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You have come across Lady Charlotte a few times now in my videos and stories. Here she is visiting Millbank Prison, in Pimlico, a Victorian Women’s prison, on the banks of the Thames, opposite the Houses of parliament.

She goes there to use prisoner 081151, as her sex slave. She does all sorts to her!

You can read it for free or if you prefer sound and picture, it is for sale as a video, it costs $10 and is 20 mins long.


In Three’s ~ Number Six – ‘The Window Cleaners View’ – Part Six

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Because this is number six, all subsequent posts in this story will be at the bottom of this page, it is how ‘threes’ work.


It wasn’t long before before my next view of a girl being punished. I was on the corner of the old wing, it dated from the 1600’s, a lovely old brick and stone building with lots of well cared for ivy. The windows were stone, and mullioned, so my view was difficult, but I managed nicely.

I could not see the man, who answered the intercom on his desk, a lady, I presume a secretary was saying ‘She is here Mr Jones’.

The man then shouted in reply to a knock on the door. I could hear everything easily, my ears pricked up when I heard him shout…”Lift your skirt, lower your knickers and enter.”

I watched as a nervous girl walked in, I could hear giggles from the corridor, obviously the girl had left the secretary’s office, and gone to knock on this door, in full view of anyone in the corridor.

So she had bared her bottom embarrassingly before whoever giggled and entered as instructed.


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Lots more to come…


Lady Charlotte’s Punishment Room ~ Part Four/2

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Charlotte gave a little smile at the sight of her maid’s apparent shock.

“There’s no need to look so surprised and shocked, young lady,” Lady Charlotte said. “I often thrash my maids without the encumbrance of clothing. I find that the freedom it affords enables me to deliver a much harder caning! It also helps me to remain cool from all the physical exertion and it’s so much more fun!”

So saying Lady Charlotte picked up the long, thin crook handled cane from the corner table. She drew it sensuously through her slender fingers. She then swished it menacingly through the air as she slowly walked around Samantha, displaying her naked body to her maid from all angles. Samantha was torn between looking at her Mistress’ body and the cane slicing through the air….SWISH! SWISH!

It looked extremely whippy and surely was going to really sting when applied to her bottom. Yet she had already discovered that the pain might well be accompanied by a delicious form of pleasure. Her heartbeat quickened and she started to feel increasingly aroused, both by the sight of her Mistress’ body and anticipation of the pleasure the cane might bring her. 

Lady Charlotte continued to parade herself in front of her maid, her left hand caressing her well-formed breast, as the nipples started to stand erect. Occasionally her hand brushed against her neatly shaven pussy. Samantha was mesmerised. Her Mistress was clearly in a high state of sexual excitement, which in turn seemed to stimulate her own state of arousal.

“Right, young lady. It’s time I got to work on your naughty bottom with my cane! Raise your skirts and get yourself over the spanking horse, NOW!”

Samantha jumped at the sudden barked command. She reached her arms down to the hem of her skirts and pulled them up over her back, before bending over the horse.

Lady Charlotte approached Samantha’s bent form and started to slowly open the drawers, rather like drawing back a set of theatre curtains. In this case, the ‘star of the show’ was to be Samantha’s bare bottom!

Charlotte stood back and surveyed her maid’s now bare cheeks provocatively protruding out through the open split. ‘What a lovely sight they look framed by the white drawers’, she thought. ‘Nevertheless, they’ll have to come right down otherwise the cane might just get caught in the fabric and I might just decide to put a few strokes across her upper thighs! That’ll make her jump and yelp for sure!’

Lady Charlotte loosened the pink ribbon that held up Samantha’s  drawers and proceeded to draw them slowly down over her naked thighs….

….until they cascaded down into a glorious creamy, frothy heap around her ankles. 

More to come…


A Good Finger Wagging! By Asa Jones

A naughty girl who has taken things too far, is called to the front of the class.

“You! Young lady! Have tested my patience too far this time! You always think you are so clever, and nothing will ever happen to you. Well Charlotte I have news for you. Today is the day it will!”

She stands in shock.

The whole room goes quiet. This is serious, the teachers voice is different this time.

What is going to happen?

She puts her hands behind her back and fidgets, she is obviously nervous. The teacher stands up.

“Its time my ruler kissed your bottom my girl! Bend over!”

Nobody expected the skirt to come up.

Nobody expected the knickers to come down and her bottom get a really good bottom reddening spanking before the class either!

It wasn’t just a finger wagging telling off this time, was it Charlotte?

“No.”…she sniffs


Delivered in Three’s – Number Five – Charlotte in Wonderland -Part Ten

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Time to admire, and time to look at the beauty of Princess Spanky’s bottom was over. The Governess of Spanking Dreams decided to end the torment of waiting for her girl, “You have waited long enough my precious pet, I imagine your pussy is almost dripping in anticipation of a spanking by now.”

“Oh it is Mistress, I need to feel smacks and pain in my bottom so very badly, please Mistress, spank me.” begged princess Spanky.

“Come to the desk my dear, kneel at the punishment stool.” The Governess commanded.

“Ask me again.”

“Please Mistress, I have been naughty, and I need punishing.”

What a sight this is my friends. A submissive, on her knees, bottom bare, begging for a spanking.

More to come.


The Spanking Adventures of Up Skirt Evans – Part 21

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(this is a huge story, if you want to get to this part, you will have to scroll down through the sections)


Once Charlotte was satisfied that she had managed to put a nice warm blush back into Samantha’s cheeks, she stopped and picked up the riding crop.

