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The Bus Stop Incident

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Imagine the scene…

Miss C has come to my studio, as a client. A pretty young thing who has seen me before. We have talked of her embarrassment/humiliation fetish.

She is always impeccably stylish, modern, and her underwear saucy. It is all part of ‘the thing’, it means more to her as a ‘well to do, smart young lady’ being embarrassed.

We have the usual pleasantries over tea and cake. She tells me of her latest adventure…

She always apologises, I think her guilty pleasure is absolutely what she needs most of all in her life, and telling me, knowing that I will punish her for what she has done, makes her visibly tremble in excitement. She shuffles her bottom as she talks excitedly, expectantly….

” I love telling you of an embarrassing time that was exciting Mr.Jones, I love how you really listen. I don’t mean any embarrassment is exciting. Just a certain kind in a certain situation. Ok? ” she looks at me to make sure I understand, she always does.

‘I understand what you mean Miss C, I also understand how you need to tell me of the situations, really I do. Please continue.” I say interestedly.

“Well…..::gulp:: ….here’s an example back when I was 19. Even before discovering spanking I had realised I liked to embarrass myself, and others, in some situations. And another thing I should say is that clothes really are so often very important. I love to be very elegantly dressed, and my feelings then seem to open my imagination, and bring out my rebel side! I’m not sure but I feel it’s probably because I was brought up around polite and formal people so find it exciting to turn the tables when I can do that but in secret. Sometimes it can even surprise me!! Anyway I was at a dinner that was quite posh and was wearing a long straight midnight blue dress, really like a cocktail dress, with sequins and tassels etc. My mum was going to pick me up early as I knew it would be quite boring and from what I remember I had to be up early the next day.” She smiles, sips her tea, and continues.

“…. But she had got stuck somewhere so I left anyway and told her I’d get a bus to nearer home. It was dark at the bus stop and I had a raincoat over my dress as I felt safer looking plain if I was out on my own. As I waited a man came and stood under the shelter. I could see his face in the dim street light and he was quite old but looked nice and quite sort of prim. We had sort of smiled at each other and then stood in silence. The street was deserted and I really needed the loo! I turned to the man and said look this is very embarrassing but I really need a loo. Would you please keep a watch out in case anyone comes as I just can’t wait’. He looked very surprised and was saying ‘oh yes er oh well yes…’ as I took off my coat. I handed it to him and said please don’t look’. Another sip of tea. She drinks very elegantly.

She continued again. “Then I crouched down in the gloomy corner of the shelter. I deliberately put my back to him so he could look without worry I would catch him. Seeing my elegant, and rather low cut, dress as I took off my coat had already got his attention of course.” She looks directly at me, to see that I understood.

I did, she could see I did. It is important to her that I do.

After another sip of tea, and her last piece of Victoria Sponge, she dabs her lips and carries on. I am enchanted, as always. …”So I was hitching up the long dress as I crouched lower and lower with my back to him. ‘Oh my god sorry please keep an eye out, oh I’m so sorry’ I was saying. It was very exciting feeling the dress up round my waist and the cool air on my bottom. My knickers I knew were now on show along with suspender belt and stockings. ‘Is all clear?’ I was asking as the hiss of pee started. My flush of embarrassment had been growing along with my excitement! I just can’t describe how I glowed with pleasure and tingled all over to be honest. And seeing the pee twinkle in the lamp glow and make a dark stream across to the gutter was fabulous. Time slowed down and it seemed to go on and on….and on. ‘Oh dear, oh I’m so sorry’ I said again. And he was so polite saying ‘it’s ok, don’t worry, no one about, no one, it’s ok.” She paused.

She always needs to check that I do not find her silly, and of course I don’t. I find her tales sexy, and interesting.

“Oh Mr.Jones, you are sooooo reassuring! They way you look at me and nod.
I do feel I’m probably making a fool of myself telling you all this! But I’ll finish it anyway! And it’s quite interesting trying to tell it to you.” She smirked, shyly.

