Echo – Part Four

A continuation of the wonderfully atmospheric and erotic story by ‘B’

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Echo part 4

Natalie improved her grades. I also made progress. For a few weeks the courtyard didn’t echo of naughty girls being spanked. Ma’am looked younger. She even wore brighter colors. She said that she felt younger, “As if I have a second daughter!” She regularly gave me tupperwares with healthy and delicious meals. There was a new tenant, and every morning when he opened his window, I imagined running my fingers into the hair decorating his Apollo like chest.

I exchanged my VeloSolex for a regular bicycle. It was great exercise to cycle to med school. I developed lovely legs, and a well trimmed silhouette. When I last visited Pop and Mom, they were quite surprised with my latest developments. They also appreciated that I was only wearing skirts and dresses. “And I am within the top five of my class!” I told them about Ma’am, but I omitted her stingy method for encouraging me.

A few days later, I anxiously waited for our math professor to give us the grades for our last math exercise. “Cecilia, F, you’ve missed the point !” I blanched…

I slowly rode back home. The little wheels between my ears were madly spinning. I haven’t had an F since my first year. Ma’am will be furious. How am I going to explain such a catastrophic grade? She has promised me the cane if I brought back a zero. An F is a failing grade, that’s why it’s called an F, but is it a zero? I didn’t sleep too well that night. Next morning when I saw Apollo and I hoped that he won’t see that I am still subject to spankings as a naughty schoolgirl.

I would see Ma’am this afternoon, but I first had a chemistry quiz. I couldn’t concentrate, what if I get another F!?

“Cecilia, D, too many silly mistakes !” I again blanched. A friend asked if I was alright. I nodded with a faint smile.

I again slowly rode back home. I didn’t have much appetite for lunch. At 2 PM, I pressed Ma’am’s buzzer with butterflies madly fluttering in my tummy. She lead the way to her miniature classroom. She must have sensed that something was wrong, she had The Frown. As usual, I humbly stood at attention in front of her desk. “Lets have it !” She said. Head down, I gave her my log book. She immediately spotted my poor grades.

“I am very disappointed Cecilia. You do know what you deserve?”

I demurely answered, “Yes, Ma’am, I deserve the belt for that D and the cane for the F.”

“Exactly! Take off your knickers and bend over your desk.”

Already blushing I shyly took off my knickers off and laid them on my desk before bending over it. I felt my skirt riding up my thighs. I had mulled over that moment since yesterday.

She opened the window before I could plea that she didn’t. I pleaded nonetheless. “Please Ma’am, please don’t open the window, everyone will hear.”

“Yes, everyone will know that you are punished for having slacked again .”

Having said that, she flipped my skirt up, and I blushed to my ears. I knew how one could see my punishment from the opposing windows and kept my thighs as tightly close as I could.





She had started with the belt. I knew very well the fleshy smacks followed by wide, fiery streaks.





She was very loud when she added, “A big girl of twenty-two punished on her bare bottom like a schoolgirl! You should be ashamed of yourself!”





I for sure wasn’t as loud when I answered, “Yes, Ma’am, sniff… I am very sorry Ma’am, sniff…”



She concluded my belting with whacking my thighs.



I danced from foot to foot and for sure showed my girly secrets to whoever stood at the windows across the courtyard.

She was again quite loud when she announced, “I will be lenient for your first caning, only 4 strokes… BUT! Remember that it will be six of the best if I again have to cane your naughty derriere!”

I heard the cane whistling and,



It was like a cut, a narrow streak of incandescent fire. I bawled as loud as the proverbial punished schoolgirl. The courtyard seemed to have echoed.

“You should be more discreet! Someone might overhear!”

“Sniff… Sniff…”





I now knew how the cane feels like! When I had regained some composure, she had me working these failed exercises with my skirt still up and without knickers. Twice she hand smacked my throbbing derriere, and I danced on the spot. I eventually learned…

To be continued…


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    An idea with ref to ‘A Voyage of Discovery’. Telling the story only from her perspective. Neutral coffee shop apointment also only from her perspective. Sending her the punishement outfit without the tawse, so she doesn’t know what implement to expect. Knocking on your door and etc, also only from her perspective…
    B naughty wink

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