“I think this naughty little jockey is enjoying her spanking far too much! Perhaps a dose with this riding crop across her naughty little haunches will change her response. Do you think you need somewhat harsher treatment for your behavior, young lady?” said Charlotte, adopting a mock sternness in her voice.

“Oh yes, Mistress Charlotte! I have been very naughty. Please crop my bottom as hard as you wish!” replied Samantha, her perverse urge to be soundly spanked clearly not yet fully satisfied. 

She stuck her bottom out again and waited. Charlotte started to tap the star-shaped keeper rapidly across each of Samantha’s trembling, wobbling cheeks. What a delightful sight it made

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap…

… and then suddenly Charlotte drew the crop back further and brought it swooping down hard across Samantha’s beautifully presented bottom… THWACKKK!

“OOOOHHHH!” Samantha squealed.

And then moaned…sexily.

Charlotte repeated the stroke, whacking away at Samantha’s now wriggling, gyrating, reddening bottom harder and harder…




This produced much louder responses from Samantha, but she maintained her position and clearly didn’t want Charlotte to stop just yet. Charlotte read Samantha’s body language and continued to apply the crop to her friend and lover’s bottom with a will. She was enjoying herself immensely! She reverted to a random pattern of light rapid tapping and then suddenly unleashing a blistering stroke when least expected. It didn’t do to be too predictable!

Tap, tap, tap, tap…..THWACKKK!

     Tap, tap…THWACKKK!

         Tap… THWACKKK!  Tap…THWACKKK!  

            Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap…..THWACKKK!

Finally, after quite some time, Samantha suddenly stood up, her hands reaching around to rub her now burning, smarting buttocks. “Enough, enough!” she gasped. “Thank you, thank you, Charlotte. That was really lovely! You certainly know how to apply a riding crop to good effect! Just wait until I get a chance to have another go on you with my crop!”

“My pleasure, Sam. I enjoyed whipping your bottom immensely. You’ve got a really lovely and very lively pair of buttocks when they’re being whipped!” Charlotte giggled. “Now what shall we do next? I’m still game for some more hanky-panky if you are!” said Charlotte, with a look of undisguised lust on her face.


the next part has Samantha riding a suction dildo, and she has asked that I keep it from public view. So use the password I give for private moments!

Week Two – Thursday ~ Part 5… The bully gets her third spanking, of three!

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Samantha sat down with excitement in her heart. She had the best tennis serve in school, she hated Shona and her bullying, so being able to put her arm to good use on the bully’s bare upturned bottom was a perfect match.

Miss Pollard looked on, expecting a spectacle. So too did Stephanie and Charlotte. Whilst Shona looked on with dread, her bottom was sore from the two spankings she had just got from the two girls. Retreat was not an option, like a cornered rat, she began to panic.

“Get over my knee now Shona.” said Samantha coldly, her mind full of sweet revenge.

“Please don’t Samantha, I like you really, honest I do, surely two spankings on the trot is enough.” Pleaded Shona with a sweet little voice.

“You liar. You have never liked me, you never will. What’s more Shona, I don’t like you, I never will. I am going to spank you as hard as I can, the girls out of the window are going to love hearing you scream…ARE’NT YOU GIRLS!” Shouted Samantha.

A huge cheer of encouragement went up from those closest to the window, and it spread.

She yanked her over and began in a flurry, smacks landed quickly. Shona squealed, cried, and begged forgiveness. It was music to the ears of the whole school.

How Shona cried! She was totally humiliated, in great pain and mercy was as far away as the west coast of America. All she got was jeering and laughter.

“Take that!!!!” SMACK!!!!

“AND THIS!!!!” SMACK!!!!


Samantha shouted at each whack, Shona squealed in return, Charlotte and Stephanie encouraged, and Mrs Pollard looked on, her pussy throbbing and twitching. This spectacle of a spanking was exactly what she wanted to see.

Shona fell on to the floor, and on all fours screamed how sorry she was. What a silly little girl she looked, the brat of a bully with all her power, was gone, all that remained was a stupid girl, on all fours, with an embarrassingly red sore bottom. A bully put firmly in her place.

“Haaa haaaa, not so nasty and spiteful now are you?” Said the girls.

“Have you any idea how silly and defeated you look Shona?” Asked Miss Pollard.

“YES! Waaaaah waaah waaah, I am sorry, I will never ever bully again, I have learned my lesson, please please let it stop, I will be a good girl, I promise!” Cried Shona.

“How ridiculous you look you silly naughty girl. let this be a lesson to you!” Said Mrs Pollard.

Charlotte, Samantha, and Stephanie were satisfied. Their bully was defeated.

Once more she promised to be good. Miss Pollard promised her a public caning on the school stage if she ever did anything like this again.

Her punishment was over.

Much more to come!


Three’s – Charlotte the Spanking Pet ~ Part Seven

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“Right then my naughty little pet, your adventure is only just beginning. I want to put you in corner time first, and appreciate your botttom. Go and stand over there.” Instructed Samantha.

Charlotte happily followed her instructions. her submissive boxes were all being ticked. First a telling off…lovely. Second a spanking…perfect. And now, three, corner time, can this get any better?

As she shuffled into her ‘corner time’, she began to wonder what might happen. ‘It has only just begun, her Mistress had just said. How intriguing.’

All will be revealed, just to say, it is an exceedingly long sexy journey. I hope you follow it with me. But for now, lets just revel in the glory of the blushing bottom of Charlotte, in corner time.

Actually, she deserved another spanking, she had left her cup of tea on my desk! So I gave her one on top of her already sore bottom! Hence her bottom being a bit redder in the last photo.

more to come…