She took a deep breath, and continued. “When the wee finally stopped I asked him to check my coat pocket for a tissue and slowly was straightening my legs. I have to say, especially at 19, my legs were good. My bottom pale round and firm and legs long, strong at the thighs and with thin elegant ankles. Especially nice in the heels I wore. 🙂 And standing up I kept my back to him and kept the dress high round my waist as I reached a hand behind me waiting for the tissue. From what I remember I was giggling a bit as I waited and he was telling me there was still no sign of anyone around. When I turned and saw his face he looked as pink cheeked as I felt and I could sense he was very excited. I had pulled my dress down over my hips and smoothed it down and he held my coat out for me to put my arms into. When I turned and thanked him he stood close and started doing up the buttons which I remember seemed a bit odd. But I noticed his hands trembling a little and didn’t at any time feel at all scared. Of course I don’t remember exactly what was said but I was thanking him for being kind or a real gentleman or something. And I was still giggling a bit with nervous awkwardness!”

She paused, for breath I think, she does not pause much when in full flow!

Another deep breath, and her story kept dancing along…” He said something like ‘there all safe, no one will know about it’ and was still fussing with the coat. I told him it was too warm for the buttons done up and asked him to check if the coat was creased at the back. I’m trying to get the details right here as the way he was smoothing the coat and getting me looking tidy again was kind of creepy but also became increasingly arousing. I knew he was using it as an excuse to have his hands on me and, instead of stepping away, I encouraged it with comments like ‘thank you yes and my dress sleeve is runkled up, oh can you pull the shoulder a bit, yes…..’ As I pretended to concentrate on straightening my clothes he did the same and his little pulls at the coat and dress soon became quite obvious feels over my breasts and bottom! But still I ignored it and said I thought the coat lining was twisted. I even shrugged the coat off and shook it and he held it for me again, while all the time taking any opportunity to feel over the dress. His hand was under the coat and grabbing at my bum as I continued to ignore it or thank him when the bus appeared.”

She looked at me intensely, trying to work out what my face was saying. I kept my spanking poker face steady.

On she went.”I hadn’t thought about how to get out of this episode and my mind was racing when he sat close next to me. He was fiftyish but it didn’t stop him passing me a card and saying it would be nice to see me for coffee sometime. I went back to giggling and said ok thank you maybe. The bright lights in the bus had broken the magic but when I stood up, seeing my stop approach, he remained seated. I don’t remember anyone else on the bus. There can’t have been anyone near. A hand moved up under the back of the coat, swiftly over the smooth dress, finding my bottom and grabbing quite roughly at the firm cheeks. I leaned over and whispered something like ‘aaahh you’re so naughty and rude feeling my bottom like that’. Fingers were for a moment then exploring further as I stood still….fumbling…..pressing…groping… At the jolt of the bus stopping I gasped at the sudden last push of a greedy finger! I might have said ‘see you soon’ as I moved off to the open door.”

Silence descended. I looked at her, she looked at me. I shouted…”Come in now!”

In walked Kate, Samantha, Charlotte, and Stephanie. Miss C was shocked. “Have they been listening?”

“Yes! You naughty girl!” Said Samantha.

“Every word!” Remarked Charlotte.

“How naughty to put yourself in jeapordy lie that.” Commented the quietly spoken Kate.

“You deserve to be punished hard for that.” Smiled Stephanie.

I told Miss C to strip to her underwear. Stockings, sexy panties, uplifting bra, all in red and black. She kept her high heels on.

“I am going to spank you with a plimsol, and give you six with the cane young lady. That was a silly reckless thing to do. Anything could have happened to you. You are a very naughty girl…what are you?” I chastised.

“A naughty girl Sir.”

I made her say sorry to each of my girls in turn. Then I asked them to sit in a row, before the vaulting horse. I made Miss C get over it, legs spread wide. Her pussy was dribbling like a leaking tap.

