. It would destroy her!

The day of the first league match was approaching, and the two spiteful bullies told Charlene of another tradition, that of colouring the pubic hair red, like the team colors, after  a girl scoring the first league goal of her career.

This upset Charlene, because she hardly had any pubic hair yet. But, not wanting to spoil her new relationships with everyone, she laughed and said yes she would do it.

Two nights before her first league game Charlene could not sleep with the worry of her possible humiliation, so decided that next day she would go and tell Frau Beaur of her worry about it, and she told Frau Bauer of her late pubescent development, and how she feared the second initiation if she did indeed score.

This  annoyed Thrasher Gretchen, and proved what she suspected, they would only know this idea by reading the note, so she told Charlene that it was totally untrue, and told her not to say anything to anyone, adding that the self spanking was also a joke.

Charlene confirmed it was the two girls she suspected and told Frau Baeur of the bullying.

So together they hatched a plan to teach the girls a lesson, Charlene did not realise at the time, that it was to be a bare bottom painful one.

Charlene played the game of her life on her league debut scoring a sensational hat trick in an 8:2 victory, and as instructed by Gretchen, she asked the bullies to meet her back in the changing rooms after school, to help her dye her pubic hair red! The girl and the teacher had hatched a cunning plan, this is how it unfolded

Thrasher Gretchen hid in a toilet cubicle. With a very flexible whippy cane!

Charlene waited with a bottle of red hair dye.

Then in came Samantha and Kate.

“Well done, on the goals, have you got the dye?” Said Samantha.

“Yes.” Replied Charlene meekly.

Thrasher listened to every horrid word that followed, her caning arm twitching in anticipation!

“Yes she has, the stupid bitch! God you think you are soooo special don’t you?” Shouted Kate. “Hold her Samantha, let’s  get her knickers off and give her a red pussy, all the other girls are going to laugh so much tomorrow when we make you show them before us all. Did you really think it was a tradition, you stupid little girl, and did you really think we wanted to be friends with a girl like you? Then we are going to tell them all about your spanking!!”

“I don’t think you will actually!”

“Neither do I!!!” Came a very strict voice from the toilet as the door lock clicked open.

The girls looked horrified as Thrasher spoke from behind the door!

The door burst open, and out of the cubicle strode Frau Baeur with her cane. It was swaying in a very threatening manner.

“Got you!!!” Shouted Thrasher, pointing the menacing yellow rattan at them.

“You horrid girls, I hate bullying in all its forms, you spiteful jealous silly little girls! I am going to teach you both a lesson you will never forget!

The two girls stood in shock, they could hear Charlene laughing mockingly, as she whispered. “You two are going to get it so hard!”

“Let’s get you two up to my classroom, come on, get up those stairs!”

Charlene went before them, laughing and taunting them. Revenge was very sweet indeed.

The two bullies stumbled upstairs in shock, their plans, like their knickers would be soon, were crashing around their ankles. They hated Charlene’s look of glee, but knew there was nothing they could do. Like their trembling bottoms would be soon, they were well beaten!

The two forlorn bullies followed Charlene to Thrasher’s room, she was cheerful and upbeat. “Follow me you naughty bullies, it’s time to pay isn’t it Frau Beauer?

“Yes!” Replied Thrasher, will very little emotion showing in her face. Then she said to the two bullies..” Do as your Captain tells you, and call her that from now on! Yes Charlene, you are to be my new Captain!”

What a day this was turning out to be for Charlene. Gleefully she opened the door, “Follow me girls!”

“Both of you call her Captain from now on! I expect Yes Captain, No Captain at all times! Clear?”

Both girls reluctantly agreed.

“Yes Captain.”

“Yes Captain.”

Charlene loved it. “Good girls! You must show your superior respect; at all times.”

The  hackles on both girls rose, their teeth gritted, but once again both girls replied…”Yes Captain.” “Yes Captain.”

“That’s right Charlene, show them who is boss. Now then my dear, please go and stand in the corner by the little filing cabinet if you would.” Smiled Thrasher. Then her expression changed as she shouted loudly, “YOU TWO! STAND AT THE FRONT, SIDE BY SIDE, FACE ME, YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE!”

The two girls knew instinctively that their sentence was about to be passed, and although they near enough knew already, it was still a shock to them, and delight to Charlene when they heard it in full.

“I hate bullying and you two are the nastiest, most spiteful, peevish specimens I have ever had the misfortune to come across. You are the two most jealous girls I have met, you silly, naughty girls. I am going to thrash you both with this cane on the bare buttocks, expect no mercy.”

Both the girls gasped.

“But before that, your victim is going to have the pleasure of revenge!”

The eyes of the girls met, two pairs of shocked tearful worried ones met the delighted ones of Charlene.

“Charlene is going to spank you both as hard and long as she likes on the bare. But first she is going to dye your pubic hair red! So strip naked the pair of you! YES, NAKED, YOU ARE TO BE SPANKED AND CANED NAKED TOO!”

Charlene could not conceal her excitement, “Ohhhhh goody, thank you so much Miss Beauer!”

The two girls blushed, and cringed. Then began to undress, resigned to their fate.

Charlene’s confidence grew and grew, “Come on you naughty girls, don’t dawdle, get naked!”

Samantha looked over to her with new respect, Kate too began to feel differently about her new authoritan ways and did as she was told. Both girls saying ‘yes Captain’ … ‘yes Captain’

“Do you really mean it Miss? Naked?”


Charlene clapped her hands and said “Yessss!”

So the girls stripped naked, ashamed and humiliated.