I punished her before the girls, on the bare.

She loved it, the girls loved it, I loved it. I told her that really, she needs taking to the same bus stop and spanking there, which she delighted in.

The photo in the title illustrates that. So….catching a bus today? Keep your eyes peeled, you never know where we might turn up!

Let’s just say, she left feeling relaxed and satisfied.



Miss C, her REAL LIFE Embarassing Adventures, and her Subsequent Spankings!

If you have stumbled across this whilst browsing my site, it is actually a part of a. Story, called Great Uncle Asa’s Story, click here to read…

I have been discussing the subject of clients. I have given an example of a typical visit. I have given an example of how a client comes to know me and go over my knee. In this section, one of my most interesting, and I don’t want to embarrass her, but prettiest clients in a woman whom I am calling Miss C, why? Does her name being with C? No….she is the third example, A, B, and now ‘C’……


Miss C and I have had some wonderful conversations, often as she lies on my sofa, draped across my knee, having a soothing cream rubbed in her bottom, or at my cafe, sat on a cushion, as she squirms delightedly in the knowledge that all the waitresses know that she has been spanked for being naughty. She is the reason for the cushion being there….it was first used by her, as a way of embarrassing her.

You see, Miss C has the most delightful fetish, she loves to be embarrassed, made to blush, shock people by her behaviour, and see their reactions.

She comes to see me, tells me of her latest adventure….I make her, for example, put a school uniform on, and stand at her desk, as if telling the class. Then I decide on her punishment, and punish her for it.

This excites her so much, that she always ends up having to either bring herself to orgasm, or let my fingers do it for her. Why do I tell you such an intimate detail? Why, of course, it is to embarrass her. I know for a fact, that as she reads this for the first time, her legs will be wide open, her knickers down, and fingers delving and squelching in her sopping wet pussy, saying “Oh Mr.Jones, I am such a naughty girl, spank me…ooooooh spank meeeee!

Let me tell you of her visits…

The Bus Stop Incident


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More to come.


Roy Tersley – Set 9

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Roy and I have had a conversation about retro//vintage style photos. To help Miss S with her collection….

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Here are some of Roy’s own photos that he has done to suit the genre….

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Spanking Faces – Set 13

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A study of Amber and Charlotte’s faces as they get a rather good plimsolling.

In real life, this was exceptional, because Amber’s real mummy spanked Charlotte, and Charlotte’s real mummy spanked Amber.

You will have seen some of these in a story of mine, but not all. I just pick what I need for a story, it seems a shame not to show the rest.

This has to be in my top ten days in my studio, two real mum’s and aunts, two real daughters and nieces….spankings, smacks, slaps, whacks and thwops of rubber on soft bottoms. Squeals, wriggling….lovely.

All followed by tea, cake, and a cosy chat, whilst rubbing cream on their lovely buttocks.

Happy days!


Miss S has sent another cinribution…

The somewhat enchanting, and naughtily enigmatic Miss S has sent another picture for her page.

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It is no doubt my spanking mind, but don’t you think ‘scroll down’ would be a good phrase for rolling a pair of school knickers down a naughty girls thighs?

I suppose you are nodding yes, thinking ….’Yes Asa Jones, it is your mind, only you could think of that!’

Oh well….lol


Echo – Part Four

A continuation of the wonderfully atmospheric and erotic story by ‘B’

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Echo part 4

Natalie improved her grades. I also made progress. For a few weeks the courtyard didn’t echo of naughty girls being spanked. Ma’am looked younger. She even wore brighter colors. She said that she felt younger, “As if I have a second daughter!” She regularly gave me tupperwares with healthy and delicious meals. There was a new tenant, and every morning when he opened his window, I imagined running my fingers into the hair decorating his Apollo like chest.

I exchanged my VeloSolex for a regular bicycle. It was great exercise to cycle to med school. I developed lovely legs, and a well trimmed silhouette. When I last visited Pop and Mom, they were quite surprised with my latest developments. They also appreciated that I was only wearing skirts and dresses. “And I am within the top five of my class!” I told them about Ma’am, but I omitted her stingy method for encouraging me.

A few days later, I anxiously waited for our math professor to give us the grades for our last math exercise. “Cecilia, F, you’ve missed the point !” I blanched…

I slowly rode back home. The little wheels between my ears were madly spinning. I haven’t had an F since my first year. Ma’am will be furious. How am I going to explain such a catastrophic grade? She has promised me the cane if I brought back a zero. An F is a failing grade, that’s why it’s called an F, but is it a zero? I didn’t sleep too well that night. Next morning when I saw Apollo and I hoped that he won’t see that I am still subject to spankings as a naughty schoolgirl.

I would see Ma’am this afternoon, but I first had a chemistry quiz. I couldn’t concentrate, what if I get another F!?

“Cecilia, D, too many silly mistakes !” I again blanched. A friend asked if I was alright. I nodded with a faint smile.

I again slowly rode back home. I didn’t have much appetite for lunch. At 2 PM, I pressed Ma’am’s buzzer with butterflies madly fluttering in my tummy. She lead the way to her miniature classroom. She must have sensed that something was wrong, she had The Frown. As usual, I humbly stood at attention in front of her desk. “Lets have it !” She said. Head down, I gave her my log book. She immediately spotted my poor grades.

“I am very disappointed Cecilia. You do know what you deserve?”

I demurely answered, “Yes, Ma’am, I deserve the belt for that D and the cane for the F.”

“Exactly! Take off your knickers and bend over your desk.”

Already blushing I shyly took off my knickers off and laid them on my desk before bending over it. I felt my skirt riding up my thighs. I had mulled over that moment since yesterday.

She opened the window before I could plea that she didn’t. I pleaded nonetheless. “Please Ma’am, please don’t open the window, everyone will hear.”

“Yes, everyone will know that you are punished for having slacked again .”

Having said that, she flipped my skirt up, and I blushed to my ears. I knew how one could see my punishment from the opposing windows and kept my thighs as tightly close as I could.





She had started with the belt. I knew very well the fleshy smacks followed by wide, fiery streaks.





She was very loud when she added, “A big girl of twenty-two punished on her bare bottom like a schoolgirl! You should be ashamed of yourself!”





I for sure wasn’t as loud when I answered, “Yes, Ma’am, sniff… I am very sorry Ma’am, sniff…”



She concluded my belting with whacking my thighs.



I danced from foot to foot and for sure showed my girly secrets to whoever stood at the windows across the courtyard.

She was again quite loud when she announced, “I will be lenient for your first caning, only 4 strokes… BUT! Remember that it will be six of the best if I again have to cane your naughty derriere!”

I heard the cane whistling and,



It was like a cut, a narrow streak of incandescent fire. I bawled as loud as the proverbial punished schoolgirl. The courtyard seemed to have echoed.

“You should be more discreet! Someone might overhear!”

“Sniff… Sniff…”





I now knew how the cane feels like! When I had regained some composure, she had me working these failed exercises with my skirt still up and without knickers. Twice she hand smacked my throbbing derriere, and I danced on the spot. I eventually learned…

To be continued…


‘B’ also writes stories, which you can find in my links, to her blog. Also she runs a huge spanking game, click below to find out more.


Robyn’s Naughty Reads – 12

Sardax: a FemDom picture
by Robyn Jones

Whilst I normally prefer FF/Ff spanking scenarios, I thought I might do a short post to ‘spoil’ some of you submissive male blog readers.

Anyone into FemDom art is likely to have come across the artist who goes under the name of ‘Sardax’. His art is superb and highly erotic both to male submissives and to many female dominants. There are numerous other examples on the internet if you care to browse. Not wishing to fall foul of copyright issues, I have limited myself to just discussing just one of his pictures which a male submissive friend recently showed me. I am indebted to him for freely expressing his thoughts as to what the picture conjured up in his mind.