Thrasher Gretchen flexed her cane, “Right you two, time for red pubic hair! Then a bottom to match!”

“By now, I suppose you realize the note about the red pubic hair was from me! You have walked into a trap!” Announced Thrasher. “Now let’s see what two red bushes look like, get to work Charlene, make them bright! And when you have done, take some photos, send a set to me, then if ever these two scamps try anything like this again, we can put them on social media!”

Charlene thought that a most splendid idea and got to Colour the girl’s bushes.

Obviously the two bullies were mortally embarrassed, and Charlene made the most of the experience, giggling and making comments. “I almost do want you to bully me again, so I can send my pictures out!”

“I must say girls, they look rather cute, would you like to borrow my training top? It would be a good match.”

There was no answer, so Thrasher told them not to be rude and reply.

“Thank you Captain, it would be a lovely match.” ….”Oh what a lovely thing to do, offering us your top, thank you Captain.”

“Oh what polite girls you are!” Giggled Charlene. “But still very naughty little girls, who need their bare bottoms spanking hard, don’t they Miss.”

Gretchen smiled, and nodded. “Oh most definitely, and then a good hard caning!”

The two girls shivered, and began to tremble in fear. Charlene watched their muscles and nerves twitch and smiled nastily at them, just as they had done to her.

“Smile for me girls, don’t look so glum!”

How the bullies hated her, but we’re trapped completely, and could do nothing but comply.

“Yes Captain.” Beamed Kate.

“Yes Captain.” Smiled Samantha.

Thrasher changed the atmosphere with her commanding voice, “Right! Let’s get on with your punishment!”

Charlene went back to where she was stood before, in the corner and surveyed the scene, she decided that having them bent over a stool would be nice. “Samantha, place that stool there for me!”

“In front of Frau Beauer.”

“Yes Captain.” Said Samantha meekly, and tearfully.

Charlene waited until it was in place, then walked to it. “Now who shall I spank first? I think you Kate. Can you recall how horrid you have been to me? Well, you naughty girl, it is time to pay!”

She walked to the stool…”Come here and bend over!”

Kate began to whimper and wring her hands, but on realizing there was absolutely no escape, she succumbed to her fate.

Charlene delivered a sharp crisp fast spanking to the buttocks of her nemesis, and loved it!

Kate squealed and writhed as the smacks grew harder, Samantha stared at what was happening in disbelief. Here she was, naked, about to be spanked before a teacher by another schoolgirl.

Kate cried, it hurt, a lot. But the humiliation was almost as bad. It was then Samantha’s turn.

Over the same stool she went. Charlene knew she was the leader and smacked as hard and as fast as she could. Samantha squealed and bucked about as smack after smack reddened her buttocks.

Thrasher looked on with approval and advice. “That’s it Charlene, enjoy it, humiliate her like she did you! See her naked before her Captain, kicking and squealing like a little girl! Ha haaa, make her pay, vary the cheeks, do four one one, in the same spot, do the sit spot, that is where the bottom sits, yes that’s it, harder, faster!”

Kate knew that they were in here getting spanked because of Samantha, and smiled at her plight. She got it bad, very bad. Charlene was exhausted and her palms hurt. “I will have to stop, or use something Miss Beauer, my hands hurt!”

“That’s enough! I will take over now! You evil, spiteful girls, I am going to teach you both a lesson you will not forget. I am giving you both eighteen strokes of the cane!”

Charlene was delighted with the news, and both the bullies reeled in shock, speechless.

Thrasher gave them such a telling off, she screamed at them, and the girls quivered in fear.

Charlene looked from one to the other, rejoicing in their pale faces and trembling lips.

What a joy it was to see the bullies squirm!

Charlene laughed in their faces “Oh you are going to get it now you bitches, I am going to love this!”

How the two bullies hated every second!

They were defeated! The worst was about to happen, Thrasher looked mean, angry, strong and very fit!

Revenge was about to be dealt to four already sore cheeks, they knew this was going to be horrible, humiliating and very very painful, and before them stood the victor, Charlene, laughing at their terror and anguish.

It could not be worse, their knees were literally knocking, they wanted to wee or worse. How on earth were they going to get through this?

“Right then Kate, you first. Watch this in fear Samantha, you are getting it the hardest. I know your ways, you spiteful coward. You are a bully! A cruel heartless bully. Both of you are! If this ever happens again it will be thirty six each before the whole school. Present your bottom young lady!”

The thrashing was hard, fast and  brutal. Kate squealed, jumped and hopped about as Charlene delighted in her mocking her.

Revenge was sweet. The howls of despair, the beseeching looks, the cracks of the cane on bruised bare flesh as Thrasher Gretchen laid into her was music to her ears.

All the way through Charlene mocked and laughed, at particularly painful strokes she shouted ‘Good shot Miss, aim there again harder!” Or similar.

Kate told her Captain how sorry she was between her sobs after being allowed to stand.

“I’m sorry for being a bully, I never…sob..will be again…sniff.”

Then it was Samantha’s turn.

And how Thrasher Gretchen made her howl! Every single stroke was full force with a mighty swing, she shouted ‘sorry Captain’ and begged forgiveness and mercy all the way through as Charlene laughed and pointed, encouraging every single stroke.

“Right! It is over, get to the projection screen and stand there! Are you satisfied Charlene?”

“Oh yes Miss Beauer, I am, very!”

“Thank your Captain girls!”

“thank you Captain for showing us how horrid we were, we will be better people from now on…sniff.”

“yes, we are….oooooh…..sniff very very sorry Captain.”


Asa’s note…

…this story has run its course and will not be added to.