The picture possesses a wonderfully erotic and forbodding atmosphere. It is clearly set in the early C20 in a large well-to-do household. A young lady with long shoulder-length hair, dressed as a Edwardian maid, is slowly walking down a darkened corridor, her footsteps click-clacking on the wooden floor to announce her imminent arrival. In her left hand she is gripping a fierce-looking crook-handled cane. Ahead of her is a brightly lit room where two ladies stand staring intently at what appears to be a young man bent over a wooden chest. His trousers and underpants have been taken down around his knees to bare his buttocks. One of the ladies is well-dressed, possibly the boy’s mother? The other appears to be dressed more severely, possibly the boy’s governess?

The boy’s left leg is kicking up, suggesting that the governess has just laid a stinging stroke across his bottom, possibly with a strap as a prelude to a more severe caning? The mother seems to be looking on with an ecstatic look on her face. Is she becoming aroused watching the young gentleman being strapped, having his buttocks reddened as he squeals and howls, wriggles and writhes under the Governess’ attentions?

Just before entering the room, you can’t help but notice the rather fetching statue on a tall pillar to the right of the door. It is a naked man draped over a lady’s knee having his bottom well-spanked. Her arm is extended high over her shoulder ready to swoop down and deliver a burning smack. Clearly this stands at the entrance to a room specifically designated as the punishment room. It is one to which all recalcitrant naughty young members of the household are sent should they require a salutary disciplinary lesson, be it with a strap, cane or birch.

As the maid approaches, she may start to whip the cane through the air, it’s swishing sounds combining with the clicking of her heels on the wooden floor warning the young man that there is worse to come. Will the maid be the one to thrash him with the cane or will the Governess take charge? The boy perhaps hopes it will be the more attractive young maid who will deliver the caning if he has to be punished with it. He rather fancies her and the thought of her thrashing his naked buttocks rather excites him in a strange perverted way. He feels his member stiffening, incapable of controlling his physical responses to these thoughts. How many strokes will he get?

Unfortunately I don’t know exactly where this illustration originated from. I suspect it comes from one of the FemDom novels that Sardax illustrated for the Alice Kerr-Sutherland Society, but I have been unable to track it down. I leave you to imagine what happens next once the maid enters the punishment room.

In case you feel deprived, I thought I would let you see a few more of Sardax’s illustrations, but decided to leave you to have fun imagining a storyline to accompany each one.

Robyn Jones

A few words of sympathy for the Ukrainians….

It’s not my place to be political, this is not the platform for that. But my blog shows me all the visitors I get, with a flag, a place name, and time. I get lots of visitors from both Ukraine and Russia.

With social media, a lot of news comes from ordinary people, I know you are frightened and worried, for parents, grandparents and children, and yourselves.

All I can do is sympathise, and xxhugxx you. We know what’s happening, we can see your horror, I am so sorry for you. Honest I am, we all are. Important Buildings are lit up in blue and yellow, in support, everyone is talking about you here in England. We have already seen news about eventually welcoming refugees etc, and helping you. Also, we have English people living in your country, doing podcasts, ordinary people just like me…on our news, the BBC. WE CAN SEE WHAT IS GOING ON.

We also have podcasts and ordinary people from Russia, saying ‘We don’t want this! What the fuck is all this happening for?’

If it helps, we know most of what is going on…we can see it…

Yet the only thing we (ORDINARY ENGLISH PEOPLE) can really do is pray for you, and let you know we care, we worry, we sit open mouthed at what is happening, and feel so sorry for you.

If only one Ukrainian reads this, it’s enough for me…my dear spanking friend from afar….come close xxhugxx xxhugxx xxhugxx I hope you get to safety and your family too….::a very warm, heartfelt smile, and a tear:: from me to you xxxxx